Infiland All-New Fire HD eight 2017/ Fire HD eight 2016 Case, Slim Lightweight Tri-fold Stand Cover For All-New Fire HD 8 (7th Gen, 2017 Release)/ Fire HD eight (6th Gen, 2016 release) 8″ Tablet, Fortunate Tree

Infiland All-New Fire HD 8 2017/ Fire HD 8 2016 Case, Slim Lightweight Tri-fold Stand Cover For All-New Fire HD 8 (7th Gen, 2017 Release)/ Fire HD 8 (6th Gen, 2016 release) 8″ Tablet, Fortunate Tree

Solution Description


This Infiland case specially made for All-New Fire HD 8 (7th Gen, 2017 Release)/ Fire HD eight (6th Gen, 2016 release) eight” Tablet, Not Match for other Kindle Fire tablets.

Product Description:

This Infiland slim shell case made of Premium Synthetic Leather with microfiber cloth and rigid polycarbonate back shell will completely protect your All-New Fire HD eight 2017/ Fire HD eight 2016 Tablet and searching excellent for extended sessions. The super design and style permits for full access to touch screen, side buttons, charging, headset and camera ports. Built-in stand with two angles: so you can easily watch films, play games and on the web chatting. Unique outcut for charging cable on the case, no need to have to open the case or take out the tablet when charge for your tablet. This Infiland new Case is the ideal option for those who want a stylish and inexpensive way to defend their Fire HD eight Tablet .

Package integrated:

1x Shell Case for All-New Fire HD 8 2017/ Fire HD 8 2016 (Tablet is NOT integrated)

Warranty: Item by Infiland can be returned for exchange in 1 year.

Price tag: $15.95

  • Unique Design and style For: Complete protection for All-New Fire HD eight Tablet 8″ HD Display Wi-Fi(7th Generation, 2017 release)/Fire HD eight Tablet 8″ HD Display Wi-Fi(6th Generation, 2016 release).
  • Superior Top quality Case: Premium Synthetic Leather with microfiber cloth combine with rigid polycarbonate back shell brings you a solid case, will completely safeguard your All-New Fire HD 8 2017/ Fire HD eight 2016 Tablet from knocks, dust, damage, scratches.
  • Precise Openings: Very best tailored openings at the precise places for swift and easy access to touch screen, side buttons, charging, headset and camera ports.
  • Steady Stand: Strong magnetic connection to develop a steady viewing stand for your tablet, stop your tablet from falling down when reading or typing.
  • Service Guarantee: All items by Infiland have 12 months warranty. Friendly and easy-to-attain consumer service help are provided by Infiland all the time.

The Greatest Tablets for Reading Comic Books

What are the greatest tablets for comics? WHAM! SMASH! TECH BOOM! We go over some of the very best applications and tablets to fulfill the job.

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Tech Armor iPad Pro (12.9″) Ballistic Glass Screen Protector for Apple iPad Pro 12.9-inch (NEW 2017) [1-pack]

Item Description
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Price tag: $14.95

  • Compatible Model(s): iPad Pro (12.9-inch) by Apple [1 Pack] This fits the original AND 2017 models.
  • . WHAT IS TECH ARMOR BALLISTIC GLASS . Tech Armor Ballistic Glass Screen Protectors appear and really feel incredible. Expertise your iPad Pro Retina display the way it was intended. From scratches to higher effect drops get pleasure from maximum protection.
  • . HOW DOES TECH ARMOR BALLISTIC GLASS Perform . Tech Armor Ballistic Glass is the cost-effective way to defend your iPad Pro screen from scratches and drops. Only premium components and expert style go into this greatest in class solution.
  • . WHY Buy TECH ARMOR BALLISTIC GLASS . Tech Armor is THE trusted on the web resource for screen protection. If you only accept the Very best to safeguard your iPad Pro, look no further.
  • No Bubble, straightforward install, and perfect match, backed by Tech Armor No Hassle Lifetime Replacements. (PLEASE CONTINUE READING Below)

43 Responses to Infiland All-New Fire HD eight 2017/ Fire HD eight 2016 Case, Slim Lightweight Tri-fold Stand Cover For All-New Fire HD 8 (7th Gen, 2017 Release)/ Fire HD eight (6th Gen, 2016 release) 8″ Tablet, Fortunate Tree

  1. Christopher Poole says:

    I’m using a Tegra Note 7 and it works just fine, but yes Shannon, bigger (as in a PC screen) is better.

