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These days every loyal fan of Apple has an iPad, but only the best have the best looking stylish covers which sets their Apple gadget apart from others.

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If you are thinking of buying a new iPad case you are exactly at the right place where you will find very cute and unique cases. In case pro also have stylish leather iPad cases with hard back covers. The iPad cases available are not only attractive but also act as protective cover which your valued possession from scratches and minor damages. They have impeccable iPad case collections for iPad 4, iPad 3, iPad 2 and iPad mini.

They have our iPad case collections from different brands which include Otterbox, Griffin, Apple and Lengos. You can select from these brand collection suiting your style and need. They offer the lotheyst on-line price guarantee and if you find the same quality with less price option then they offer full refund of your money.

Our iPad case collection has latest designs and recently there are some more additions which include multicolour folding cases, fully 360° rotating case covers, and there is also with a lighttheyight aluminium stand. Apart from that you can choose from hard case cover, slim magnetic case cover, and smart hard back cover. You can get these covers in attractive prints or in plane one colour like green, black, white, red, blue, navy blue, orange, light pink, and hot pink.

Apart from our cool iPad case collection you can also browse for a number of iPad accessories like screen protectors, charger, headsets etc. Our recent collection include the Griffin survivor iPhone 5 case which prevent your phone from small scratch and keep it completely spotless even after months.
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Top 10 iPad Pro Cases

Here’s what we think are the best iPad Pro cases out there. We’ve seen lots of different cases and were surprised at the UAG for coming out on top!

TL:DW List with Amazon links:

*Non-US viewers will need to use links through my site:

#1. UAG –
#2. Apple Silicone Case –
#3. Moshi MetaCover –
#4. Speck StyleFolio Pencil –
#5. Thule Atmos –
#6. Moshi VersaKeyboard –
#7. Poetic Revolution –
#8. JETech –
#9. Moko –
#10. ESR Cloth/Leather –


The Urban Armor Gear is the best case for the iPad Pro in our opinion. There’s a lot of extra versatility packed into this case but unlike some of the other cases, it does it without the extra bulk.

The texture of the case is great. We didn’t have any worries about the case slipping out of our hands. One of the best features of the case is the removable cover. If you don’t need the cover, just take it off. The cover works with the Apple Smart Keyboard as well.


The default Apple cases. Grippy, slim and everything fits well with the iPad which is expected since they’re Apple made. The edges of the iPad are well protected which isn’t the case when compared to cheaper products from MoKo and JETech.

Our biggest gripe with this case is the $140 dollar price tag. WTF Apple!


The Moshi MetaCover is a beast of a case. In fact, this is the biggest and one of the heaviest cases that we’ve reviewed which might be a big turn-off for some. With that being said, if you don’t travel much with your iPad, the MetaCover is worth looking at because of the versatility.


Some of you might be surprised to see this case at #4, especially if you’ve read some of the Amazon reviews about it but our rating system takes into account extra features like the Apple Pencils as well as added protection from having a physical latch.

If you’re an avid Apple Pencil user, consider getting this case. It’s much bigger than a normal slim case, but it will provide significantly more protection than any standard case.


The Thule Atmos X3 and X4 are some of our favourite iPhone cases. The Atmos is is the only case that has a hard screen protector, so if you’re looking to take your iPad into rougher situations, the Atmos would be a good choice. The case is a little odd which we go through in the video.


If you’re looking for a decent keyboard setup, go with the Moshi VersaKeyboard. Moshi decided to design the VersaKeyboard in the same vein as a normal desktop setup, rather than to turn the iPad into a laptop like certain Zagg cases do.

We love how we can setup the keyboard in a preferred orientation unlike the Apple Smart Keyboard or the Logitech Keyboards. We’re able to spend way more time working on an iPad Pro with the VersaKeyboard than the other products listed above.


Poetic always surprises us because they produce great cases for only a few bucks, and they don’t feel cheap like some of the other cases on this list. The Poetic Revolution is one of the tougher cases on this list but will do a great job protecting your iPad from drops if you’re accident prone.


The JETech case is an Apple Silicone Case + Smart Cover alternative. The biggest pro for this case is the price. It is a fraction of the cost of the regular Apple cases.You do get what you pay for as the cover on the JETech doesn’t fit as tightly as the Apple Smart Cover and definitely feels lighter and thinner.

#9 – MOKO

Moko Case – Typing Angle – iPad Pro Case Reviews
The MoKo case is an another Apple Silicone Case and Smart Cover alternative. It has a nice matte coating on the back which helps wth the grip and the cover mimics the smart cover, but it doesn’t fit as tightly as the Apple Smart Cover does.


Now we’re not sure which ESR case we have as the ordered from Amazon said: “Leather and Instant on compatible” whereas the one we got was cloth and doesn’t work with the instant on. The texture of the case is quite nice.

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