Kindle Manga Assessment – Very best Manga eReader?

Kindle Manga Review – Ideal Manga eReader?

This video shows how manga works on Kindle ereaders, which includes the new manga characteristics added with the last five.8.9 update. All current Kindles have the exact same computer software so it really is the exact same with all of them, back through the Paperwhite 2. I also compare manga features with the 7.eight-inch Kobo Aura One.

More info:

Totally free Manga in Video:

Kobo Manga and Comics Evaluation: particular-comics-and-manga-evaluation-video/

10 Responses to Kindle Manga Assessment – Very best Manga eReader?

  1. Main 1 says:

    I wish there was a 7inch kindle with blue tooth for audio for paperwhite. That be my next buy

  2. jTempVids says:


  3. Masterpg2007 says:

    I wish they kept updating the Kobo Glo, I have one for like 4 years and now it started to have some random crashes but still works fine most of the time, when it breaks I probably will get the Kindle and the manga feature would be one of the reasons.

  4. LORE FLORES says:


  5. Jay Vansickle says:

    there’s a reason kindle is the leading ereader. if they came out with a larger screen at a reasonable price….there’d be no stopping them.

  6. ahmed wahid says:

    goodreads isn’t shown in my kindle paperwhite 2!???

  7. Barath Kumar says:

    kobo aura one is much better i guess

  8. Bao Lien Quan CHANEL says:

    come to there because I saw Attack on tita

  9. Péter Menyhárt says:

    I read manga on 6". It sucked. New and super clear releases might work but try something like Gintama and you will experience hell. Now I rock an Onyx i86 8" e-reader and I think it is the optimal size between portability and viewing area.
    It’s a shame that companies not making any progress. Give me a random ~100€ entry level quadcore tablet interior and slap a 8-10" e-ink panel on it. Price tag could go up to 300€. Sold. Done.

  10. shokrix says:

    thank for your detailed video.
    can i put my PDFs inside? does it feature sd card slot?

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