Barnes & Noble Nook vs Amazon Kindle – Which is the Ideal EReader?

Amazon’s Kindle ereader has been the leader, at least in the US, of the ereader market place since the introduction of Kindle 1 in 2007. Sony has held 2nd location with 30 – 35% of the marketplace.

But now there is a new kid on the block. In October ’09 Barnes &amp Noble announced its nook ereader that sold out on pre-order inside a few weeks.

The nook is revolutionary mostly in its looks. It will be difficult for your average gadget boy/girl to see 1 and not create a critical craving. But does this mean that the nook is the greatest point since the printing press for bookish boys and girls?

Let’s appear at and examine some of the features of the nook and the Kindle ereaders.

For the most part reading on the nook’s e-ink screen is really similar to reading on the Kindle ereader’s e-ink screen. Both ereaders use the identical or a extremely comparable reading screen.

What is dramatically different, and what in truth attracts several men and women to the nook ereader is the tiny LCD touchscreen beneath the e-ink screen. On the Kindle, navigation is accomplished by employing the chicklet keyboard and the 5-way controller. The controls for the nook are largely accessed by way of making use of the LCD touchscreen.

The nook’s touchscreen is also employed for browsing books in your library or for choosing books to obtain from Barnes &amp Noble over the wireless connection. A virtual keyboard is obtainable on the LCD screen for typing.

The nook’s color LCD screen appears genuinely good and would appear to be a really desirable feature, but there are issues with the application implementation, which we will get to in a bit.


The Kindle ereader has a 3G wireless connection by way of AT&ampT for the Kindle Worldwide, and Sprint for the Kindle 2. Amazon calls its wireless service “Whispernet”. Utilizing Whispernet, you can normally acquire and download a book within a minute or less. You also can use the somewhat clunky but functional browser to access the web, verify e mail, study your reading on Wikipedia, even access another on the internet ebook store than Amazon to acquire and download books, and so on. With Kindle Worldwide you also have access to the Kindle store in several other nations besides the US, even though you have to spend a surcharge for downloading a book on the Whispernet outside of the US.

The nook ereader has both a WiFi connection and a 3G AT&ampT wireless connection. The distinction is that the nook’s connection can only be utilised for getting and downloading books from Barnes &amp Noble. No web, no Wikipedia, you cannot use it to connect to yet another online ebook shop and buy books.

The nook’s WiFi connection will be useful if you carry your nook ereader into a B&ampN retailer as it will download coupons and unique provides to your ereader. You can also use the WiFi to browse ebooks whilst in a B&ampN shop, but you can only study each book for a maximum of 1 hour in a 24-hour period. These in-retailer characteristics are not but totally implemented so we do not but know how beneficial they will prove to be.


One particular of the nook ereader’s functions that received a lot of press coverage is the capacity to lend your ebooks to pals. Regrettably, this feature is not as excellent as first thought. For a single factor, publishers must opt in to let their books be loaned. Some have mentioned they will not enable this. Also there are restrictions: you can only loan a specific book as soon as ever, and only for 14 days. Even though a book is loaned out you can not access it on your personal nook.

The Kindle does not at this time permit this kind of lending. Nonetheless, you can share ebooks with up to six (it can vary by title) Kindles that are registered to the very same account. This operates properly for multi-Kindle families. It is even possible to set up a reading club with your Kindle owning buddies if you really feel comfy sharing a single credit card to register your Kindle ereaders to.

Other Functions

One good function that the nook ereader has is a user replaceable battery. The Kindle’s battery is hardwired in and consequently will need to be sent back to Amazon for replacement ($ 60). Amazon says that even after 500 charges (ten years or so) these batteries will still hold 80% charge, so this could not be an concern for most folks.

The nook also accepts an SD card for extra storage. The Kindle only has its internal storage, but that is adequate to hold around 1,500 books, so this could also not be an problem for you.

