Microsoft Surface Pro (2017) hands-on – NEW!

Microsoft Surface Pro (2017) hands-on – NEW!

Here’s the new Surface Pro. Microsoft took the category it designed and pushed it a step additional by bringing up to 13.five hours of battery life and a lighter, far more refined design and style. Surface Pro has a vibrant 12.three-inch PixelSense touch display that supports the new Surface Pen and Surface Dial both on- and off-screen.

Pricing: Starts at $799 on June 15 in 26 nations.

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BRAND NEW Microsoft Surface Pro 4, 12.3" 128GB Intel Core m3, Silver, FML-00001
End Date: Sunday Aug-20-2017 9:23:27 PDT
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49 Responses to Microsoft Surface Pro (2017) hands-on – NEW!

  1. iNFiNiiTY says:

    Wait so you say that there are 4 different colored keyboards but on Microsoft’s website I can only see 3?

  2. Bakphoon says:

    I’m going to play Don’t Starve and draw on it ^_^

  3. Surface Guy says:

    Did you notice the obvious backlight bleed on the bottom edge of the screen on the CTRL+ALT+DEL screen? is no one covering this display defect and letting Microsoft get away with it?

  4. Sreejit Ghosh says:

    intro music copied from alpham channel

  5. Cosimo Marraffa says:


  6. Khogn TM says:

    Still no support for external GPU, which is the new big thing for laptops. And since there is no update on connectors whatsoever here, the new Surface Pro is sadly already just as obsolete as my beloved SP4. Disappointing.

  7. 1.123 says:

    wasn’t there a fingerprint scanning scene in the teaser? where is this sensor? and why does no "hands on"-tech talks about this?

  8. Manoj Kumar says:

    giveaway a surface studio , surface book or surface pro internationally

  9. Faizan Ullah says:

    This is true love 😍

  10. Valerie Huber says:

    Spouse address rapid rest sign.

  11. Juan Andrés says:

    No thunderbolt and no included pen (on top of the never included type cover). Nope.

  12. Joseph Mcqueen says:

    Guys should I take this or the Samsun galaxy book ? I want something more under 800 , but with stylus and keyboard it would be more , I mean galaxy book 10’6 is good right ?

  13. John Doe says:

    A lot of people like me are watching a surface review for the first time, they dont know how the previous versions were. Your video is all about compared this to previous gen and not as a product itself.

  14. Lilian says:

    Who the heck uses the back camera?

  15. Beknazar Mamytbekov says:

    where I can find with LTE support surface? pls help me)

  16. Andrew J. says:

    Looks great. I wonder is battery life is actually usable now… on Pro 4 they promised 8-9 hours and yet mine never lasts even 3 hours of actual work. Also lack of USB-C is extremely disappointing.

  17. Jose Moanińho says:

    can you use this as easily on the lap as a regular laptop

  18. Nishant Sharma says:

    I have a question, is it the pen that comes with better pressure sensitivity or the device? because I would like to upgrade my surface book’s pen with a better one.

  19. Jason Cap says:

    hi guys, im thinking about getting this product but i dont know good it is. So can anyone give me some advice about your Surface Pro ? Like… is this good enough for you, or is it good performance , or how long its gonna last with you? is it better than ipad pro 12 inches ?… something like that. Many thanks guys.

  20. lysol5555 says:

    Apple would market this as Surface Pro5, take away all the ports, then add $500 to the price tag.

  21. Pooja Rani says:

    my teacher has that

  22. Joe Blo says:

    Awesome !!!

  23. iPlayCOD says:

    Id appreciate if it had an sd card slot and a USB-C. Now I think I’m gonna go for the Razer Blade

  24. Lolo says:

    I made the mistake to buy a SP4 when it launched. Now it has hardware issues and Microsoft isn’t addressing them. 223 people and rising with the same problem. Be careful!

  25. overzeniths says:

    Does the keyboard has a Bluetooth connection?.
    So we are able to continue typing when the keyboard is detached

  26. mukkaar says:

    I think I found my laptop/tablet. I already have a beefy computer for gaming and gaming in laptop just sucks. This could work really well for studying, productivity and just general stuff. Especially taking the notes with pen would be great. So much easier to sort them out.

