Ideal Large Tablet, Possibilities of Versatile Displ

Best Large Tablet, Possibilities of Flexible Displ

Join Jayce although he talks about the greatest tablet for use as a laptop replacement, the best phablet on the marketplace nowadays and the possibilties brought on by flexible displays.

Nabi Big Tab 20" Tablet PC, 16GB, 2 GB RAM
End Date: Thursday Aug-31-2017 10:55:44 PDT
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48 Responses to Ideal Large Tablet, Possibilities of Versatile Displ

  1. Abdallah Mohamed says:

    i want to ask you a question jayce

    why is the dell venue 8 is not in the comparison with the tablets
    its specification compared to its price is awesome choise

  2. Poo12254488055445566 says:

    Dat outro! So funny! 🙂

  3. Lucas Armanelli says:

    note 10.1 2014

  4. Sion Dragos says:

    Hello Jayce. Here’s one for you. When are you going to change your note 1 and what will your next phone be? Btw i am also rocking a note 1 and am currently loving it

  5. scotty churilla says:

    hey jayce i got a couple questions for you please.
    1. Do you think I should cancel my home internet which is verizon fios (my promotion is ending price is going up) and use my samsung galaxy s4 hotspot. Iam grand fathered in and have unlimited data n unlimited mobile hotspot on verizon.

    2.which would be faster a overclocked s4 vs a 64bit smartphone like the s5 is going to have I heard.

  6. Ashish says:

    Galaxy s4 or lg g2??

  7. Think Man says:


  8. Sain Jampong says:

    hahahha 6:30 – 6:36 that punch line make me laugh….. awsome video

  9. Mohamed Sameer says:

    Hey Jayce, Is nokia really testing android prototypes??? is it possible to see android powered nokia devices in future???

  10. franklin raj says:

    Great video, because u do stuff that doesn’t make the video go boring 🙂

  11. Cristi Filip says:

    Should I update my Samsung Galaxy S3 LTE to android 4.3 with Odin and if I’l do this how can i make tis operation without any risks?

  12. brandon maruszczak says:


  13. satish kumar says:

    What is the use of android mobile which doesn’t get future updates even hardware is nice. Eg: Huawei u8800.I m still using gingerbread 

  14. tallon morrison says:

    I have the Samsung galaxy s4 and I go on the Internet and it’s says (page loaded) and (page loaded) and talk back of is off what can I do to shut it up PLEASE HELP

  15. UnnormalVideos says:

    +Jayce Broda Htc desire 500 or xperia l. Which should i buy

  16. onemanarmy396 says:

    They do have google play cards at gamestop

  17. Adithya Manoj says:

    Hi jayce..I live in Australia and I was just wondering if you have any idea when the gs4 mini will get android 4.3

  18. MrLoco33016 says:

    Your wife is in heat. lmao

  19. Himblerk's Adventures says:

    the more i look this show more i know about android ecosystem

  20. winsevenholic says:

    Great video always 🙂

  21. Alistair Shaw says:

    Original, entertaining, relevant and at times funny. Keep up the good work Jayce!

  22. MrTheBarnie says:

    Thank you for answering my question. Haha. Thank you very much.

  23. randle guill says:

    Watch the BULL!!!(Lol!)
    good job .Thanks.

  24. Asim Ul-Hassan says:

    Who the hell orders milk from Amazon anyway?

  25. Mohammad Hamideh says:

    Proud to be one of the first 500K android authority subscribers.
    All the best boys.

  26. awesomeferret says:

    I love this guy’s humor. The videos that he does are the funniest on the Android Authority channel.

  27. Ella maran says:

    yuh aint gone a Drop tat 😛 lol 

  28. Chris Druif says:

    Hi Jason,

    Which 10"+ tablet would recommend which is developer friendly? I "need" a tablet which can and will be supported by the community because I’ve had enough company letdowns.

