10” Windows 10 by Fusion5 Ultra Slim Design Windows Tablet Pc – 32GB Storage, 2GB RAM – Full with Touch Screen, Dual Camera, Bluetooth Tablet Computer

10” Windows 10 by Fusion5 Ultra Slim Style Windows Tablet Computer – 32GB Storage, 2GB RAM – Complete with Touch Screen, Dual Camera, Bluetooth Tablet Pc

Item Description

FUSION5 – Wonderful Value, Excellent Design and style, Fantastic Knowledge. Very best Windows Tablet PCs

Fusion5 is a major independent brand in the US. Established 2010. Authorities in tablet pc Windows & Android.

ULTRA SLIM – ULTRA Fashionable – this Windows 10 tablet Pc, with its 10” is great for watching motion pictures, surfing the internet, work and study. Windows tablet surface for plush user encounter.

Amazing STORAGE SPACE & Energy – with its Intel Quad-Core Processor, two GB RAM & 32GB Storage and Bluetooth 4. – it is a tiny pocket dynamo!

And of course….12 MONTHS Cost-free US WARRANTY AT US SERVICE CENTRE’S! Just bring in your Windows tablet pc!

Specification of this Windows ten Laptop Tablet:

Windows 10 OS Processor – Intel® AtomTM Processor Z3735F (G) (2M Cache, up to 1.83 GHz) Processor Sort – Quad Core 4×1.83 GHz (upto) Storage – 32GB (Element of Storage is Pre-Occupied by OS) External Storage – Accepts up to 64gb tf-card (not incorporated) RAM – 2GB DDR3 Camera – Dual Camera (2MP) Wireless N (802.11b/g/n) Surface tablet Windows, Bluetooth G-sensor Whats in the Box: Fusion5 Windows Tablet pc, AC Adapter, USB Cable and User Manual

Price tag: $179.79

  • ULTRA SLIM & ULTRA STYLE: WINDOWS 10 TABLET – the ultimate user expertise. This Windows Tablet Pc from Fusion5 is totally-loaded with the latest user-friendly Windows ten package. Perfect Windows tablet Pc for you!
  • Strong & WITH MEGA STORAGE SPACE – what a lot more is there?! 2GB of RAM – 32GB of storage (please note: component of storage is pre-oc cupied by OS). Your new Windows tablet laptop Computer is all ready for operate, exciting and play! This is a super potent Windows pro tablet!!
  • 10” GRAPHIC Display FOR OPTIMAL VIEWING – the 10” screen on this Windows 10 tablet Computer by Fusion5 is excellent for viewing our favourite Tv shows, films, Youtube and playing games!
  • WANT Far more? – this is a Bluetooth four. Windows Pc laptop tablet. Equipped with Intel Quad-core Processor, and full-size USB port.
  • WHY Get THIS WINDOWS ten TABLET Computer BY FUSION5? – this ultra-slim and fashionable Windows laptop tablet not only ticks all the boxes in terms of ultimate usability, delicious graphics and all round specs but…it also comes with 12 MONTHS OF Full US WARRANTY @ A US SERVICE CENTER.

Microsoft Surface Tablet Evaluation

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Microsoft Surface two 32GB 10.six” Tablet Windows RT eight.1 (Certified Refurbished)

Solution Description
Mix work and play with a tablet that juggles company or homework just as easily as it keeps pace with your gaming and Skype chats. The touch-optimized version of Microsoft Office RT keeps you productive on the go, and the built-in kickstand characteristics just the appropriate angle for viewing, whether on a table or your lap.

Price: $164.99

  • This Certified Refurbished item is manufacturer refurbished, shows limited or no wear, and contains all original accessories plus a 90 days restricted hardware warranty.
  • Surface 2 is powerful, however ultra-thin and lightweight, weighs much less than 1.5 pounds, eight.9mm thin.
  • Comes preinstalled with Windows 8.1 and Microsoft Workplace 2013 RT, so you get Outlook, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and OneNote appropriate out of the box.
  • Several ports. A microSDXC card reader lets you add up to 64GB of added storage, video out port, full-size USB three. port and Bluetooth four..
  • With an up to 10-hour battery that keeps you charged via the day. 7-15 days idle life, Charges in 2-4 hours with integrated energy supply.