  27. Eirik Faber says:

    huge bezel? no spankuverymuch.

  28. reza ebrahimi says:

    this is very good but every money need for buy it.

  29. Badrudduja Khan says:

    what about 13.5 hours battery life review? is this running 13.5 hours with video playback?

  30. Jay Y says:

    Great review Daniel. It’s cemented my plan to get the i7 model with pen.

  31. GIUSEPPE ADAMO says:

    Device old and incomplete as pro 4.

  32. Sunrise King says:

    Usb c is still not popular yet guys, stop complaining

  33. Scott Haselbery says:

    surface pro had the WORST pen experience amongst all with their horrible Ntrig. Has anything changed?

  34. Ali-W7 Ananza says:

    fuk u Microsoft no thunderbolt 3 port then I’ll go buy a Razer blade fucking idiots it would have been perfect if it just had that thunderbolt 3 port … -.- the no external GPU dock support is a the only reason I still haven’t gotten one >.< and my other people’s reason also

  35. Snow Bezera says:

    Does the new surface pen work with the Surface Book? Like do you get the added tilt, pressure and such?

  36. Josiah Vaomu says:

    My Highschool Requires this, here in Seattle this aint anything😕

  37. ever6 says:

    can you put a Kengsington lock on the new surface pro?

  38. 霜夜 彬 says:

    I don’t know much about the technical details of computers nor have I owned the previous generations. I am looking at this new product and I am wondering it is good for me. I will be using it mainly for school, drawing, editing photos, listening to music and watching Youtube videos.

  39. Elliot Wong says:

    I’m watching it on the new iPad Pro 10.5…..

  40. Patrick Khwela says:

    Such a beautiful machine, I love it so much!

  41. Oky _29 says:

    if you like this device and want to have it, this is the giveaway for you

  42. Dan L says:

    lol. "perfected"…. no hdmi, no thunderbolt/usb c, unbundled keyboard and pen.

  43. Netcruzer RC TECH CARS says:

    Everyone has complained for years that the keyboard should be included, and instead of listening to users they go and make the PEN not included too. Sigh. Oooh the price is lower! Not when you have to buy a $200 keyboard and $100 pen.

  44. grandthestauto says:

    What’s with Alpha M’s intro music?

  45. Wombats says:

    Surface is the only genius laptop not currently burning my lap or being too hot to handle

  46. 赤木秀一 says:

    after ten years of using Mac, I am seriously considering my next laptop to be surface pro or surface book. Im not a fan of any company, but I just thought the mac os was easy to use and the design of macs are better. But not anymore. Apple sucks, and become sucker and sucker. I can tolerant it, until it released a 300$ album for it’s products photos.

  47. RAVI VERMA says:


  48. Eva AM says:

    Wait how is this JUST 799$ while a MacBook is like 2000$???

  49. John Hollander says:

    unpopular opinion… USB-C missing wasn’t the end of the world.
    Need to connect to an external display? a display port dongle costs just as much as a type C one. Nobody has a USB-C flash drive that I know, and I have enough 16gb drives lying around my house that I’m quite comfortable sticking with them for a while. I don’t need a $500 graphics enclosure, I use cloud storage, type A 3.1 still provides fast data transfers.
    And I don’t WANT my laptop to charge through Type C until it can be made magnetic! I study in a library where people trip over power cords all the time. Magnetic chargers like MagSafe and Surface Connect have a very useful advantage- when someone trips over them, they break off rather than drag your computer off the table for an expensive crash landing. I know Belkin has an adapter of some kind- but again it’s another $50 I would rather not pay.
    in summation, I’m content to stick with boring old Type A until they get -C right. And so far, despite some exciting new capabilities, it ain’t!
    tl;dr- could they have put one? yes. am I broke up about it? no, not really, because I don’t have a shit ton of -C gear lying around and I’m not itching to buy!

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