Kindle Fire HDX 7 evaluation: way much more than an ebook reader

Kindle Fire HDX 7 review: way a lot more than an ebook reader

David Pierce takes an hands-on appear at Amazon’s new Kindle Fire HDX. To find out a lot more, be certain to study the complete overview at the hyperlink beneath: More from The Verge:


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NuPro Clear Screen Protector for Amazon Fire HD eight Tablet (7th Generation – 2017 release) (two-Pack)

Item Description

Price tag: $12.99

  • Developed to safeguard and perfectly fit your Fire HD 8 (only compatible with 7th generation – 2017 release)
  • Provides protection against scratches, smudges and dirt
  • Simple bubble-resistant installation
  • Includes two screen protectors, cleaning cloth and applicator card

49 Responses to Kindle Fire HDX 7 evaluation: way much more than an ebook reader

  1. nadreog says:

    It Does now have Candy Crush and Netflix!!

  2. Tree Liner says:

    And mention side-loading for Pete’s sake

  3. Show Me That Riff says:

    I’d still prefer the nexus or the memo pad over this one

  4. Pinder Productions says:

    We get a Netflix app in the UK. LOL!

  5. KVN0007 says:

    wasn’t there already a grid view in the old kindle fire?

  6. MrYuryZ says:

    Thank you for this great performance review on this tablet! Could you please tell me a bit more about multi tasking aspect of this tablet. I am particularly interested in performance of both tasks such as skyping and watching youtube (or browsing the Internet for that matter) simultaneously? Thank you again anyway!

  7. Yellow_Flash says:

    no SD support that is the saddest part about this tablet . the Google play store can be downloaded from third-party programs/apps and works great.

  8. I don't know says:

    Is kindle fire 7 bigger than 7’7

  9. Danny Lopez says:

    Wonderful review 👌✌

  10. Daniel G. says:

    The thing is that, kindle fire of course has prime instant video which other android tablets lack! buuuuuuuuuuuuuut…. kindle fire lacks youtube which I heavily use. I have most of my music, books, and videos through amazon, but the fact that I cannot get all original android apps is quite depressive. What should I pick????????


    the 8,9 in one runs at 2.5 gigahertz

  12. Michael Wicke says:

    got the hdx for 99 euros on amazon black friday sale 😉

  13. Lord Pizza The Great says:

    This is the worst tablet I have ever owned, it freezes completely all the time, I can’t set a wallpaper, I can’t set a different launcher as default, the battery life is the worst I have ever seen. Even the LG Gpad 8.0 which I got for _free_ is better then this.

  14. Sitko Carpenter says:

    Netflix app is available for download! 🙂

  15. Fresh Gaming says:

    I’ve had my kindle fire HDX 7 for over a year and it still works perfectly. I have had it for almost 2 years and I’m used to it a lot. the buttons on the back are obviously easy lol. When I first got it u were right it was so confusing to find the back buttons. I love the tablet overall

  16. Chris Tollberg says:

    Candy Crush and Netflix can be found on their AppStore. I don’t know what he’s talking about.

  17. Tree Liner says:

    This guy has a know-it-all tone that made me cringe

  18. francis singh says:

    I got this for my older sister whose first gen kindle died. Shes a heavy book reader so this is perfect for her. With my Amazon prime membership, i added her onto the account so she could buy books and read them whenever she wants, plus she’s able to watchmovies on there

  19. paul taylor says:

    They are ok but the keyboard is dreadful , and the text predictor goes nuts and won’t let you put down what you want and changes words you want that are ok and still spelt right , nightmare

  20. FGCyang says:

    What’s the best youtube app for it ? For uploads and making playlist? I’ve tried side loading it but will not let me sign in only search and view.

  21. Chris Cruz says:

    No Playstore??? No thank you !!

  22. Alex Hernandez says:

    Lol she controlling your tablet

  23. garzabeans says:

    was that the bones of what you believe I saw?

  24. Show Me That Riff says:

    This guy does amazing reviews.

  25. Niamh Daly says:

    On the amazon appstore can you install instagram , snap chat , oovoo ect ( in the year 2015) please can some one tell me thanks xx

  26. last legal drug says:

    um… yeah there is netflix dude

  27. RAOM RAOM says:

    Can I use the HDX with iPhoto on my mac?

  28. Slagtic says:

    Google or Amazon? I pick both. Root the HDX and instantly one of the best tablets around.

  29. Jocie hmlover says:

    I got this yesterday and I love it! It’s really cool, but there’s a problem. Auto correct!

  30. Aggro graphics says:

    Thanks Carl

  31. Andy S says:

    What about Canadian content?  I’ve heard that it’s a nightmare to try to get things in Canada since a lot of content isn’t available here.  Anyone have any comments?
     +the verge

  32. PRANK NATION says:

    The new dominos is not faster than ever.

  33. R4PID GO4LZ says:

    I have an ipad mini and had the last model of kindle fire not sur if i should get one r not

  34. 1213wright says:

    It does has Netflix and candy crush 

  35. Keith go packers Boror says:

    its $159 right now thinking about getting it. 

  36. Steve2of3 says:

    is this a kindle review or a friggin nexus commercial?

  37. MrCheesetoad says:

    if you pay attention to where the camera is, you shouldn’t get your buttons mixed up.. just saying.

  38. Katah1969 says:

    You have to be a moron if you have trouble knowing where the on/off button and volume buttons are on this tablet regardless of if it is right side up or upside down.  Your review lost me at this point.  If you are unable to successfully navigate 2 buttons on the back, how are you going to be able to do more advanced feature reviews when the basics elude you?

  39. Isreal4realz says:

    fuck it. buy both.

  40. Space Nerd says:

    I’m asking this for Christmas and looking at the reviews. Although the kindle may lack some apps, I mostly just want the tablet for Amazon Prime and the books ^w^ Great Review!

  41. Chris lee says:

    I purchased the Kindle HDX because of the speech to text feature, and was pleasantly surprised at how well it worked Amazing screen, very fast operating system, and how can you go wrong with an amazon product Much cheaper than an iPad and just as good.

  42. Nashid Siraj says:

    The Verge it is a awesome review

  43. HeyItsAsmus says:

    aptoide = problem solved

  44. RC-NitroKid says:

    what is the iso

  45. Emma says:

    TALK SLOWER D:       🙁

  46. Hussein Yusuf says:

    Honest review thanks man 

  47. TheBest455 says:

    Just get a nexus 7 or an iPad mini. Kindle fires have a lack of apps.

  48. Porwmeno Patriotaki says:

    what software has????
    has free apps????upgraded?????
    in Greece will work?????

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