A Great Kids’ Android Tablet For Much less Than Forty Dollars!

A Good Kids’ Android Tablet For Significantly less Than Forty Dollars!

An overview of the alldaymall A88X 7″ Android Tablet

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iRULU 10.1" IPS Screen Quad Core Tablet 16G Android 5.1 HDMI Bluetooth Dual Cam
End Date: Sunday Jul-9-2017 16:52:50 PDT
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15 Responses to A Great Kids’ Android Tablet For Much less Than Forty Dollars!

  1. TAMIKA BIBB says:

    l think it’s a good buy for parents on budgets who want to purchase their kids tablets at affordable pricing.

  2. blakegriplingph says:

    Yeah, the build quality for these is questionable at best. Had an earlier model A13 and A31s-powered tablet and both suffered from lousy battery life and shoddy workmanship. Good if you want to please a toddler in a pinch, but not if you plan to use it long-term.

    Not to mention that at least some of them are infected with adware. Some of my friends over at a tablet repair forum went batty over the rash of pre-infected devices sold on Amazon and elsewhere.

  3. cookie says:

    good video Grandpa!!

  4. Amine Bashir says:

    More of these Bruce!

  5. Harshall says:

    please make a video in which your grandson/daughter plays with it. like he/she reviewing it.

  6. Anna Hernandez says:

    Hey, I know this video is almost a year old. I bought the Fire Kids Tablet for my son (his 4) thought it was amazing but my son not really because his favorite app (Youtube for Kids) can’t download it in amazon appstore . So we gave to my other son (2year old)
    Long story short. Do you still think this tablet works great for kids ? Now that you had for a while

  7. Joe's Photo & Video Channel says:

    Looks wonderful and getting quiet a bit for $40 bucks! Very ideal for children and teens or anyone just wanting basic tablet. Thumbs up!

  8. Computing Forever says:

    Doesn’t look awful considering the price point.

  9. Nathan Shin says:

    Technology sure is getting cheaper and faster Mr. Naylor! But one thing I find ironic these days are the price of the Texas instruments Graphing Calculators. The TI 84+ I just got for high school is more than twice the price of the tablet, yet it has the same hardware as the original Nintendo gameboy (ex. Z80 processor)! Anyway, nice video.

  10. Chris Head says:

    thanks Bruce!!! awesome little thing for no money love your channel man

  11. Brian Binns says:

    Great review. I enjoyed seeing what is offered in all price points. The most important thing is that you be honest with your opinions. Never become a shill for a manufacturer because they send you product.

  12. iDroidLife says:

    Sir please make a video on "should we ditch the kit lens supplied with the dslr and go for another one."

  13. Cowboy Lemonhead says:

    Bruce I just discovered you about two hours ago, but man, your reviews are dope! Thank you.

  14. Sungchan Park says:

    This tablet could be suitable for kids but, maybe at kinder, school or hospital that providing temporary entertainment. Kids quickly look through the quality and performance what they have got and what their friend has owned. Cheap low quality digital devices are abandant by not giving satisfaction. The group of people who can understand low price with low value which still functioning well, they can accept this device. Or, people doesn’t need to accept like a visitor or guests. I think, Middle price range products are still better. At least they gives acceptable quality and satisfaction.

  15. David Mallette says:

    Need a cheap ereader. Can’t go wrong.

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