Nook Ereader Reviews and Comparison

Well, it still isn’t selling quite as fast as Amazon tells us the Kindle 2 is flying off the shelves.  But there have been stock shortages, software updates and a whole lot of noise as thousands of nooks does make their way to people’s homes, and it definitely looks like the trend is set to continue.  So what of the response to this particular e-reader?  Well the thing that really sticks out for us is where the nook differs from the Kindle.  Those differences are what make this a product worthy of consideration.  If the Kindle satisfies all your needs stick with it, but if some of its short-comings (nothing can do everything!) are significant to how you wish to use the product then this reader may be worth a look.

The little differences between the Kindle 2 and the nook we’re thinking of are things like a user replaceable battery, endless memory capacity as the storage can be augmented with removable SD memory cards, the ePUB support that means you can get your books from whomever you choose, and of course allows you to enjoy all those free publications such as out of copyright material.  It is a little more ‘gimmicky’ too, with its small color touchscreen panel below the main display.  Of course it isn’t absolutely necessary but it seems many of us are becoming enthralled with the miracle of touchscreen technology (we definitely have Apple and their iPhone to blame!).

We can’t say one is better than the other.  The Kindle versus NookorNook vs. Kindledebate will no doubt rage on until we prefer something else more than either of these two great mid-range ebook readers.  If you simply ‘must have’ a wider choice of reading material or a flashy touchscreen to get your sticky little fingers on then its the Nook for you.  If however you want something curvaceous and beautiful and are happy to spend all your hard earned pennies in Amazon’s own kindle bookstore the Kindle 2 it is.

Anyway, what are the reviews like?  Well it’s all pretty personal isn’t it? Some people miss having a real keypad whilst others simply love the virtual version on the nook’s touch screen.  Most importantly the overall outcome seems to be that the Kindle is simple, not to buggy and perhaps best for the traditional ebook reading device consumer.  The nook has some issues its dealing with but possibly a lot more scope for improvements and technical advancements in the future.  So for bookworms get the Kindle, and for gadget fans and tech geeks the Nook might be more up your alley!

To be fair to the nook, there are continual upgrades and fixes being released to speed up things, and when you look at the choice of books available to nook owners the attraction is pretty obvious.  But if things like a color LCD touchscreen and being able to personalize things with your own screensaver photos are simply unnecessary extras you could be better off with an altogether simpler device instead.  The Bookeen Cybook Opus gets are vote for fabulous looks and unmatched portability, the Amazon Kindle 2 for ease of use and the Sony Specification
Internal Memory: 4GBDisplay Size/Resolution: LCD 10.1-inch/1024 x 600 pixels; EPD 9.7-inch/1200 x 825 pixels Ports: 2 USB, 1 mini USB, headphone, mic jacks, Connectivity: WiFi 802.11 b/g, Card Slots: SD card, SIM card, Size: 10.8 x 8.3 x 1.0 inches, Price as Configured: $ 499.00.

Laptop Magazine has published the first detailed review of the Entourage Edge. While the reviewer found the machine a bit bulky she is quite impressed with its ability to serve multiple purposes. In fact, with its versatility, the Edge does manage to make Amazon’s Kindle look boring.

The Edge is essentially an eBook reader but at 3 pounds, it is many times heavier than a dedicated eBook reader. You can use this device to download and read eBooks on the eInk display. You may also take notes on either of the touch sensitive displays with the included stylus. The Edge has a built-in journal and voice recorder so you can record lectures. And when you feel the need to, you may check your favorite websites such as Facebook or Twitter. And unlike dedicated eBook readers, the Edge can play music and video.

Since Edge is an Android-powered device it can run numerous third party applications such as the Dolphin Web browser, an RSS reader and Facebook and Twitter applications. On the flip side, the software that ships with the device isn’t up to the market. In fact, the apps store is not yet fully functional and stocks fewer best sellers than the Kindle apps store. But these are issues that may get solved by the time the machine hits the street.

