Kobo Aura A single: The Very best Kindle Option

Kobo Aura A single: The Greatest Kindle Alternative

Amazon’s Kindle may dominate the e-reader space, but it is not the only alternative out there. The Kobo Aura One particular packs a 7.eight-inch display and water resistance, two things no existing Kindle can supply – and it comes with some fairly cool conveniences to boot. Is that enough to overcome Kobo’s challenges in pricing and ecosystem? Watch the MrMobile Kobo Aura One particular Review to locate out!




MrMobile’s Kobo Aura One review was created right after seven days with a Kobo Aura A single assessment device on loan from Kobo.


Kobo Aura One particular:
Kobo Aura ONE

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udoq Docking Station 400:


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49 Responses to Kobo Aura A single: The Very best Kindle Option

  1. Arafat Khan says:

    awesome timing…I really need to buy a kindle or something like..

  2. Jack Sparrow says:

    amazon should make bigger kindle. 6 inch is just too tiny

  3. magicspells says:

    seems good, but that frame rate is killing me.

  4. Zac O'Keeffe16 says:

    Is that the power button on the back?

  5. Stefano Melis says:

    I so badly want to find an Android e-reader, I cannnot stand these proprietary environments with their closed drm formats. Unfortunately all reviews I come across don’t seem to paint a pretty picture.

  6. Maxim Jonson says:

    That thing is sooo slow. Looks like a car infotaiment system

  7. Demetre Saghliani says:

    How many waterproof e-readers exist, all in all? I just wanna take mine into bathroom when I "shower" (quotation marks because they last for 1.5 hours, usually).

  8. DynamoTightstar says:

    That interface is so sluggish though!

  9. NovaDoll says:

    kindle doesn’t support epub so its not even a choice for me.

  10. Yomka Hassan says:

    Instead of giving 200 pounds for this thing i would prefer to get Ipad Air 2 and read books on higher resolution.Plus i can do much more with Ipad…

  11. Chalk Teacher says:

    I always wanted an e-reader, but ended getting an android tablet because it just does more. Sadly reading on it is a nightmare. I can’t look at it for a whole hour straight.
    Considering now I have a much better and bigger phone than my previous one, I think it’s time for me to ditch the tablet and maaaaybe get an e-reader.

  12. John Hixson says:

    Can I read Barnes and Noble books? I realize there are different formats. Don’t want to side load

  13. Verity Smart says:

    I wanna know how easy it is for me to load existing book files I already own onto this device. I had planned on getting a Kindle until I found out your locked into Amazon.

  14. celso costa says:

    Im drunk 😂

  15. Harry Tasker says:

    thanks for the review. I’ve got a huge e-book library (pdf and djvu files). Is it easy to download them to the e-book from the PC and convert (if I need to))?

  16. SbI29 says:

    All I really want out of an e-ink e-reader is Android. That’s why I still exclusively use my Simple Touch Nook with Glowlight. The only other things I read books on are either a Palm m125 or Sony Clie SL10

  17. Muthuvignesh Meenakshisundaram says:

    You should get some Blue Light Filtering Glasses

  18. Kevin Arnold says:

    Fischer, checkout the yotaphone2, it’s a dual display phone from Russia. The display at the back is an e-ink display that comes paired with a touch screen too, so I think that’d be a better device

  19. johnmonk66 says:

    4 hours? that is ‘big’ battery life? kindle does everything it does but has a lot more books, and kindle costs a third as much. this was brought out by independent booksellers who didnt want to sell books cheaper on amazon, so every book costs more.
    in other words a failure

  20. pa modou Sawaneh says:

    Love this alternative ebook

  21. No Man's Sky Exploration says:

    Question is the memory partitioned for there store content like the Barnes & Noble Nook GlowLight Plus. Or do you have free access to all the memory for content you already have.

  22. Silencer102 says:

    I have an Kobo Aura. And i love it. ok i have to say, i am an Professional PC User. It means i dont need some shops like Amazon or Kobo Store. I know i can get all books from "dark net". I never spend money for a book. And i have to say, i have around 120 GB of epubs. If you know a epub file has not more than 1 MB space… like Harry Potter 1-7 dont need more than 4MB, now u can calculate how many books it means… There is not enough Lifetime to read all books i have. On Holiday, i always have my Kobo in my bag. It is small, it is light. And i have always my "favorite 10.000 Books" inside. And maybe (realy?) if it isnt enough, i have some micro SD cards with all other in a realy small box. Place it into the Kobo and you have thausend or millions more books on every single sd card. The ONLY thing is i dont like, it is only monocolor. and you cant write on it. There are some others new devices you can do like Sony DPT-S1. This one could realy change everything. The main word is "paperless workplace". Me as an IT System Administrator has to do so many differnt things on the same time. Do an new acount for a new Company Member, answer the phone, check the Company systems and Networks. So i always need do some notes. i Need so many Paper for that. OK sometime i use my Boogie board sync. But it is NOT good at all.

  23. Heidi S says:

    I finally found a local store that sells Kobo.  I am thinking about buying one. I can not make up my mind if I want to wait for Nook and Kindle to come up with a larger screen  or dive in and get a Kobo.