  29. Bojan Techtips says:

    I have a tablet and i will get the z1 also i make similar videos check me out 🙂 i have 350 subs 🙂 🙂 

  30. Ruel Celerio says:

    Haven’t Vito Libido (eeek.) seen the Minority Report movie yet?  It’s one of the best futuristic sci-fi movie where future techs are thoroughly researched and predicted.  Imagine a whole skyscraper totally covered in light courtesy of curved displays, or cars with morphing and moving colors. Or a theme park of lights from the road, to the chair, to the information post, window displays, etc. And what about that invisibility cloak with flexible display that’s in the works now for military use?  Or how about lying on your bed staring at your ceiling with real time sunny day or night sky with the moon and the stars on it.

    But I agree with Jayce, flexible displays will find its practical application through wearables – your shoes, your clothes, your watch, your eyeglasses, the inner linings of your jacket, your bag, etc etc.

  31. terzisc says:

    I wouldn’t even bother to answer a guy called Vito Libido… And his predictions are wrong by the way….

  32. Aaron Hannaford says:

    What is the best 10" tablet i can get for under 300$

  33. LuigiFan1305 says:

    Lmao at the ending

  34. MrTheBarnie says:

    Thank you for answering my question. Haha. Thank you very much.

  35. TTweakr says:

    hey Android Authority.
    whats the difference between water proof and water resistant cause i have a Sony Xperia Z and asking if it will survive when i drop it in my pool. Thanks 
    Once again can you make a Sony Xperia Z1 Giveaway cause i really need one for a preview on my other YouTube Chanel.Please if you can provide me with one, will be excellent i can sponsor your YouTube Chanel.   

  36. audimanao says:

    Why do phones need so much ram? My dad has the note 3 with 3gb of ram but has only 1gb of ram that is not taken up by the operating system.

  37. Todd Thomas says:

    What is the safest amount of apps (and games) an android user should have on their phone to prevent any lag? PS you’re awesome

  38. Thom says:

    Hi Jason,

    In need of some help!! I’ve been traveling around the world for 2 years, been completely out of loop with the whole tablet and laptop ethnology… As I’ve been using the odd Mac, desktop and laptop wherever I’ve been. Now I’m going back to the UK and I want to either invest in either a laptop or tablet. My preferences are that I want to be able to download and watch movies on a fairly big screen, just not too sure if the 10 inch tablets will be big enough. I’ve looked in at the Samsung Galaxy Note Pro 12.2, however have heard good and bad things about this tablet. I maybe inclined into looking at the half tablet half laptop ideas. I’m not keen at iPads as I wouldn’t be able to download any torrents I assume and I’m trying my hardest not too go down the MacBooks… As that’s what I’m mainly used too back before I started traveling as I’m a creative. So yea that’s about it, I’m totally confused as there’s so much choice! Sorry for the essay and thanks for your help!


  39. neosinan1 says:

    I was wondering what yu think about Mediatek chip maker? Is mt6592 true octa core chip might have better performans than latest snapdragon800?

  40. wug says:

    Hey Jayce are there any roms/mods that will give my nexus 4 (or 5) multiwindow like the galaxy s3?

  41. just some guy without a mustache says:

    Gta san andreas …. when?

  42. he qida says:

    hahaha! great episode! 

  43. Srinivasan Krishnan says:

    Btw ….with the advent of 3D tech as Jayce mentions the possibilities are vast for flex glass displays.

  44. lostintheinternets says:

    Tablet Z!

  45. Rakan Mansour says:

    Hahahahha laughed hears at the ens of the video.. I love those q’s and a’s u do.. Keep up the good work 😀

  46. alonikos says:

    Why bigger batteries on phones (mah) don’t always give better battery life? For example people say the moto x have great battery life with 2300 mah battery while the nexus 5 have the same size battery but have bad battery life?

  47. AcE Cream says:

    Jayce, what phone is that that you always use in your vids? It almost looks like the Galaxy Note 1…just curious 🙂

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