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A number of good Ipad mini situation photos I identified:

Across the East Basin – A Fisheye Lens Adventure – Barton – ACT – Australia – 20170203 @ 04:51
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Image by MomentsForZen
Broad and ultra-wide angle lens possibilities for my Hasselblad 500 series (501CM) camera are really limited. Given that the &quotpassing on&quot of my 40mm focal length lens a few months in the past (Hasselblad Carl Zeiss lens – Distagon 40mm f/four CF T* FLE (1996)), I have been re-investigating and weighing up the alternatives.

In the interim, I have been using a 50mm focal length lens (Hasselblad Carl Zeiss lens – Distagon 50mm f/four CF FLE T* (1991)). This lens genuinely isn’t broad enough for the landscape and evening sky images that I want to get. I have therefore been left wit two alternatives – a substitute 40mm focal length lens or a 30mm focal length &quotfisheye&quot lens. My expertise with the 40mm alternative – it is naturally wider than the 50mm lens, but it also nonetheless fell quick of the viewing angle that I had in thoughts. The 30mm lens would likely meet the necessity for breadth, but it would be a much more radical decision. While the 40mm lens is a traditional rectilinear lens, the 30mm lens is a sort referred to as a &quotfisheye&quot lens .

Quoting from Wikipedia …

&quotA fisheye lens is an ultra broad-angle lens that creates robust visual distortion intended to create a broad panoramic or hemispherical image. Fisheye lenses obtain really broad angles of see by forgoing making photographs with straight lines of point of view (rectilinear pictures), opting as an alternative for a unique mapping (for instance: equisolid angle), which provides pictures a characteristic convex non-rectilinear physical appearance.&quot


I was enthusiastic earlier this week to consider delivery of the 30mm broad-angle fisheye lens that I had bought (Hasselblad Carl Zeiss lens – F-Distagon 3.5/30 CF T* (1996)). It was in immaculate visual situation. But would this also be the case for the optics?

The scene in this photograph was my chosen topic for the very first (and most very easily accessible) test. To my great relief, it seems to be like it passed with flying colors. The curved geometry (most apparent on the intense right and left hand sides) is quite pleasing to my eyes, and the picture is wonderfully sharp.

The yellow / orange glow in the sky on the right hand side of the photograph comes from the huge sodium vapor street lights at the intersection of the Majura Parkway and Morshead Drive / Pialligo Avenue close to the airport. The lesser yellow glow on the left hand side comes from the similarly big street lights on Kings Avenue on the western side of the bridge in excess of the lake.

For the record, the Sunrise information for this location and date …

Astronomical Twilight 04:48
Nautical Twilight 05:23
Civil Twilight 05:57
Sunrise 06:24


[ Location – Barton, Australian Capital Territory, Australia ]

Photography notes …
The photograph was taken using the following hardware configuration …
(12 months of manufacture indicated in braces where known.)
– Hasselblad 501CM Body (Chrome) – S/N 10SH26953 (2002).
– Hasselblad CFV-50c Digital Back for Hasselblad V mount camera.
– Hasselblad Focusing Display for the CFV-50c digital back, with focusing prism and crop markings.
– Hasselblad 45 Degree Viewfinder PME-45 42297 (2001).
– Hasselblad Carl Zeiss lens – F-Distagon 3.5/thirty CF T* (1996).

– Really Right Stuff (RRS) TFC-14 Series 1 Carbon Fiber Tripod – MFR # 13996.
– Actually Appropriate Things (RRS) BH-thirty Ball Head with Mini Screw-Knob Clamp – MFR # BH-thirty Pro.
– Hasselblad HATQCH (3043326) Tripod Rapid Coupling.
– Arca-Swiss ARUCP38 Universal Camera Plate three/8&quot.
– Nikon AR-three Shutter Release Cable.
– Artisan &amp Artist ACAM-302 Silk Cord for Hassleblad Cameras (Black).

I acquired the photograph (8272 x 6200 pixels) with an ISO of 200, exposure time of 32 seconds, and aperture of f/8.

Post-processing …
Finder – Removed the CF card from the camera digital back and positioned it in a Lexar 25-in-1 USB card reader. Then utilized Finder on my MacBook Air to download the raw picture file (3FR extension) from the card.
Lightroom – Imported the 3FR image.
Lightroom – Utilized the Map module to add the area specifics to the EXIF header.
Lightroom – Applied numerous simple lighting and shade changes in the Develop module.
Lightroom – &quotStraightened&quot the picture with a rotation of .75.
Lightroom – Saved the Develop module settings as preset 20170203-006.
Lightroom – Output the image as a JPEG image employing the &quotMaximum&quot good quality option (8131 x 6094 pixels).
PhotoSync – Copied the JPEG file to my iPad Mini for any ultimate processing, evaluation, enjoyment, and posting to social media.

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Whats in my camera bag 52/365
Ipad mini case
Image by Louish Pixel
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**UPDATE** – 2011-Might-13
Since this photograph I posted a number of months in the past, I’ve already additional a handful of far more gems to my bag. I now have 4x Alienbees B800’s instead of 2 shown in the photo. I have a Canon 24-70mm two.8L, Canon 85mm f/1.two, two far more spider holsters (so four total now), and 2x new carbon fiber manfrotto tripods.

The ideal way to checklist every thing in this photograph would be to use notes. So make sure (on flickr) you run your mouse above the photo to see the notes tagged in the picture.

You can download the unique, un-resized model right here, its 26MB, and 18045×13255 pixels:

Strobist Info: 300w with shoot via umbrella on left and appropriate. each item shot individually on white floor then merged in photoshop.

My Favourite &quotMust Have&quot accessories from above:

one. Manfrotto 244RC Variable Friction Magic Arm
two. Manfrotto 122B &amp 003 Backlight stand (mini foldable lightstand)
three. Manfrotto Superclamps
4. Photoflex Telescopic Litedisc Holder (For Lights), at least 1, you do not need 4. I bought four result in I loved it so significantly and I have only used perhaps two at a time.
five. RadioPopper JrX
6. Tamrac 5788 Evolution 8 Backpack (This is the brown backpack in the upper left corner, I took this on a holiday and was able to match 2 DSLRs, 9 lenses like the 70-200, one Macbook Air, two iPads, Batteries and chargers, GoPros, Memory card readers and cards, RadioPoppers, 2x Speedlites, and a lot more. That backpack fits a BUNCH of stuff)
seven. Spider Holsters, specifically if you ever use two cameras at the same time, in that case, get two.
8. Eneloop Batteries

This favorites listing of course does not integrated lenses, lights or cameras. If I had to only select a couple lenses, I would choose the 100mm f/2.8L IS USM Macro and the sixteen-35mm, (The 15mm Fisheye is wonderful as well). If I had to only keep a couple lights, I’d preserve the speedlites result in they are portable. If I had to choose 1 camera, it would be the 5D Mark II.

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