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The Best e-Readers of 2017

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31 Responses to Nook Ereader Reviews and Comparison

  1. Low Profile says:

    The new 7 inch Kindle Oasis sounds and looks good as well as the other ereaders. It goes to show that ereaders have definitely came a long ways in more recent years. For now I will stick with my Kindle Voyage as well as my old Kindle Keyboard that I use to read the other half of my books on.

  2. Sooraj V says:

    Where is Voyage?

  3. Miss Mansfield says:

    Do the PDF annotators like the remarkable have Dropbox integration?

  4. hantalksabout says:

    I’m confused about the new audiobook ‘feature’ on the Oasis 2017. If it’s a case of mere Bluetooth connection then why wouldn’t people just download the kindle app on any other device and Bluetooth connect those above buying a new device? Or am I missing something here?

  5. woemcats says:

    Where would the Glowlight 3 rank on this list?

  6. Sergej Draskovic says:

    icarus illumina xl hd or kindle oasis2?…this is question:)

  7. ancientmystic says:

    What’s the background music?

  8. CHStriker83 says:

    Great video!

  9. Dee Ray says:

    Can you please compare the kindle and goodereader 6.8? I really want to see the size difference

  10. Marit Ørndal says:

    I mean, i just got the paperwhite, even though it’s old news, but that oasis looks good. I wish mine had buttons

  11. HATHOR says:

    Amazon (watertight), Kobo Aura one (waterproof), Sony,(digital note with stylus)Tolino, Illumina XL ( with headphone jack), Writing slate.The book industry is on it’s last legs, slowly but inevitable it loses a big chunk on the consumer market in favor of the ebook.Consumer attention shall be focused on the ebook, a leight weight electronic reading device containing hundreds of books for leisure at home,or while traveling on the road.

  12. John enx says:

    1st choice for me is Icarus Illumina XL HD, (7.8" E-Ink Carta HD Android, 300 DPI, 1872 x 1404 pixels, 1.8Ghz quad-core processor and 1Gb of RAM) so far from what I have seen through comments the software is decent, if they properly support it, it would be best buy, size + specs + 200€, kobo orange light? rly? that was the upgrade of 2017? former kobo aura user.

  13. Abdullah says:

    Guys you have to consider the price and talk about it when reviewing any device.

  14. lichunter says:

    I have decided to buy the Boyue Likebook e-reader. It’s the same hardware of Icarus XL HD, but 50 € cheaper (Of course, you have to buy it on Aliexpress… I know, It’s a little bit risky to buy them, but the difference is very big).
    For me it is the best 2017 option between functionality and price.

  15. Darren N says:

    Hoping for review of new Oasis.

  16. Dmitry Bachinsky says:

    Please, make Epos vs Aura 1 review comparizon!

  17. Radimkiller says:

    None of these are sold in my country lol.
    God bless Eastern Europe.

  18. bersig says:

    You need links to manufacturer web sites.

  19. שחר טביב says:

    How about answering and delivering your own product: 6.8 and 13.3?
    you are not answering emails and posts on your own website
    just continue your posts on Facebook like nothing happened


    Kindle voyage

  21. Santosh Kiran says:

    Is the Amazon e reader backlit or reflected light?

  22. Dorothy Zhong says:

    I just got my first ereader today!

  23. Steve C says:

    Your e reader should have been on there. Lol

  24. God Branvie says:

    So you’re saying the new oasis has speakers?

  25. Shuka4Beats says:

    I will choose the one after your review for a New Kindle Oasis 2017 since it will be only shipped after 31st of October:)

  26. Swapnil says:

    Well made video 🙂

  27. Srmomotis :/ says:

    Which has the best inernet browser?

  28. Sciencelover says:

    Which is better after 1 year use Kobo Aura One or Kindle Paperwhite / Voyage ? Does Kobo offer (paid) repairing of their devices after 1 year unlike Amazon or not ?

  29. dannib1130 says:

    His voice kinda reminds me of John Malkovich.

  30. Mustafa Zaidan says:

    Finally this list is out. I’ve been waiting for it since the start of 2017. Thank you guys for this great effort… I already have a Voyage and I don’t think I wanna upgrade. But I love to see the new devices out in the markets…

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