52 Responses to 10” Windows 10 by Fusion5 Ultra Slim Design Windows Tablet Pc – 32GB Storage, 2GB RAM – Full with Touch Screen, Dual Camera, Bluetooth Tablet Computer

  1. Austin Billet says:

    Could I hook my elgato HD game capture to this?

  2. Melie Love says:

    omg you have the same first and last name of my dad!

  3. maschinegunfunk85 says:

    Great job, good video

  4. CzechRiot says:

    new youtube comments suck

  5. Lepe Shka says:

    This is a good product, but a dell flip screen Is better

  6. Marzia vlogs says:

    I have that my teacher gave it to me my friends have it too we bought it 70 dolers our school have it

  7. Miggy Joven says:

    It’s much better than iPad

  8. dano crenshaw says:

    i play guitar and people send me chords and songs into my email for Microsoft word can i look at the chords and song sheets on the word rt version

  9. Gersom Rodriguez says:

    Looks lame, waiting for the ipad pro

  10. Ryan Harper says:

    Hey. I am wondering how you get your products to review. I am starting a teching blog and some other youtube videos.

  11. Matt Shah says:

    actually there is no fussy problem with this device and the o.s…only theres some bunch of idiot people out there giving so high expectation from microsoft and complaining too much like an ass with a smelly mouth….for me, this gadjet and the o.s is good….

  12. Salim Ampofo says:

    Microsoft Trending

  13. Emily Nichole says:

    I really enjoyed this review. I am a college student who travels between states and the only entertainment I need would be Netflix.

  14. Myra Carter says:

    I think I love you. nah..lol your video is the best! Articulate, specifications on point and thorough, clear, and no upward inflections. Thank you! you knowledgeable person you.

  15. MaveGaming says:

    Yes and yes.

  16. Scott Wright says:

    Street Atlas 2014?

  17. Ryan Harper says:


  18. user3317 says:

    32 of 34 people found the following review helpful

    5.0 out of 5 stars
    Love, October 20, 2014

    By Delanie Gerber (Bentonville, Arkansas) –

    Verified Purchase(What’s this?)

    This review is from: Microsoft Surface 2 32GB 10.6″ Tablet Windows RT 8.1 (Certified Refurbished) (Personal Computers)

    Wouldn’t even know it is a refurb! Love it

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  19. SamsungSir says:

    So basically it’s like an iPad with USB ports and Microsoft office right? You can’t download Anything but what’s from the App Store. So does that mean no viruses? Lol someone please correct me if I’m wrong.

  20. Ahmad Rizal says:

    What..tipe this Tablet….

  21. waildwan says:

    I have it one year now, it sucks, so you all know

  22. dje got skills says:

    great review full of the info I was looking for great job.

  23. T.O. Bro. Show (T.O.B.S) says:

    Which Surface can I buy that will allow me to download almost anything? *caugh* Google Chrome *caugh* *caugh* 

  24. Makalon102 says:

    lol no

  25. Martha Anderson says:

    Honest quick to the point. Great job!!!

  26. 0J0o0h0n0n0y0 says:

    Ok, first off microsoft is not HIPSTER. SO STOP ACTING LIKE YOU"RE SO COOL WHEN YOUR PRODUCTS SUCK DICK COMPARED TO APPLE. Oh yeah, and stop putting Apple down in your faggot wanna be hipster commercials because putting somebody down to boost yourself up looks desperate and screams lack of product.

  27. Tim Dent says:

    Great review,

  28. Ravindu Smarasekera says:

    He and yes

  29. SoAmbiti0usGirl says:

    Does this tablet have YouTube and instagram? ?

  30. jimmy howen cordero frias says:

    Fuck you in spanish

  31. VIN CENT says:

    The way you described this tablet and talked about the pros and cons was absolutely flawless

  32. dano crenshaw says:

    i might get this with the tuch keyboard blue if it works

  33. Andrew Bull says:

    thanks that is a really great and helpful review. Can you do one comparing iPad and surface tablet

  34. Super Human K says:

    Great review

  35. daniel labelle says:

    peoples get it ???????????

  36. Salim Ampofo says:

    Microsoft Trending

  37. Normal Person says:

    thats all good but…will it run gta 5 when it comes out?

  38. Timothy says:

    This is one of the best reviews I’ve ever seen. Fast talking, straight to the point, every detail covered, and not a single second of wasted time. Outstanding!

