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A few nice Cheap Android Tablet images I found:

Cheap Android Tablet
Image by Theen …
Cute little Android doll at JB HiFi at Westlakes Shopping Centre, where I was window shopping.

My son wanted to show me a variety of smartphone and tablets. I also saw an awesome 75" Samsung LCD TV that I fiercely lusted after, but I don’t want it enough to pay K. If it wasn’t for their products, I’d avoid this place … loud music doof-doofing away, visual clutter everywhere, bright glittering/pulsating lights, crowds … yeech. But the prices are cheap.

iRobot MID – 7″ Android tablet
Cheap Android Tablet
Image by goblinbox_(queen_of_ad_hoc_bento)
…Ray brought this back from China. He paid fifty bucks for it.

When he showed it to me at the bar and said he probably wouldn’t use it, I said I TOTALLY wanted to buy it. It died while we were looking at it, plus it was in Chinese. He said he had to figure out how to charge it and switch it to English first, but then he’d sell it to me. (The A/C adapter got lost somehow before he got it back to the States.)

Last night when I was studying at the bar, he just gave it to me, saying, "Merry Christmas. Maybe you can get it to work!"

I googled it. It needs a 9v/2a adapter but I don’t have one. We tried a 12v/500mA adapater last night but it wouldn’t boot up. At home, I tried the closest adapter I had, a 5.5v/2.5A adapter that goes with a USB hub, and the tablet will boot and run but it won’t charge. It also runs a little weird, so to avoid doing any more possible hardware damage I’m gonna stop messing about with the wrong voltage. While I was playing with it, though, I got it switched to English and noted that it takes pretty good pictures. The wifi works fine. Overall, though, it seems a little slow, but I suppose that could be an artifact of using the wrong power supply.

Today I bought the correct adapter on eBay, and can’t WAIT for it to get here.

In a week or ten days.

From China.

Apparently this tablet will only run for about 4 hours on battery anyway, but still. Squee!

Update: This device eventually blew up. I don’t know if it was just a cheap battery, or if my plugging all kinds of inappropriate adapters into it had something to do with it.

ZT180 – cheap Android Tablet
Cheap Android Tablet
Image by xionon
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