iPad Pro 9.7 Case, YOUMAKER Full-body Heavy Duty Protective Case with Kickstand and Built-in Screen Protector for Apple iPad Pro 9.7 inch – Rose Gold/Gray

iPad Pro 9.7 Case, YOUMAKER Complete-body Heavy Duty Protective Case with Kickstand and Constructed-in Screen Protector for Apple iPad Pro 9.7 inch – Rose Gold/Gray

Product Description
-Fit Apple iPad Pro 9.7 inch (2016)inch

-Simple access to buttons, ports, cameras, and speakers

Premium Components:
-Produced of high-grade TPU and durable challenging polycarbonate

Design and style Functions:
-Loop Buffer Technology offers wonderful drop protection
-Dual-layer design and style features a TPU + Polycarbonate structure supplies protection against accidental drops, shock and bumps.
-Raised lip delivers protection against scratches for both front and back of device
Functional pop out kickstand makes it possible for simple access to watch shows, motion pictures, and play games even though on the go

What is in the box:
-1 x YOUMAKER case
-1 x user manual

Cost: $21.24

  • iPad Pro 9.7 Case, Compatible with Apple iPad Pro 9.7 inch (2016)
  • Precise cutouts for access to buttons, cameras, speakers, and ports
  • Dual-layer structure of premium shock-absorbing TPU and durable hard polycarbonate give protection against accidental drops, bumps and shock
  • Raised lip delivers protection against scratches for each front and back of device
  • Functional pop out kickstand permits simple access to watch shows, movies, and play games while on the go

5 Incredible iPad Pro Accessories You’ll Really like!

The New iPad Pro 10.five” is quickly, transportable and one of the best tablets you can purchase. Here are 5 accessories that I’m currently utilizing that I feel you are going to love. All of these accessories work with any iPad accept for the Logitech Slim Combo Case.

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iPad Pro 9.7 Case,Thankscase Rotating Case Cover for iPad Pro 9.7 with Wallet Pocket with Hand Strap with Auto Sleep / Wake for iPad Pro 9.7 (Rose Gold)

Solution Description
All in a single custom created for your precious Apple iPad Pro 9.7 inch (2016 Release). this case features a mixture of functionality and style with Beautiful Pattern.The premium high quality PU leather boosts a classy lookProfessional hand strap and wallet functionThe no-scratch Ultra-Soft interior adds comfort and an further layer of protection 360 degrees rotating swivel allows the tab to rotate each vertically and horizontally hassle-free stand positions for watching movie or typing access to all controls and functions.(Colors shown in photographs might slightly differ from actual product due to lighting and incholor settings),The item is sold exclusively by Thankscase.Only buy from Thankscase to get genuine Thankscase goods with manufacturer warranty.

Cost: $13.99

  • Give functionality and protection with the all in 1 design and style, folder wallet pocket style case.
  • Built-in Elastic Hand Strap for Secure Grip of the Case on the go.
  • 360 degrees rotating swivel allows the tablet to rotate both vertically and horizontally.
  • Built-in magnetic strip provides Sensible Cover (Auto Sleep/Wake) Function,very best cost with higher qualityslimlinelightweight.
  • The case is customized for the iPad Pro 9.7 ONLY , the case does NOT fit 2017 new iPad 9.7 and other iPad models .

50 Responses to iPad Pro 9.7 Case, YOUMAKER Full-body Heavy Duty Protective Case with Kickstand and Built-in Screen Protector for Apple iPad Pro 9.7 inch – Rose Gold/Gray

  1. R T says:

    good review, hands are distracting though

  2. Brandi Moku says:

    What iPad Pro memory size do you recommend for a university student?

  3. Julia L says:

    I kept hearing uni wonderboob for the UE Wonderboom

  4. Daniel R. says:

    Watching this on my 2nd gen (max spec) 12.9 iPad Pro. Got it with the Apple Smart Keyboard & Apple Pencil. Really loving this device, ordered a couple of good cases from Amazon since Apple doesn’t make a back cover for it for whatever reason (probably to push people to buy that ugly leather sleeve).

  5. Othelo Nino Pilos says:

    Where to find that case?

  6. Dylan McKenzie says:

    Nice intro bro

  7. Kevin Monsalve says:

    I love the first one 😲

  8. Shaarujon Vijayakumar says:

    Great video Matthew

  9. Dhintheman says:

    I would like a 10.5 iPad Pro, but they are just too expensive to justify..

  10. Jed Teng says:

    Im about to sub,until he drank coffee….

  11. crossusn says:

    I wish all reviews were this well made and thought out

  12. Trace Absence says:

    I bought the Logitech keyboard. I don’t know why you think it’s ugly. I think it’s a jewel to look at and type on. Nothing comes close to its backlit keyboard. What you forgot to mention is that when you cover the iPad, the keyboard and the arm rest never come in contact with the screen and the back is always protected. All this costs the same as Apple’s crappy, flimsy keyboard. Way to think it through, Logitech!