  39. Bianca Najera says:

    Battery dies quick

  40. user8365 says:

    121 of 125 people found the following review helpful

    4.0 out of 5 stars
    Great value, November 22, 2014

    By Bekah

    Verified Purchase(What’s this?)

    This review is from: Microsoft Surface 2 32GB 10.6″ Tablet Windows RT 8.1 (Certified Refurbished) (Personal Computers)

    This review will be based off the $199 price that I paid.

    I ordered this refurbished tablet with skepticism of whether it would work or not and how Microsoft would respond if it didn’t work since it comes with the same warranty a new Surface comes with.

    Here’s what I experienced when I unboxed the device:

    1. Display and body of device are flawless and packaged just like a brand new Surface.

    2. The device would only power on and stay on when plugged in. The battery showed a red X by it.

    My first thought was I’m going to have to send it back. My fear came true and its broken. To fix the charging problem you need to have some patience, this is a windows device. You have to cycle through the many updates needed and accompanying restarts in order for the charging problem to be resolved. This is the solution that Microsoft lists on troubleshooting as well. I don’t understand this but it worked. I’ve drained the battery multiple times and recharged it with no more problems.

    If you must contact Microsoft customer service Google their phone number instead of going through their website. I fought with their customer service call me/ chat now feature for a good hour before finding an actual phone number that worked.

    I had a pleasant experience with their customer service (on a different Surface) and they honored their 1 year limited hardware warranty.

    I won’t list the pros and cons of this device versus others. There’s comprehensive reviews on the product page for a new surface.

    If you’re considering the refurbished version then I believe it’s worth saving the extra money when you get the same warranty from Microsoft that they offer with a brand new device. Especially with the way technology and prices change in this area you may not want this tablet for a long period before upgrading. Save your money for the keyboard (that you will want).

    It’s a great value at $199. If you’re going to spend $300+ on a refurbished tablet just buy the new one and then you’ll have the ability to buy the extended and accidental damage warranty from places like squaretrade.

    Gave 4 stars only because of the difficulty of installing updates out of the box. Microsoft would save themselves and customers a lot of hassle if they shipped it with updated firmware.

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  41. Macteezy says:

    Will this download PC programs

  42. daniel labelle says:

    got one now ,can not complain at all … great for travelling this year

  43. Mandrake Gibson says:

    We are talking about a tablet that can’t even run Angry Birds Rio.

  44. MrMrperseverance1956 says:

    talk slower man Lol…

  45. dgracey01 says:

    can it be downgraded to windows 7? I will not have anything to do with Windows 8

  46. PaceDeliTV says:

    question i need a tablet that has full mircosoft use for my business doc’s and runs fast and has great display and great memory camera use and i need a keyboard im kinda of a baby to the tech world but i respect your opinion very much what do you think ? i was thinking about  Asus – Transformer T100 – 64GB – Gray  ???? budget $400-$500 WHAT DO YOU RECOMMEND ?

  47. Jo Jien Lee says:

    soldier, great video! did the surface come with Microsoft office pre installed? also, if i made a word document on a surface could i copy it over to my pc to continue working on it?

  48. Snoop Eastwood says:

    Does anyone know if the full microsoft office has been released yet? I’m planning on buying the Surface 2 and really want to have access to the full version. Thanks!

  49. MaveGaming says:

    You´ll get Word, PowerPoint, OneNote, Excell and Outlook (All 2013 version of course) right when you´ve setted up the tablet. (I have a Surface 2 myself) I hope it helped 🙂

  50. Sir Riles says:

    Could I get MINECRAFT and the sims 4

  51. Super Human K says:

    Can you use Microsoft office and desktop mode

  52. user6766 says:

    60 of 62 people found the following review helpful

    5.0 out of 5 stars
    Do yourselves a favor, November 26, 2014

    By Rochelle

    Verified Purchase(What’s this?)

    This review is from: Microsoft Surface 2 32GB 10.6″ Tablet Windows RT 8.1 (Certified Refurbished) (Personal Computers)

    Guys, look past the refurbished part this is still a Surface 2!! I did not experience the battery problems that some people were having. Straight out the box I put it on the charger, and did not have to update. For $199 it can’t get much better than this! Thank you Microsoft!!

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