5 Hidden Amazon Prime Perks – The Deal Guy

five Hidden Amazon Prime Perks – The Deal Guy

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Is Amazon Prime Worth It? From streaming to savings, bargains and discounts, I have you covered.
In this video I cover the features, rewards, price tag, and worth of Amazon Prime. If you are wondering if prime is worth it for motion pictures or music or kindle books or just for the shipping rewards – check out this amazon prime evaluation video.

Other than totally free two day shipping on a lot of things sold by Amazon.com, right here are six lesser identified perks of Prime.
Prime Members enjoy:

– Cost-free Access To Amazon Music: The music service features more than a million songs with limitless playlists that can be downloaded to devices, just as even though you’d bought the song from iTunes or a competing platform.

– Free of charge Prime radio stations: Similar to a membership that would otherwise expense you $10 per month from Spotify Premium or a paid version of Pandora, this ad-free assortment of stations is a nice perk.

– Free Unlimited Photo Storage: Prime members get free access to Amazon Cloud Drive to shop an unlimited quantity of photographs.

– Specific Sale Access: Members get 30 minute early bird access to particular Amazon sales, lightning bargains and extra designer sales from MyHabit.com

– A lot more Than 800,000 Free of charge E-books: Subscribers get access to this large assortment of books as effectively as the choice to borrow one book per month on a lot of titles from the New York Instances ideal-seller list.

– Limitless films and television shows now with offline viewing: Amazon just announced you can download numerous Prime-eligible motion pictures and Television shows for playback without an net connection. This choice is presently absent from its competitor Netflix. Although Amazon’s collection boasts thousands of movies and Television shows, as properly as original content material, it is not as impressive as Netflix (in my opinion) but growing every day.

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31 Responses to 5 Hidden Amazon Prime Perks – The Deal Guy

  1. shamsher khan says:

    useful information..  btw u can find amazon deals here http://www.freecoupondeals.in too

  2. D Heyes says:

    Gosh Matt, I’ve been an Amazon Prime subscriber since before you were born. You may have already covered this and I missed your video. You forgot to mention the charitable support that Amazon does IF you log in through "smile.amazon.com". You choose your favorite charity and Amazon donates a portion of your sale to your preferred charity. This really means a lot to the chosen charities and you are free to change charities anytime you desire. Even if you accidentally forget to go through "smile", Amazon will ask you if you want to place your order through smile.

  3. Julia Lawson says:

    I need to get my sister to add me to her Prime account!.
    Share the savings, right!

  4. Ethan Swallie says:

    I Love Prime

  5. james rock says:

    Thank you so much for the info on the free stuff that Amazon Prime gives I’ve been an Amazon Prime member for two years now and I did not know any of that you’re the best you rock keep up the good work I can’t wait to buy more stuff. And if you can please try to find a good deal on TV I want to buy a 4K curved TV if you could help you’d be even more awesome if that’s even possible

  6. Donna Scott McCaffery says:

    I’ve been a prime member for a few years and didn’t know about the free month if something arrives late. Thanks for the tip!

  7. VC SC says:

    We h
    absolutely love Prime! Didn’t know about a couple of the things you discussed. Thank you!

  8. pas69 says:

    good looking out Matt as usual…

  9. Leslie Jordan says:

    I have been watching this channel for a couple of years now. Love the deals Matt THANKS for all the hard work all of you so for us😎

  10. Tony Winckowski says:

    Great share- Thank you Deal Guy!! Didn’t know about photo service. I do recommend music with new library update!

  11. Vicki Mackzum says:

    Wow! I did not know. I have been a member for sometime.

  12. Steven Y says:

    I spent over $100 on movies because of free (non-prime) shipping. The shipping speed was 5 -8 days, and on day 4 they still had not shipped my items. I expect that a company will at least try and get my order to me by the lowest estimated time, and not sit on it just to ensure that I have to wait the longest period possible. There are plenty of companies that offer free shipping and will get your order to you in three days time. The issue here is, Amazon Prime. They really want you to subscribe to it, and since they already have your business, they can just slow down your shipping to the slowest possible timeline to ensure that you see a use for it.

    Just say no to Amazon Prime!

  13. The Dapper Cow says:

    Great tips! I didn’t know you could share your prime subscription! I suppose I should download some music to my phone–I haven’t done that yet! I love your daily deals and look forward to seeing what you come up with every day!

  14. Laurie W says:

    You guys are all great! Thanks very much for reviewing the benefits of Amazon Prime, Matt. I need a reminder now and then of its full range of services.

    Don’t forget to mention that Prime subscribers should sign up for the Smile program, through which Amazon will donate a percentage of an item’s purchase price to one of many charities. Sure, it’s a small percentage, but it adds up.

  15. Julie Budde-Heiner says:

    How do you get the 4 people on your Amazon Prime account?

  16. connie weber says:

    Hi , Matt, being computer challenged, I find your videos jump around a lot on my device. Then I find you again and yeah, a smile to my face. Your enthusiasm keeps me going all day.

  17. Andrea D says:

    Nice. Knew about all this stuff already. Tnx anyhow.

  18. The Pussy Diaries says:

    This is cringeworthy

  19. Vicki Davis says:

    Thx Matt for the extra Prime benefits! I had no idea about them!

  20. Anthony Rozek says:

    Do you think you can find any deals on video games?

  21. kiltedjohn1000 says:

    can a household member be in the same house ? or in the next house with different wifi? er

  22. Paul R says:

    Good information.

  23. Wendy Damato says:

    I love Amazon, Prime is the best way to go, thanks to you I now use ALL my benefits!! Thank You!!

  24. Debbie Webster says:

    Catching up and just saw this, thanks so much Matt! We’ve been Prime members for several years and didn’t know about these pluses.

  25. Darrin Stegall says:

    Thx for the secret info. 🙂

  26. lori bird says:

    Thank you Matt we just got Prime and I wasn’t a where of all of what you just shared, thanks again.


    i love amazon

  28. E Boogie says:

    I LOVE Prime. Free movies, free music, unlimited picture cloud storage, free same day delivery. It’s only going to get better and better. 👍👍

  29. Sandra Dillinger says:

    Awesome info thanks for sharing

  30. T Conn says:

    OMG! I feel so dumb! I had no idea about the music or mom site or being able to let others use it. That is fantastic! My kids will love the free music! Thanks Matt!

  31. Aaron Mischler says:

    I was actually in the Dr’s office waiting room this morning and was forced to watch a news channel I don’t usually watch. Just so happens, they show your deal segment. I saw one of your deals and found my way to your YT Channel to get it. Going thru all of your deals, I came across the Prime Hidden Perks. Ive been a prime member for about 3 years now. I order a lot from AP, and a few orders have come past the guaranteed ship date. I called them today and gave them 7 orders in the past 6 months that have come a day or two late. They in turn renewed my subscription, which I was due to renew at the end of this month, for free for an entire year. Thank you so much for pointing this out to me. You have a life long fan Lil Brother. Thanks again.

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