  13. TheBirdyGamer 45 says:

    What is funny, I’m watching this on my iPad pro and its got a Logitech case on !! 😂😂

  14. Cry of the Prophet says:

    AWESOME review of some great accessories! Just picked this ipad up and this video is HUGE in helping me!

  15. Ballinq_Hart says:

    What kind of Carmela do you use to fil also do you color grade your videos ?

  16. Pumpkiboo Art says:

    I clicked on the link for the AboveTEK Tablet Holder and it’s 154$????????????

  17. mr evergreen says:

    Honestly get a jbl flip 4 instead of the ue wonderboom. It sounds so much better. 100%.

  18. Rezza Ghazali says:

    I thought there were no Apple case for the 10.5 Ipad pro?

  19. David Bochmann says:

    Whats the Song @4:10?

  20. GothicKittyMadness says:

    what exactly was the point of watching you drink coffee as the intro? :/

  21. Kio Milenium says:

    I need your guidance mate, I used to have an iPhone 7 Plus but, I’ve been mugged. So I’m facing this dilemma, Should I buy another iPhone or an iPad Pro 12.9 gen 2 (price is almost the same) Taking onto account that I can only afford one. It will become my daily(only) driver. I’m almost always at home (I work at home) and almost never commute, so I’m perfectly ok with the fact of giving up the cellular comunication factor (I can get an affordable smartphone just for calls). My main concern is about the apps, (I have had all iPhones since the 5S, but I have never own an iPad of any kind) the apps I use the most are for fitness, jogging and counting steps (Argus tracker from Azumio, Human, Moves, Runtastic, Walkr (I totally love this one), walkathon, etc), so the big question is, In that regard, is an iPad the same that an iPhone? Will I be able to use it like so? I almost forget, The messaging apps, Can I use Messages, WhatsApp, Telegram, etc?
    I reckon this is alot to read, but I hope you will ease my worries. Thanks for been so nice.

  22. abdullah nadeem says:

    Matt any news on lenovo yoga 720?

  23. Jose Betancourt says:


  24. James Vincent says:

    where u get that t-shirt from Matt? I really like it

  25. Guy Fisher says:

    The Zagg Slim Book keyboard case was the best keyboard for the 9.7" model. I’m waiting for them to make that keyboard for the 10.5" model.

  26. Kanon Machray says:

    It’s funny because I was watching this with the same logi tech case with Apple Pencil slid at the top

  27. Hardware Software says:

    When did whatsupguys become the default YouTube greeting?

  28. Jeremy JMIAH Williamson says:

    HOW do those Lightning to SD card reader things work?! Ive seen them, but no shows how the iOS devices read or saves to it?! Do you have a tutorial for it?

  29. Sean O'Brien says:

    I like the stand, anything similar for iPad Pro 12.9 Version 1? Thank-you. Cheers.

  30. Mouad Bshesh says:

    yo is just me or do u sound exactly like Ryan from the office

  31. Lala Mabaso says:

    This guy spends a lot of Moniz on these accessories

  32. Arsenal125Foward says:

    I thought you can’t watch movies off of those external hard drives on an iOS device. Is their a specific app that it works with?

  33. Vince Dela Cruz says:

    Flash drive compatible with ios11?

  34. Frank Sparks says:

    “…and its made with real solid plastic.” —WOW!

  35. MEER DER IDEEN - Marco Kolditz says:

    This is not a live video. So what is the purpose of the (empty?) coffee mug?! o.O

  36. Rob J. says:

    Hi Matthew the AboveTEK Aluminum Tablet Holder in Canada on Amazon.ca sells for over $155 Canadian compared to the $35 US…WOW what a markup…geez!!!

  37. Luyang Wang says:

    the smart keyboard is actually the best thing you can get on iPad, 1st it is the lightest one you can get, 2nd it is splash proof, 3rd it looks and feels great. I don’t understand why people keep suggesting other brands

  38. Keg says:

    Can you yanks, especially you white yanks PLEASE PLEASE FUCKING PLEASE stop saying "What’s up"? It is seriously old…really really really really getting old. I’m a white bloke from Australia so I’m not being a racist ok. But can you guys please say something like… uh , I don’t know, HELLO..!!!!!

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    Autistic white boy listening to his music

  40. Sohail Sayyed says:

    cool review 😎😎Brother you the best..

  41. LUCASNWNHT says:

    They didn’t actually improve the Apple Pencil, they just upped the refresh rate of the screens so that they are closer to the fresh rate of the pencil.

  42. LeVance Tarver says:

    was he playing me. oizo?

  43. Lee Hamlet says:

    Classic youtube unnecessary drink of coffee. much relatable. Good video though!

  44. 谢卓魁 says:

    How to make ipad pro to be your second screen? This is fantastic!!Really love it!

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    awesome video !!!!

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    Thank you Mathew. I see three items I would use.

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    Jesus… how to live clumsy life? Buy all these accessories for your iPad and make your life worse

  49. Xingchen Hong says:

    Have you really used the logitech keyboard day to day and then would still recommend it? Did you not notice the horrible design flaw?

  50. BlitzerXz XD says:

    The speaker seems good but nothing beats my focal professional headset!

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