New Barnes & Noble Nook “Basic Touch”: Overview (Nook vs Kindle)

New Barnes & Noble Nook “Straightforward Touch”: Evaluation (Nook vs Kindle)

The new Touch-primarily based Nook is simpler, lighter, and less costly than the 1st Nook. So how does it compare to the old Nook and the newest Kindle?

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Tech Specs:

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End Date: Sunday Jul-2-2017 10:12:18 PDT
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50 Responses to New Barnes & Noble Nook “Basic Touch”: Overview (Nook vs Kindle)

  1. Cinnamon Green says:

    Naughty u meant to read terms and conditions
    Joke. No one does

  2. Juan Salazar says:

    i payed 50 for a pre owned one, i quickly rooted it and although fun  i simply preferred what it originally had to offer

  3. Mac Cam says:

    Great review

  4. TheAmbSteve says:

    Great review. Thanks!

  5. EasyEasy Song says:

    can these get virus where

  6. Munni _ says:

    It was really hard for me to get hold of one too so I just got mine delivered from Curry’s

  7. MrJ0mmy says:

    can i do audio books

  8. Nolan Tate says:

    Now The New Nook Only Costs $70.00

  9. Darren Ung says:

    Should I get this or the Nook Glowlight?

  10. Rebecca Salkeld says:

    bought mine from argos and free delivery try hotuk deals

  11. Johny1220 says:

    It’s so weird

  12. marvinshelbygt says:

    Got one at best buy for $69

  13. Nightmare Freddy says:

    That screen blows my mind

  14. Valesi Music says:

    Even though it’s cheaper, I think the ST is still far from a good value. Like he said, apart from b&w text display, it has nothing; whereas the features of a full tablet barely cost twice as much. Considering this, I also expect the ST to have virtually no secondhand value; you’ll have to donate or re-gift the thing when you don’t want it anymore.

  15. imstillwakingup says:

    does it really keep flashing black and white like that between screens, or is that a setting you can turn off?

  16. cgc76 says:

    That’s a nice box cutter..!

  17. Luis Rojas says:

    I prefer nook because you can upload everything in that, but in kindle you only can upload kindle format and pdf.

  18. lorem ipsum says:

    Simple Touch still the best.  I’m buying a Samsung Galaxy Tab A Nook 7 tomorrow, but I think the Simple Touch is a better reader.  It simply works.  I like the black rubbery grip on the back and sides too.  I had a expensive Nook cover, but I like to hold it naked.

  19. Gavin life 37 says:

    i hate my nook it is ALWAYS SLOW


    I like the way you do ! Thanks alot!

  21. Anthony Paramo says:

    Bought one for $20 and so far I like it. I hate reading from a lit screen, this seems much more natural.

  22. O__________O says:

    I need this for my community college books on monday would it work?

  23. nrz666 says:

    Yeah, but don’t forget about the fact: after rooting you have full-featured $99 Android 2.1 device that’s capable of much more than one can imagine. I’ve rooted it with ZCNooter pack the very same day I bought it and I don’t care about the warranty (although the pack allows to revert the system to stock state if needed).

  24. Becca Marie says:

    can you rent books from your local library on the nook?

  25. Robert Walker says:

    eematic ebook reader w/ internet tablet seems better to me than that nook he was showing. this tablet is $79.99.

  26. sonofwilliamchris says:

    Nook Simple Touch now only £29 (inc VAT).

  27. Robert Brzezinski says:

    On sale this weekend for $39, free shipping.

  28. Heidi Kim says:

    Great review!

  29. Munni _ says:

    I just bought ordered one today, saved £50 as its everywhere for £29 in the UK. hopefully its good.

  30. Molly Berntsen says:

    I’m getting one for christmas and so far I think it sucks ass. I don’t know how I can possibly be happy about something that doesn’t have any color to it. I am a color cordnated person and black and white hurts my eyes. Seriously it does. Also the touch screen will annoy the heck out of me because it is very choppy. I can’t work with that. So I’ll probably open it and take a sledgehammer to it. Because if you don’t like something don’t use it………..ever again. Remember that shit people.

  31. Amanda Butcher says:

    I really want this for Christmas. The problem will be selling my dad on the price. No, not because it’s too expensive, but because he’ll think it’s not expensive ENOUGH! See, with my dad, if this is more expensive than that, this must clearly be better than that. >.< He’d probably prefer to get me a Nook Color/Tablet/Kindle Fire. But I really like this. It seems simple and only does what I need it to do, let me read books.

  32. Zach Bakko says:

    There is a web browser, just type a URL in the search key.

  33. Nolan Tate says:

    Before It Cost $139

  34. Bani says:

    Anyone please help! I want to get this specifically since they are very cheap now but will I be able to buy books even if I’m in Singapore?

  35. Carleen b says:

    We were given a Nook but can’t get it to unlock by scrolling on the bar at the bottom. Help?

  36. Fi3 says:

    The best reader!

  37. Valesi Music says:

    True, when you have other devices, then a standalone e-reader is more efficient. It just puzzles me why the company would charge half a tablet’s price for one-fifth of the technology (web browsing, reading, music, video, color, and microphone).

  38. Valesi Music says:

    sorry, one-sixth!

  39. Amanda Butcher says:

    @TheBurntMango i think tablets are kinda pointless, at least for me. If I want to watch videos, play games, or listen to music, I can use my perfectly good iPod touch. I’d get an ereader app on my iPod but I have horrible sight and reading on my iPod’s little screen kills my eyes. All I want out of an ereader is the ability to read. Plus, money is tight right now, so that ‘barely twice as much’ is too much for the time being.

  40. JesseUK says:

    Nook are only £29 in the uk now. Very good value. Made me decide to get one, was going to get a kindle for ages

  41. Fadenot says:

    Do I have to buy the books to read on the nook at barnes & noble or can I buy them on other e books websites as long as they’re in the same format?

  42. stephen kovaz says:

    VERY helpful. *gets in car and drives to barnes and noble*

  43. Carla Maguida says:

    I live in Chile but I bought the nook simple touch in the US and it is arriving to my country in 1 or 2 weeks. When I bought it I knew that I couldn’t buy books overseas but I wasn’t planning to do that so I didn’t care, in other review they told me that I could put any US address and I could create a B&N account but now I heard that the credit card needs to have a US billing address, that means I can’t create an account and can’t use the nook, is that true??

  44. GKDakota says:

    I realize your comment is 8 months old, but I myself am going with the Nook Simple Touch, Amazon has ads (even if you buy the version without them), it can only read books from the kindle store, it’s light is always on, and can’t be turned off, and unless you are a member of prime, you won’t get nearly as many features as it says you do.

  45. Boris Svetiev says:

    Your reviews are really great. But in this review I have to say that I absolutely love the knife with which you open the box :)))

  46. Rod Bec says:

    I have tons of ebooks, so i can just drag them to the nook and read them?

  47. MarkL03 says:

    Is it possible to read comic books on it ?

  48. Nicholas Dudzinski says:

    it has web browsing reading it has most the stuff you need to read

  49. 103Catherine says:

    can these get virus?

  50. Gabriel Gheorghiu says:

    2 more days until I get this. I can’t wait.

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