Lenovo Tab four, 8″ Android Tablet, Quad-Core Processor, 1.4GHz, 16GB Storage, Slate Black, ZA2B0009US

Lenovo Tab 4, 8″ Android Tablet, Quad-Core Processor, 1.4GHz, 16GB Storage, Slate Black, ZA2B0009US

Solution Description
No matter whether it is for homework, on the web shopping, or a screen-time treat, the Tab four 8 is ideal for the complete family members. Stylish however rugged, this smooth-performing tablet has a vibrant 8” show, enhanced audio, and long battery life. Everyone can have their personal account and there are optional add-ons aimed especially for the younger ones.

Cost: $127.99

  • THEATER-LIKE MULTIMEDIA: 8-inch tablet has a brilliant HD show with booming Dolby Atmos Audio and built-in dual-stereo front-facing speakers excellent for binge-watching Tv and films on-the-go
  • TABLET FOR Youngsters: Transform to a children tablet with Lenovo Kid’s Pack, like a shock-resistant bumper, blue-light screen filter and entertaining stickers household sharing is now a breeze
  • MULTI-ACCOUNT: At less than two lbs, it’s the initial tablet to hide several tablets in one particular with multi-user and multi-space functionality
  • High Performance ANDROID TABLET: Wifi tablet has a 64-bit Quad-core Snapdragon processor of up to 1.4 GHz, 2GB of RAM, plus an epic 20 hour battery life for seamless efficiency on any day-to-day tasks
  • BOX Contains: Lenovo Tablet Tab four 8, Charger, Micro USB, Security/Warranty Guide, Fast-Begin Guide excellent tablet for little ones or play

Can a $50 Android Tablet Be Any Good?

We tackle the question – can a $50 Android tablet satisfy your needs? Or should you invest far more?

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NeuTab 7 inch Quad Core Google Android five. Lollipop Tablet Pc 1GB RAM 8GB Nand Flash wide View IPS 1024×600 HD Display Bluetooth 4., Slim Metal Style, 1 Year US Warranty FCC Certified

Item Description
NeuTab Air 7 – Brilliant display

The NeuTab Air 7 tablet is equipped with a vibrant 7” HD IPS display that keeps the picture sharp from virtually any angle, perfect of reading, playing games, browsing the internet, or watching motion pictures.

Quick launching and loading

Built in MediaTek quad core processor at 1.three GHz frequency, combined with 1GB RAM, enables more quickly app launching occasions, quicker web site loading occasions, and smoother multi-tasking.

Sensible meets style

With its premium build and detailed metal case, the NeuTab Air 7 is created to impress. The elegant tablet fits comfortably in your hand and comes equipped with dual cameras and microSD card slot to capture and share as you please.

Guaranteed satisfaction

US based customer service, technical assistance and 1 year restricted manufacturer defect warranty guarantee one hundred% satisfaction. Long-term commitment from NeuTab!


  • Google Android five. Lollipop Method
  • 7. inch 1024×600 HD resolution with wide viewing angle IPS screen
  • four x 1.3 GHz MTK Quad Core CPU
  • 8 GB Storage,1 GB DDR3 RAM
  • Bluetooth, GPS
  • Wireless N(802.11b/g/n)
  • G-sensor

What is in the Box:

  • NeuTab Air 7 Tablet
  • AC Adapter
  • USB Connection Cable
  • User Manual

Price: $62.99

  • Ultimate multimedia knowledge: Featuring a steady MTK Quad Core CPU and 1GB RAM, NeuTab new model Air 7 ensures an impressive smooth gaming and ultimate multimedia experience.
  • Beautiful Show: Ideal for watching HD movies, playing games, browsing the net, or reading and you knowledge wealthy graphics, vibrant colors, and crisp text, all in this 7 inch 178 degree viewing IPS screen.
  • Remain connected and productive: Constructed-in Wi-Fi (802.11 a/b/g/n) enables for Ultra-quick web browsing and emails. Exclusive power-saving style enables extended battery life. Use up to eight hours on a full battery charge.
  • Elegant Design: 7 inch soild feeling metal casting back, clean and straightforward design and style fits completely in 1 hand and ready for action. White-Silver colour and smooth finish appears beautiful.
  • Neighborhood supported customer service: NeuTab offers 1 year manufacturer defect warranty. Also our US-based nearby consumer service and tech support guarantees quick response to your inquiries through e mail and local phone get in touch with. Feel free of charge to contact us anytime a query pops up in your head, we are usually right here to assist.

49 Responses to Lenovo Tab four, 8″ Android Tablet, Quad-Core Processor, 1.4GHz, 16GB Storage, Slate Black, ZA2B0009US

  1. Daniel Litton says:

    Cool review. Interesting and different.

  2. YoungAji says:

    Its pointless.

  3. Julian Meehan says:

    Did he say 20 MP camera, or 2?

  4. EthericWings says:

    waste of money

  5. Joaquin Romero says:

    seems. you’re an anghl. macho chickens what do you think, guys..2 !

  6. Lava dude 75 says:

    Root that tablet upgrade the software

  7. MrMustache says:

    1:55 Where did you get this toy?

  8. Arkain says:

    Why not just buy a used nexus 7 (2013)? It is a great tablet with good hardware (still pretty decent by todays standard) and has aged amazingly (had one since 2013). You can get a used one for around 60 bucks.

  9. ELECTROHAXZ says:

    OMG 512 GB OF RAM!!!

  10. Sofa Antics says:

    Great for slaying the dragon…don’t want to ruin an iPad pro with goo-law do we?