  24. Nat Ka says:

    Hi! Does it have read aloud feature?

  25. Rickey Olvera says:

    Great review, always focused on functionality and user experience!

  26. Amanda Robinson says:

    I have the Auro One and bought it purely because of the screen size. It’s about the same size as a ‘real’ paperback book. Obviously it has the usual benefits over the ipad/tablet reading experience and it is definitely waterproof as I’ve dropped it in the bath more than once. Perhaps Kindle has a bigger library, but it hasn’t been a problem for me so far.

    10/10 for me personally

  27. Best Italian Cube Channel says:

    For me the best e-reader! I use it for books, but also for comic books, pdfs etc 🙂

  28. Samuel Williams says:

    You are one of my favorite YouTubers Mr.Fisher! Keep it up!!!👏

  29. Lukas Doppler says:

    Their pdf support is HORRIBLE though.

  30. natsidrukdruk says:

    With that price, so many issues with battery and having freez problems all the time it’s just not worth it. Kindle is way better, the only problem with kindle is that is small

  31. David Ho says:

    what tablet is michael reading near the intro, is it the first ipad? 🙂

  32. Plutot Crever says:

    "ereaders typically measure battery life in weeks instead of hours"
    "total of 4.4 hours of reading"

  33. jilloora says:

    Anyone have an e-reader they recommend with physical page turn buttons? I know one of the kindles has it, but I believe they are capacitive, not physical.

  34. Deneb ien says:

    *whispers*how about the dmrc? Can I open ebooks that I already have the file of?

  35. ThejewelCraft0100 says:

    Starfleet Insignia on everything! That’s me with flux capacitors.

  36. Jennifer Bunt says:

    Thanks for posting this review! I have the Kobo Glo and the Kobo Aura H2O, but wanted details on the Aura One. As to your mention of book availability through Kobo vs Amazon, I will say that I do purchase Amazon’s digital books if the book is not available at Kobo and I do load those books to my Kobo readers. You just have to know how. I find I must go to Amazon for a specific book 1 out of 50 purchases and I find some authors do not publish on Kobo only because they haven’t been asked to.

  37. P.B. Plaisir says:

    "it uses no batter power at all.. unless you’re turning a page"… uuuum, no, said physics.

  38. Kaycee Bishop says:

    Kobo price matches books from other places plus give 10% off on top of that 🙂

  39. Petko Kirilov says:

    Could one just download any e-book or PDF and put it on there? Is there anything like copyrights which would make my (pirate) books incomparable?

  40. João Solimeo says:

    Very good review. For me the greatest advantage of a Kobo device is that it reads epub books natively (in Kindle you have to convert to "mobi" or something).

  41. Tabat Surya Śivá says:

    Hi, how are you. Cool channel. What can you tell me about your ring? Thanks.

  42. BrassBroadcastChannel says:

    Nice review, you featured all the pros and cons. I also got one a couple of month ago. The big screen really does matter. Only thing is that lately there are some issues with Calibre on Windows. Windows keeps giving blue screen of death!

  43. Bella Riley says:

    Nice review EXCEPT you’re kinda wrong about a lot: Sideloading books is trivial with Calibre and plugins so Amazon is an equal alternative to Kobo for buying books. Plus, Canada’s dollar is depressed (big-time) so if you order the KA1 from Canada, you’ll probably save a whole lot (25 – 40% in US dollars but it depends upon the current fluctuation). My order from Chapters to America arrived in 5 business days; about the same time that a non-Prime order would take from Amazon.

  44. jovica150 says:

    Honestly this is an awful awful product. A week after buying it it became all wonky kept freezing like the majority of complaints on the internet about said product. In the end it just froze with the screen stuck on a single page and was pretty much unfixable Could not reset or do anything to it, not to mention poor battery life and awful software in general.

  45. Ioseb Buchashvili says:

    Just name this video a ”Kobo Aura One Commercial”

  46. Professor Scot says:

    The major benefits of this device is that it is NOT a e-reader with a postage stamp sized screen. Did you notice while reading it that you did not need to turn the pages as quickly. Sometimes in reading the 6" displays, my train of thought is constantly being tested as I have to swipe or tap the page to turn it. In addition, I don’t buy from Amazon, but from Google. Then use Calibre to upload a book onto any e-reader. So thanks for the review. I agree e-readers are so much easier on the eyes. I comprehend more and can read more deeply because it reduces the energy required to actually see the words.

  47. Glen T says:

    Interesting review. I bought an ereader so I could read without the normal email/social media notifications you get on a phone/tablet…

    I have the Glo HD, I chose this over the Kindle because I’ve found that Kobo has a bigger library and is also cheaper than Kindle. I must point out that I also have Kobo VIP membership, but at £6pa ($9?) this equates to an extra 10% discount on all books purchased – but they’re often already cheaper than Kindle books – so a double discount in most cases!

  48. Ernest Jay says:

    but it’s $229, meanwhile regular tablet are around $100 for low end model, since E-book reading doesn’t need a super high-speed CPU like snapdragon, low-end tablet already enough for reading.

  49. SOUL Man says:

    It’s not a kindle ‘alternative’. It’s a winner in everywhich way over kindle, except Dl-ing kindle book.

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