  2. F1shard says:

    For me screen brightness and anti glare screen covers are important. What tablets have the best screens for bright rooms and outdoor reading. I would love to have a color version of e ink like is used on devices like the amazon kindle. If someone ever designs such a device I would be all over it.

  3. Pisey Chan says:

    Mangarock is the best app for reading manga. 

  4. Justin Van Den Hurk says:

    I use my surface rt for reading cbrs, it’s pretty great, in my opinion and I got this on sale for $199!

  5. TomGreen 99 says:

    Best tablets for comedians?

  6. carlrhxphn says:

    I just started using my Surface pro 3 the screen size is perfect.  It just does not have a good comic book app.

  7. MrRoccoMarchegiano says:

    This didn’t help at all. Y’all only covered three viewing apps, all of which suck because you can’t change your library, and the apps lag during reading. Especially if you read quickly. Nothing you said had anything to do with how tablets handle the apps, and what tablets have the specs to keep up with those three over bearing apps. Comixology has sign in issues and lag, Kindle has no controls and lag, and Marvel is just Marvel…I mean are you shitting me, who the hell only wants marvel comics, not to mention how crashy all three are. ComiCat lets you change your library around making it instantly better than the crap you mentioned, and lags less because it’s got less shit like DRM bull to slow you down, and has all the bells and whistles. The tablet it’s self is secondary, if it’s got good specs you can be secure in knowing it’s your shit app fucking up not so much your tablet. These jerks trying to tell you, you need an Ipad air, Nexus, or Fire HD running Comixology, Kindle, or Marvel have obvious motives. Do you?….y’all shill fucks, do you need the most expensive and popular hardware running software from the biggest book sellers in the industry?  No, your experience with a 500 dollar tablet running Comixology, Kindle, and Marvel will be limited compared to someone running a Dragontouch and Comicat. All that extra can’t help the app access it’s DRM online bullshit any faster, and the support of those huge companies just means you are limited to the books you gave them money for. So if you bought a book from Image and wanted to read it on your Ipad using Comixology reader app the answer is no, but it again at Comixology, or Kindle, and Marvel is just marvel so to hell with you for having interest in another publisher. If you’ve an IPad with Marvel on it, I’d assume you were a groovy funky hip hot and happening hipster before I believed you actually read and admire the comics because what your rocking is only good at being marketed.

  8. Neojhun says:

    I wish PixelQi was further developed. Easily my favourite display ever for reading, i have a Notion Ink Adam, in colour modes it’s just like any average video tablet. But in B&W passive mode (needs good ambient light) the battery last for ages, it even works better in the sun. Wish there was better tablets & PixelQi tech.

  9. Matticus Barticus says:

    How about the Dragon Touch A1X 10.1" tablet for $100. You can go with the most expensive ones out there, but the question is asking for a single-purpose tablet. If price isn’t an issue, just get the most expensive and biggest IOS or Android tablet out there. I consider price as a factor of *best* combined with the ability to do the job.

  10. bettlach1 says:

    500 dollars is not a decent price for a tablet. I would never spend that much on something that is as big as some laptops. Not worth it!

  11. Sean Alan says:

    I’ve got the 7’" Kindle Fire HD and it’s just fine for comics.

    Also while watching this my comix app updated that was weird.

  12. SafePet Haven says:

    $500 for a gadget to read digital comic books? No wonder our country’s in the toilet; not about the waste of disposable income, it’s about not being productive — after the age of 8.

  13. GothicKittyMadness says:

    Why does she fucking say manga like that??? it makes me cringe!

  14. SuperChargers72 says:

    anyone have a suggestion for an ios app that reads .cbz and .cbr files? I’ve already digitized a large portion of my comic collection and have a reliable reader on my mac but the one on my ipad tends to crash frequently and that panel to panel feature on comixology is makin me jealous.

  15. Papyrus Senpai says:

    i have a samsung nook for reading my comics and another samsung tablet that was given to me a while back that i play games on. i mainly read them on my tablet because i dont like to bring my comics with me everywhere because i do keep them in sleeves because i collect them.

  16. Liquid Asset says:

    Nexus 7(2013) Just that

  17. capital gamer says:

    you can make an I pad air for $200 because that is how much it costs to build an I pad air so 60% cheaper and not made by not well paid employes

  18. littleripper312 says:

    I read on my nexus 5 which is 5inch and if you are reading panel to panel it’s fine.  I also read on my computer but a 10inch tablet would be ideal for me.

