Antoinette’s Christmas Mantel: Season Three

Antoinette’s Christmas Mantel: Season Three

If you’ve been to my Home Page, then you know I’ve begun to convert my out-of-print novels into eBook format. It’s no coincidence that in November I released KEEPSAKE, a novel of romantic suspense, for all the e-reader formats out there. Much of the novel takes place during the Christmas season, so I decided to recreate its opening scene in my mantel village this year. Almost everything you see in my mantel villages is from before World War II. The cardboard houses were all made in Japan, most in the early 1930’s. The little flat figures, called “zinnfiguren,” are from Germany. The street lamps are – what else? – Lionel. The bottlebrush trees are faded and rusty but carry their age, like everything else in this miniature world, with grace and panache. It’s deeply satisfying to know that through most of the last century, other dreamers arranged these very same toys to tell their own stories. May it ever be so. NOTE: This pictorial eBook contains large images and is designed to be viewed on an actual tablet, such as an Android based tablet or an iPad with the Kobo App installed. Viewing it on a tablet will allow the images to be enlarged and explored. The best way to view this pictorial eBook is in landscape mode with two columns displayed. In a two column display the images are quite small initially, but can be expanded to full screen size by tapping on them. I recommend that you download Season One first, which is free, to make sure that this type of eBook works well on your eReader.

Price: 1.99 USD

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