2010 Was An additional Enormously Successful Year For The Amazon Kindle

Now that the dust from the Xmas sales season has settled, it seems clear that it has been yet another phenomenally effective year for the Amazon Kindle ebook reader. The newest Kindle 3, which launched at the end of August 2010 has fairly considerably carried on exactly where the Kindle 2. left off and kept it really is position as Amazon’s greatest promoting product.

In the course of the 2010 Christmas sales period (Nov 14 to Dec 19) it was the leading selling item on Amazon’s web site. The 8GB Apple iPod Touch took second spot.

Amazon, as usual, are not confirming any specific numbers. Nonetheless, industry analysts have increased their prediction for 2011 Kindle sales from five million units to eight million. Amazon also has an astonishing 90% share of the present ebook market.

It’s the combined effect of the Kindle reader and the massive option of Kindle books which seems to tip the scales in Amazon’s favor. At present, clients have a choice of a lot more than 800,000 Kindle books to choose from. These paid titles are augmented by an extra 1.eight million out of copyright titles – like classics by the likes of Jules Verne, Homer, Charles Dickens and Emily Bronte – which can be downloaded totally free of charge. You can save funds and make your Kindle reader spend for itself.

Amazon was also rather clever when it released a entire host of free Kindle “apps” onto the market place. These enable users to read Kindle books on other transportable electronic devices, so there’s no need to worry about losing your ebook library need to you choose to alter hardware. At the moment, Kindle apps exist for the Windows Pc, the Mac pc, the Apple iPad, the iPhone, the Blackberry wise telephone and any device operating the Android operating system. Of course, each and every of these apps can also be considered to be an powerful route to industry for Kindle books.

What ever your personal feelings may be concerning the comparison amongst ebook readers and “real” books, it seems to be abundantly clear that the Amazon Kindle is the major ebook reader by a lengthy way. It’s telling that the only genuine competition to the Kindle seems to be the Apple iPad, a tablet personal computer which retails at more than three instances the price of the Kindle.

According to organization analysts, Amazon’s share of ebook sales will diminish somewhat in future. Even so, thinking about that their existing market share is 90%, that is scarcely a damning indictment. It really is difficult to see how a level as high as that could be maintained in perpetuity. Predictions are for a roughly equal 3 way split, carved up between Amazon, Google and Apple, by about about 2015. Of course, based upon current growth, Amazon will have a smaller sized percentage of a really much larger market place.

At the moment, there is tiny to recommend that the dominance of the Kindle is minimizing. The potentially increased competitors following the launch of the iPad does not look to have knocked Amazon of its stride. As the marketplace develops and matures, some degree of rationalisation appears inevitable – but, for the time being at least, Amazon appear set to capitalise on their dominant position and will most probably continue to be 1 of the important players in the ebook marketplace for a extended time to come.

Discover out a lot more about the Kindle 3 for yourself. It really is the future of reading – you can even play games on the Amazon Kindle – some games are even totally free!

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12 Responses to 2010 Was An additional Enormously Successful Year For The Amazon Kindle

  1. Hightower ' says:

    Nice review,thank you

  2. Yesica1993 says:

    I had never heard of this brand, thanks! I recently bought the Kindle Fire because my old Nook GlowLight was starting to go, and the Fire was cheap. But I didn’t realize you cannot read it outside in any kind of daylight! That kills half the reason I wanted it! And it’s much more painful on the eyes to read in the dark. So yeah, I am underwhelmed. Maybe I will have to go back to some sort of basic ereader.

  3. Jay Vansickle says:

    is eink stuck at Android 4?

  4. Megan McGrory says:

    can the light on the prime be turned off?

  5. Dominick D'Ottavio says:

    Ink book Prime or Kindle Paper white?

  6. Cem Turan says:

    Any chance you guys could show how well Google Books and Kindle runs? Also would be great to see the PDF reflow option in action. Thanks!

  7. Beast Bricks13 says:

    no help!!!

  8. Jay Vansickle says:

    do you have a go-to stand for an ereader in a case? something smaller and/or foldable.

  9. Kpenkiu Cnipm says:

    why don’t you compare the stand-by time? I still love my old pocketbook for it’s standby time — I read it everyday about 90 min in a subway and I recharge the device once in a month. What about these new android whistles?

  10. sztywnypl says:

    Can you install apps from .apk files like on any other Android? I wonder if you can get Evernote to work properly with these two?

  11. Kpenkiu Cnipm says:

    IMHO it has nothing to do with ‘paper look n feel’ on InkBook Prime because of blinking and page refreshing. Also, the paper does not glow by itself.

  12. alan shan says:

    for inkbook prime:
    Can you help me test the CHM format?
    Can you add your own font extra?

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