Amazon Kindle Paperwhite 3 2015 Evaluation

Amazon Kindle Paperwhite three 2015 Evaluation

Amazon has just released the 7th generation Kindle and these days we give you a complete hands on overview of the e-reader. We show you how it performs reading e-books, PDF files, reading in the dark and in direct sunlight.

Amazon Kindle Paperwhite 6" 300 PPI 4GB Touchscreen Wi-Fi NEW 2015 Edition
End Date: Sunday Jul-30-2017 11:07:42 PDT
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50 Responses to Amazon Kindle Paperwhite 3 2015 Evaluation

  1. - Cee-cee says:

    I just go my KINDLE TODAY AS A GIFT!!! <3 love it!!!

  2. Urban Vidmar says:

    anyone got experience with playing songs with chords in pdf for guitars ? do you have to scroll mid song alot ?
    is kindle good for it ?
    Dont know if i should buy a pad or kindle .

  3. Lu G. says:

    +goodereader, you guys tend to cut each other at the start. 🙁

  4. MotivativeThinking2 says:

    I’m thinking about purchasing this kindle. Will audiobooks work on this kindle?

  5. Miel Seña says:

    Im torn between kobo glo HD and Kindle paperwhite =_=

  6. Doug Chaney says:

    What I hate about mine so far is how easy it is to accidentally tap whatever so the dictionary comes up. then if I dont do the drop down and click the x it might very well lock up the kindle…how I wish there were a way to turn that off so it would not come up …how I wish there was a setting (is there one??) that turned EVERYTHING off other than turning pages on the book I am reading…maybe I am just retarded maybe no one else keeps having trouble but I DO…my fingers touch it wrong while I am reading and there is the stupid dictionary thing highlighting some word I had NO INTENTION of selecting…. I have locked this kindle up SO MANY times where I have to turn it off and restart it…sucks..

  7. Jaguar Paw says:

    Send Quora answers to Kindle easily with Quorean Android app

  8. Sayan Mondal says:

    Good one

  9. Yasumei Ryuuga says:

    i read manga, can i buy manga books in it?

  10. MotivativeThinking2 says:

    What is the best tablet for reading e-books and listening to audio books?

  11. Tom Shaji says:

    does it support drop box like extensions

  12. 蔡帅 says:


  13. Twisty Gaming says:

    Guys pleae help me fast.What should I get,this one or the Tolino vision 3 hd?I only wanna read books,but I don’t know if they are pdf or epub

  14. LineoLemon says:

    one thing is for sure, it won’t stay paperwhite for long with all the screenswiping.

  15. Karan Sehgal says:

    this might sound out of context but what is the song at the end ..? :p

  16. TheChowie says:

    Not having physical buttons on the side to flip pages is a massive turn off! Can’t read a book whilst lying on my side, one handed in bed 🙁

  17. John Caruana says:

    I keep hearing "paperweights"

  18. yoko every says:

    can you hack the kindle to get free books :^)

  19. Gazwan121 Ali says:

    Is there the Arabic language and whether I can go down Arabic Books????

  20. ismael hassan says:

    بصراحة صليط اللسان و عندو ثقافة رهيبة و عندو قوت الاقناع

  21. Abdelhak Chaker says:

    Hey can someone please answer me, does kindle support PDFs that have images (scanned books) I’m noot sure if I want to change my ipad 1 for a kindle

  22. Abdumalik Okhundjanov says:

    do you have to pay to buy books?

  23. Chris says:

    Very informative review. I want to buy a Kindle but I have a a couple questions. 1) What happens with all the pirated ebooks(you know, from Kickass Torrents or Pirate bay)? Can they be read in a Kindle? 2) Most of my ebooks in pc are currently in Epub and PDF format and I have read that Kindle supports mainly MOBI. I Know that there are many online converters that could convert for example Epub/PDF to MOBI, but will the file be destroyed when it is transfered to the Kindle or not? Thanks for your time reading!

  24. Yukine says:

    I only came to see if I could read manga’s in it :3

  25. Joey Cutajar says:

    hello does anyone know or had the same problem like me! when I connect my kindle to the laptop some books go or disappear when I take it off then when connecting again they come back!! note not all book but only few and the same every time thanks

  26. Tina Siuagan says:

    Hello! I read a lot of PDFs aside from e-books. Do you think this would be a better choice over Kobo H20?

  27. SailorMoonAMV says:

    I change it to page in book, the location in book feature confuses me and makes me feel like a book has 4000 pages 😛

  28. sam witwicky says:

    can i study university books such as math and physics on kindle? which may involve a lot of graphs and images

  29. Adriano Garcez says:

    Is it possible to change text alignment?

  30. delta Tropie says:

    is there a chance to disable the function of switching off automatically in this device?

  31. Monnaa Mano says:

    Check it out! rabiaucp will format kindle book with clickable toc for $5 on #Fiverr

  32. Basmah sultan says:

    I would rather buy a galaxy tablet than get this thing it looks slow and very old

  33. Renee Barron says:

    This is THE BEST review I have seen thus far! I appreciate you demonstrating the features.

  34. WATCHA DOIN says:

    Can i highlight certain sections of the book then easily get back to the parts i highlighted? Or maybe put down the specific sections i highlighted in the notes? Curious if theres a easy way to get back to certain parts you highlighted.

  35. Gracelle Mae Tabilog says:

    i think that’s 74% of the entire book, not just the current chapter.

  36. Miss Sha says:

    is this device the same size as iPhone 6plus?

  37. Mala Sinnappan says:

    I have a question on the wifi function. Will I be able to read the ebook if i am out and about with no wifi connection?

  38. Molly Butler says:

    Neat. I’ve decided to buy this one. I found another e-reader that has two big buttons on either side of the screen for turning pages. That’s a feature I want to have, but it’s an unknown brand. I’m not sure I’m willing to risk it. It’s better with a well known brand.


    play books is better than this

  40. Ronald Ciubuc says:

    So you said the cloud function is for books from other e-readers.. Is the Google Play Books one of them? I have quite a few books on Google I would like to still be able to read.

  41. Arsi says:

    Thank you for the review .
    Do you suggest ipad or this e-reader for reading basic pdf files? I am talking about BOOKS without PICTURES …. only text.
    Thanks in advance for your help

  42. DJ Tech Guy says:

    Awesome Video Mate !
    Check out my Unboxing of Amazon All New Kindle E-Reader 😃✌ Thank You 👍

  43. Michael V says:

    Say the word "white" again, bakla.

  44. leihoa says:

    How do I turn this stuff OFF? In previous models it turns off after you hold power button for like 7 seconds. Now when I hold it, it gives me 3 options – restart, cancel and SCREEN OFF – I understand that SCREEN OFF = turn off? Sorry if this is super obvious, but i am not sure if this is some form of stand by mode or complete turn off..

  45. Станислав Мешков says:

    can’t stand ads on the screen when watching, especially when can’t close it cause it will take me another page, grrrr

  46. Code says:

    In the dark you need less light instead of more, LOL. You need to decrease the contrast, not the contrary. Moreover, most of the night modes have the background in black color because it emits less light photons; and some night modes also reduce the green and blue values (rGB) from the brighter areas (normally text) because these colors reduce the melatonin at night.

  47. Joe A says:

    Hey do you have any ideas if there is any Kindles coming in 2017, I assume not, but do you,personally think there might be a new release? I would love to get one soon

  48. Hanaa Tarek says:

    can i download wattpad on it??

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