A nook feature that has not received any official Barnes &amp Noble acknowledgement is the capacity to borrow ebooks from your nearby library if they use Overdrive’s digital distribution service. To do this you need to have to set up Adobe Digital Editions on your computer and use that to sideload the ebook onto your nook. You can borrow an ebook from the library for 14 days, following which it will be automatically deleted. You can’t renew library ebook checkouts. To find out how helpful this function will be in your case you ought to check your nearby library web site. Most libraries do not have a big catalogue of ebooks but. Kindle does not assistance borrowing library ebooks at this time

The eBook Retailers

No matter how appealing the hardware, an ereader’s primary goal is to read books. Because today’s ereaders have a tendency to be tied to proprietary DRM formats for current titles, you want to make positive that the hardware that you select is backed up by the greatest ebook store(s).

The nook’s major ebook supplier for DRM’ed ebooks will of course be Barnes &amp Noble. You can also acquire DRM’ed ebooks from other on-line sellers that assistance Adobe Digital Editions. The nook is also compatible with non DRM’ed EPUB and PDF format.

With Kindle you will acquire most if not all of your DRM’ed titles from Amazon’s Kindle shop. Kindle also makes use of a few other formats for non-DRM’ed ebooks such as MOBI and PDF. Public domain ebooks are also obtainable for the Kindle ereaders. I suspect that at some point Amazon will also have to enable EPUB compatibility for the Kindle, as there is growing stress for this.

Many men and women disparage the Kindle’s becoming locked into Amazon’s ebook shop for DRM’ed ebooks. Although this might be true to a massive extent, the truth is that the Kindle shop has a lot more titles obtainable than B&ampN and all of the online stores promoting ADE format ebooks place together. In most instances Amazon’s rates are less as well, even though Barnes &amp Noble has been attempting to match their costs.

If you primarily study books on the existing greatest sellers lists you will likely be in a position to locate these offered in most formats at equivalent prices. The far more off the beaten path your reading is even so, the much more most likely you are to find what you are seeking for at the Kindle shop.

So Which eReader is Very best – Kindle or nook?

If the nook ereader had not been rushed to industry to make the vacation 2009 season, and if Barnes &amp Noble had waited till they had the application ready and the bugs worked out, then I would say that the nook would have been a extremely close second decision and maybe even equal to the Kindle.

In truth, the nook at present is crippled by its faulty release version computer software and unless B&ampN gets it fixed in a timely style the nook will be leapfrogged by the next Kindle release. Barnes &amp Noble has mentioned that they are working around the clock to update the software program and repair the current nook issues and to their credit they have released a couple of updates as of this writing. Nonetheless there are still lots of bugs and the nook is slower than the Kindle, which will be distracting when you are attempting to immerse yourself in that subsequent great book. In its present state the LCD screen does not play properly with the e-ink screen and can be extremely frustrating to use.

Also, I choose the Kindle shop. My reading tastes may possibly be different than yours nevertheless, so I would suggest you make a list of books you want to read and make a cost and availability comparison among the Kindle shop and B&ampN’s offerings. Larger ebook prices can add up pretty swiftly.

The Kindle’s capacity to connect to the world wide web and Wikipedia, and so on. is also not to be underestimated.

I believe that the nook ereader has the prospective to be a excellent ereader and possibly equal the Kindle, but it is some thing of a gamble purchasing one now and waiting to see if Barnes &amp Noble can get all of the glitches fixed in time and also match the Kindle store’s offerings.

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One more Massive Kindle Book Haul – Over 20 Books | Winter Book Haul | Portion Four

Hi everyone and welcome to portion four of my winter book haul. This part has more than 20 ebooks, most of which have been free of charge from the publishers by way of NetGalley.

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The Hope Chest, by Viola Shipman
The Ideal of Adam Sharp, by Graeme Simsion
Wayfarer, by Alexandra Bracken
The Final to Die, by Kelly Garrett
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All Our Incorrect Todays, by Elan Mastai
Backstabber, by Kimberley Chambers
Under the Harrow, by Flynn Berry
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Something’s Alive on the Titanic, by Robert J Serling
The Book of Summer time, by Michelle Gable
Black Water Lilies, by Michel Bussi
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Kindle books purchased for 99p
Scintillate, by Tracy Clark
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The Farm, by Tom Rob Smith
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Truthwitch, by Susan Dennard
3 Dark Crowns, by Kendare Blake
I, Ripper: A Novel, by Stephen Hunter

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