  19. Simon Richardson says:

    "Reading a book" does not need finger speech marks.

  20. Robert Jensen says:

    Barnes & Noble HD+ = cheap, hi-rez screen, expandable memory, and rootable if you so desire.

  21. JoyfullJuneBug says:

    Thanks going to be looking for a 10 inch tablet for my comics this Black Friday =)

  22. Michael Sammler says:

    What about digital dark horse? How do you not mention that?

  23. Darthspudjohal says:

    I’d honestly recommend a 7" tablet such as the Nexus 7. It’s much easier to read. The Marvel Unlimited app is such great value, but is built terribly. It feels like a coin toss every time you try to open an issue to see if it’ll actually open without crashing, sometimes the issues aren’t even there, and on the rare times you do get it open the text bubbles are either filled with &’s, shifted to the wrong place on the page or even blank. 

  24. TubbsTheCat says:

    I’m here looking for birthday stuff 😞

    My birthday is so close to Christmas, like JFC the pressure to choose something is real.

  25. BrysNightWorld says:

    Asus T100 with windows 8.1, and even the systems native image viewer. It is a really cheap tablet/netbook, and lets you read/view books and comics great. If you can download the pages themselves in a useable format like .jpeg, your experience will be perfect. You’ll find one easily for under 300$. 

  26. Lostsoulsnfocus says:

    To add a comment here, comicflow or yacreader on the iPad will be the best comic book reading app there is when you have to import your own comics if you want to buy comics then comiXology will be the best one to go with and nothing is a good as an iPad in the tablet market

  27. EddiePotatoes says:

    I have the Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro 8.4" and a Marvel Unlimited subscription. Reading comics on this thing has been fantastic. My issues are more with the Marvel Unlimited app.

  28. TapTapTech says:

    If reading in panel view, a 7 inch tablet is large enough. I personally read on my 5.7" Note 3 using Perfect Viewer tap and use hold to magnify shortcut to zoom in on a section (any apps that do panel view for side loaded comics?). Most high resolution comics can even/be read on such small screen unmagnified due to the high DPI. You can also set the zoom mode to "actual size" that looks great on comics that are larger than 1920 X 1080. Just swipe around the page to read them at their 1 to 1 pixel mapped size. It’s a pleasure. Humble Bundle are giving away the Walking Dead comics at the moment and they look amazing in Perfect Viewer.

  29. wienerschnitzel wienerschnitzel says:

    With digital comics and books you are loosing the feeling I’ll still go with the real comic book and not digital.

  30. Sebhitman model world says:

    A tablet for 400$ to read comics………. hey a single acer tab 100$ does the job lol thanks !

  31. NYC Camper says:

    The samsung galaxy pro 8.4 is great for comic books. The resolution is great.

  32. cobain0204 says:

    I hate to read comic books from my ipad, but sometimes is easy and fast if you forgot to buy a tie in issue, i use ComicFlow. And by the way, you dont know how to grab a comic book Pat, you almost destroyed that copy.

  33. bernedett rose says:

    Which tablet is good for reading ebooks?

  34. Jonét ジョネー says:

    I think any tablet, as long as it’s at least 8 inches, would be ideal for reading manga.

  35. Elitobandito says:

    I have the kindle fire and you can only sideload apps… you cannot just download the apps on kindle. Don’t buy a kindle…. useless.

  36. elrafaargentino says:

    The cheapest and greatest tablet to read comics it´s anyone with 10.1, 1920×1200 and 16:10 resolution. For 150 usd you can find great deals.

  37. Munk E. Punch says:

    this… was not helpful

  38. TheAnimeFaction says:

    Nexus 10 is by far the best tablet to read comics/manga. A 10"  tablet with 2560×1600 resolution means the pages are big and super crisp. I read tons of manga on my Nexus 10.

  39. TheMemoman says:

    I was really impressed by Patrick’s manicure. What a lovely shade of red.

  40. Ion-SHIVs says:

    iPad Air and ComicZeal works great for me.  I couldn’t imaging going back to reading paper comics again.  (Although I do still collect them.)

  41. John Doe says:

    Or you can just read any comic manga or graphic novel you want for FREE on several different websistes. Google it

  42. uutuber431 says:

    why is the dumb girl and apple fan girl?

  43. KyoshoBallard says:

    I got a cheap used Sanei N10. The stock OS rom on it is slow as hell, but I don’t care. I use it strictly for comic reading and it has an amazingly beautiful screen. I prefer the Komik app for .cbz and .cbr files.

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