Amazon Kindle eBook Reader May Need to have Redesigning To Catch On

The Amazon Kindle, Amazon’s foray into hand held e-book reading devices, was released in November. The reader splashed onto the scene with a cover photo on Newsweek and Amazon hoped the Kindle would do for digital-reading-on-the-go what the ipod did for digital music. That is, make it a viable notion and organization, replete with enthusiastic customers.

Nonetheless, there’s not a entire lot of evangelizing going on around the Kindle.

Some people appreciate the palm-sized smallness of the Kindle, even though other people deride its small keyboard and awkwardly created casing. The opinions are mixed and there are a lot of them.

Once you have the Kindle, you can visit Amazon’s e-book store, where you can acquire brand new books for $ 9.99, which is a discount from what new hardcovers usually cost. Even though in this proposition you do not end up owning a tangible tree-created book, you get to enjoy the reading of it. But that brings up a principal issue for e-book readers.

Do men and women want to read books the very same way they read blogs and news stories, via a computer screen? A lot of the concerns that individuals have had with the Kindle–that is it is ugly, that the black and white screen isn’t up to par, that the keyboard and scroll wheel aren’t that properly created, and that it really is also expensive–may possibly stem from the truth that reading books on the Kindle e-book reader is not the same as reading a paper-bound book. The knowledge is not the exact same.

You get the info, but element of the joy is stripped from the experience. An additional issue is that we anticipate a lot out of our hand held devices these days. The iphone has set a new standard–and that is a phone.

An e-book reader should have a higher degree of interactivity with other Kindle owners that are close friends. It must appear as advanced and appealing as an iphone. It should be capable to do most of what a high-tech cell telephone can do in addition to the e-book reading functionality. It appears like it does also tiny if you cannot use it to access maps, the yellow pages, and search engines. For $ 399, it need to do some of these factors. At the quite least, you should be able to do World wide web searches.

Computers have become so intertwined in our function and private lives, that it appears logical that an e-book reader would be the subsequent step. And maybe it is. But it should not just be an e-book reader. It ought to be an e-book reader and a cell telephone. I think the Kindle’s designers misread the psychology of an e-book reader.

It really is not bibliophiles who will be using this factor. It is the geek who wants his hand-held device to do a lot more for him than he expects, and that he can wow his friends who do not have one particular.

Surprisingly or unsurprisingly, the Amazon Kindle is sold out. Or at least that is what it says on Amazon.

The Kindle tends to make sense on paper. But that’s the issue.

Chris Crowe runs a website all about the Amazon Kindle. His web site, Amazon Kindle Critiques is an informative resource with testimonials about the most popular ebook reader on the planet.

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