I Attempted Android for the First Time

I Attempted Android for the Very first Time

Our video editor, Andrew Evers, decided it was time to ditch his iPhone six Plus and take the Android-powered Nexus 6p for a spin.

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49 Responses to I Attempted Android for the First Time

  1. Trigger Happy says:

    Theres software to transfer from apple to android…… lol how can you work at a tech place and not know?????

  2. Honest Hangedman says:


  3. Gamedgaming says:

    "That’s one of the downfalls of switching to Android"

  4. Jaskn Da somebody says:

    Now i want to switch to the Nexus 6P…

  5. Abner Hernandez says:

    what type of friends get mad because of green text messages instead of blue? :/

  6. Eric D. says:

    rare to see these days "rams win"

  7. Oscar Juarez says:

    dose any one else like the exterier of an i phone but the hardwhear /operating system and wished that there was a phone with th exterior of an iphone but soft whear of an android

  8. -ARR- Videos says:

    his hormones are locked to apple since birth

  9. Rajat Sondhi says:

    Is this fucker retarded or some shit?

  10. YunYulay says:

    apple is a fucking cult

  11. Ugith Dahanayaka says:

    If u dont know ur passwords thats ur problem. Dont blame the phone. Same would have been for a lifetime android user who switched to iOS.

  12. Kdn Lc500 says:

    What was the switch back like

  13. lynsey martin says:


  14. Ross Lemon says:

    "I can’t remember anything! It’s all Android’s fault!"

  15. jared fleming says:

    I think that most people talk about Android phones being bad they mean cheap Android phones

  16. Guy Davis says:

    Many different perspectives on the same thing. Proves the point no 1 phone will work for everyone. Andrew did what a lot of us have not, tried the other product before saying its garbage.

  17. Георги Проданов says:

    Wellcome to the light side of the smartphone world. And btw all the cons you mentioned are fixable, just press OK when the device asks to remember the password. And all contacts and sh*t can be sync in google too.

  18. Lonne Gabriel Elliott says:

    Bitch can’t remember his password. Why do you even have to put a password in the first place???

  19. Braden plays says:

    remember your pass words stupid

  20. PV truth illuminates says:

    I give it a try to iPhone and 3 times let me down the last one just irritated me so much with the cable saying you blaa bla are not using the original charger i Had the original cable and charger then it finally started to not recognize it anymore then I bought 2 or 3 times then the same . iPhone rubbish rubbish company

  21. lbh3401 says:

    People need to learn not to rely on their phone so much. Remember ur passwords

  22. Justin Smith says:

    what kind of car is that?

  23. PV truth illuminates says:

    Korean BBQ yeee

  24. Sewermonkey69 says:

    I had android phones since the start. I got my first iPhone with the 5 and now have the 6s and would never go back to android. It was always so buggy. And if you get a new phone and they don’t make a new version of the one you had, you have to redo everything. When I got my new iPhone it was like I never left. I suppose it’s the same going from galaxy s6 to s7. But if you had an HTC and went to Samsung, forget it. Too many differences in phone and the software was shit as far as I remember. I don’t like the custom shit. It’s too much. I just want my phone to do one thing at a time. And do it well. And it succeeds. I do wish apple would catch up with technology however. I really want wireless charging! I won’t buy another iPhone until it does!

  25. NoztyGT says:

    I have seen comments like ‘Apple is better’ and ‘Android is better’. It doesn’t matter what phone you have. You have the phone that you want. Everyone have their opinions. So can we just stop making this a competition of phones? It’s just so fucked up.

  26. daljit singh says:

    android id far better than apple 😎😏

  27. tyzlem says:

    the was a bad brake 0:00

  28. Conor Burggren says:

    Do you recommend the android phone if you are on iPhone

  29. huguan86 says:

    apple – Communist
    android – Freedom!

  30. Exorce says:

    soooo he just doesnt know his passwords

  31. LastFinger says:

    …friends of my were angry because they see green cloud on massage buhahahaahahahahahahabahahahahah

  32. Im Swift says:

    the s8 is really good, samsung wasnt the best to switch to last year but switching now is the best experience

  33. Arsalan Salehi says:

    i dont know why i laughed so hard at the beginning

  34. Fun Games says:

    every one tiered when they get new phone

  35. Beer Lee says:

    I have a Samsung my whole life been wanting to try Apple iPhone

  36. POWER STUFF says:

    Also compare the price of android vs iPhone…

  37. mitropoulosilias says:

    are you living under a rock or something??

  38. Blade III says:

    the problem is this guy making accounts then forgetting his password, like his social insurance number.

  39. Hale Penguin15 says:

    I hate ios

  40. lynsey martin says:

    Allen osuyeu ko

  41. Tiana Rose says:

    As a blind person I think iOS is better
    The accessibility features on the 📲 are just… well… better

  42. Peter Powis says:

    friends getting mad at you because text messages are green instead of blue??? seems petty. are you sure they are "friends"??

  43. TheAldsf says:


  44. Emma Skylet says:

    Apple fan are poor lovers they are sticking around trying to defend their iPhone in non realistic excuses they don’t want to shatter the image of their one sided love..come on ppl aren’t you sick of being apple nazi …

  45. firebrick wPlesu says:

    Dumb ass

  46. Derpinater says:

    i used apple for 6-7 years about i switched to android and i love it so much more i had trouble adjusting at first but now i fuck up trying to use and iphone i personaly fucking hate apple

  47. lynsey martin says:

    yes odd 1

  48. N B says:

    I have an Android Moto e LTE 2nd gen (2015) and I’m planning on waiting for the Moto G6 plus to come out in 2018 to see if it’s better than a Moto G5 plus.
    Personally, after looking through copious numbers of reviews on YouTube and on the Web of Apple’s iPhone 7 (Starts at $649.-32Gb, $749.-128Gb, $849.-256Gb…)/ 7 plus (Starts at $769.-32Gb, $869.-128Gb, $969.-256Gb) specs compared with Lenovo’s Moto G5 Plus (Starting at $229.-32Gb to $299.-64Gb, and by the way it has expandable storage in the form of a Micro SD card – up to 128Gb/256Gb expandable storage that you can purchase separately for a reasonable price, making the cost of the Moto G5 Plus still at least half of the starting price of either iPhone 7 if you purchase a Micro SD card with the Moto G5 Plus), I’m still going to go with Android. Why? The Moto G5 Plus is more than adequate for my day-to-day use, and it’s within my price range. I actually find it pretty crazy that the Moto G5 Plus is one third or one half the price of the iPhone 7/ 7 Plus, and does most, if not more things that the iPhone 7/7 Plus can do.

  49. FireProductionz says:

    So most of the problems were him not remebering his passwords

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