  11. Ye Thiha Tun says:

    I used one just like that few years back. Good for reading books and manga. May be some movies but web browsing is rather painful. I kept it on a very light weight launcher, keyboard and browser. The UI lags are unbearable.

  12. Colton Mandell says:

    Why not check out the kindle fire $50 dollar tablet instead a piece of garbage named dragon fire. The 512mb of ram should be a giveaway that the tablet is terrible. At least with the fire HD you would get 1gb of ram and amazons quality control. I know fireos is a forked version of Android, but it’s still technically android and can have a different rom installed

  13. Joseph Hammond says:

    animated picture frame

  14. hl2master says:

    The $50 Fire can be a fulle fledged Android tablet with Google Play Services.

  15. Harry Wheelwright says:

    There are a few good uses for this tablet, especially due to its low price, however for another £50 (or dollars) you could pick up a 16Gb Nexus 7 2013, which is miles better. FHD screen, modern processor, 2Gb of RAM etc. A beast of a budget tablet.

  16. Kunal Bhat says:

    why not just buy a kindle hd 5 and install a custom rom on (dont say everyone isnt a tech savvy, coz i think anyone watching this channel must be one)

  17. Akash Goswami says:

    Meanwhile in India we are getting a smartphone with quad core processor, 1gb ram, 5.1 lollipop at a price of 4$ !

  18. David Carrera says:

    Id get this to use it for a "smart" mirror. Wouldn’t buy it otherwise

  19. Zach Martinez says:

    great for kids on the car or to keep kids entertained visiting or in a waiting room

  20. Cleve Bissoon says:

    My iPad 2 64gb will last 100years longer than that android piece of technology. So yeah its a waste of cash. Cheap android tech…


    It’s a waste of money. There are many cheap android tablets out there that actually do well.

  22. Yash Mangalick says:

    amazon fire tablet for $50 is much better

  23. samitha sheshan says:

    its a paperweight

  24. Michael DelPapa says:

    would be interesting if a micro usb endoscope would hook up to it so i could have a back up display.

  25. Audiology says:

    1024×600? nah. min 1280×800 and I might consider picking 1 up.

  26. PC Trailer says:

    surftabs wintron 7 from trekstor crush this tablet for extra few bucks (no more than 10)

  27. masterjumpstyler1 says:

    I know that 512MB RAM is for me to low, 1GB is good. But the audio output is mostly modest, there no clean highs, bass…

  28. TechBaron, Cameras and more! says:

    i really like that tablet……they reused the all winner A13 case and seriously improved everything even the screen and new mainboard…sweet punch for price if u ask the Tech baron!

  29. ihave7sacks says:

    This is what young kids should be given, not ipads or samsung note tabs

  30. England is My city says:

    i will use it as a door stop

  31. Lyric Video's says:

    this is what i hate about budget tablets: you get a quad core cpu! nice speed and nice android version you get normal ram and storage but a 1024×600 and for youtube i dont think its enough by todays resolutions i expect at least a 720p screen and yeah i would pay 25$ more for that… same is with laptops.. writing this on my macbook air 13" (1440×900) but thats still nice to watch youtube on since its >720p

  32. chris council says:

    um 512gb/:?

  33. Argenis says:

    Can it run Arkham Knight 150 fps?

  34. Josh Mandaglio says:

    The Amazon Fire tablet has 1gb of ram and a quad core processor but that’s None of my business

  35. Matavor says:

    I would use this as some sort of a small dlna media server

  36. HardLuckNation says:

    I can’t stand the design, the majority of these cheap tablets all use that same exact plastic housing for the tablet.

  37. Joshua Smallwood says:

    Congrats on your kid man

  38. TechKitten 360+ says:

    Just buy the $40 RCA Mercury, or the $70 RCA Voyager Pro, the latter of which comes with Android 5.1 and a keyboard.

  39. Christian Whelan says:

    I was looking to get a tablet and use it for university work like reading so I picked up the Amazon Fire tablet on Black Friday for £35 and I am really impressed by it. I haven’t paid to remove ads because they aren’t intrusive. I have Amazon prime so the custom os works for me. The only downside is the lack of Google Play.

    I basically use the tablet for consuming and reading PDFs and I can’t see myself not using a laptop for most of my work. I cannot ever see myself buying an iPad or high end android tablet. For £50 you can get everything you want if it’s purely for entertainment purposes. Would thoroughly recommend.

  40. Nathaniel Komei Ostrander says:

    I slapped some magnetic strips on the back of one of these and hung it on my fridge. It serves as a digital calendar for the entire family

  41. DynamoTightstar says:

    I just got a Lenovo Tab2 A8-50 for £50 brand new and it’s the bollocks bruv.

  42. Megastarman3 says:

    rca voyager 7 tablets have 1 gig of RAM and a quad-core cpu.
    they cost 30 dollars and are WAY better than that tablet. I have one and I never experienced any problems with it.

  43. Funanimation Evan says:

    if you download wish on your phone you can order it for 30 dollars only 10 dollars for shipping it’s good I bought one AMAZING 😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😍😍😍😄

  44. SpeakingDonkey says:

    Does it have the google playstore

  45. Zack Schmiesing says:

    You could just buy the Amazon Fire for the same price.

  46. Bally says:

    Have u ever thought of trying the Hudl 2 from Tesco over here in the UK? For the price it’s surprisingly good.

  47. Midan says:

    Perfect for reading comic books since a standard kindle isn’t good for that.

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