OMOTON Kindle Paperwhite Case Cover — The Thinnest and Lightest PU Leather Wise Cover for All-New Kindle Paperwhite (Fits All versions: 2012, 2013, 2014 and 2015 All-new 300 PPI Versions), Black

OMOTON Kindle Paperwhite Case Cover — The Thinnest and Lightest PU Leather Smart Cover for All-New Kindle Paperwhite (Fits All versions: 2012, 2013, 2014 and 2015 All-new 300 PPI Versions), Black

Solution Description
OMOTON: Amazon Kindle Paperwhite Smart Case, Black

This Case Fit For
All-New Kindle Paperwhite (2015 Released, 6″ Higher-Resolution Show, 300 ppi)
Kindle Paperwhite 2014/ 2013/ 2012

NOT Fit For
1. Kindle, six” Glare-Cost-free Touchscreen Display (7th Gen, 2014 Released) (Quite crucial)
2. Kindle Voyage

Plexiglass Layer
In order to supply your paperwhite the Permanent protection, we specifically added a plexiglass Layer (Compared with the typical Paper Layer that other supplier may adopt). This new design could make your cover back to the original state even soon after heavy bending.

Antiskid & Waterproof PU Leather
Want to get pleasure from the coffee for the duration of reading, but worry the spilled coffee might dirty your kindle? Please do not be concerned, the waterproof material is actually effortless to clean, and your kindle case may appear new after a gentle wipe.

Ultra Slim & Lightweight
Only three.2 oz, defend your kindle paperwhite without adding unnecessary bulk or weight.

Magnetic adsorption
Magnetic clasp guarantees cover is securely closed, secures your device without having straps covering the front.

Auto Sleep/ Wake Function
Automatically wakes or puts your device to sleep when the cover is opened or closed, Less complicated for you to prolong the using time of battery.

OMOTON Offer you Life-time warranty!

Price tag: $13.99

  • 1. Made for Amazon Kindle Paperwhite (Fits All versions: 2012, 2013, 2014 and 2015 All-New 300 PPI Versions with 6″ Show and Constructed-in Light), will not match Kindle, kindle voyage or Kindle Touch
  • 2. Wake or put your device to sleep by opening or closing the cover. Magnetic clasp ensures cover is securely closed, secures your device with no straps covering the front cover
  • three. Only 3.2 oz, shield your kindle paperwhite with no adding unnecessary bulk or weight
  • 4. Antiskid & Waterproof PU Leather exterior, Plexiglass Layer in the middle, No-scratch microfiber interior, This will be your very best kindle paperwhite partner
  • five. Full access to all features without removing the case from your kindle paperwhite, and OMOTON supply you life time warranty

All-New Kindle E-Reader Overview – 8th Generation – 2016 Model

All-New Kindle 6″ E-reader Overview – 8th Generation – 2016 model
All-New Kindle E-reader – Black :
All-New Kindle E-reader – White:
Kindle PaperWhite :
Situations for All-New Kindle:

Right now I’m reviewing the All-New 8th Generation Kindle E-Reader from Amazon. This is possibly Amazon’s most well-known e-reader and is also the least costly E-reader in the Kindle Lineup. From a distance, the Kindle looks like virtually any other tablet. But when you take a closer look, you see a matte, black and white 6” screen surrounded by a somewhat thick bezel. Much more about that in a minute. The physique is made from a black matte plastic and is obtainable in two colors: black and white. The bottom edge has the micro usb charge port and power button, with an LED indicator in between them. The All-New Kindle E-reader devices are at their core, devoted devices to read books on. They give you access to Amazon’s gigantic choice of books: whether or not you read fiction, non-fiction or even textbooks. Now you can constantly read books on any other tablet But what makes the Kindle exclusive is it is matte, black and white, E-ink screen which is truly effortless on the eyes and tries to replicate the experience of reading a physical book. Not only is the screen straightforward on the eyes, you can study it even in the vibrant sunlight, when you’re outdoors. Most tablets just don’t do a extremely very good job of this and this is very critical if you plan to read on the beach or on a park bench or even outdoors in your backyard. The All-new kindle e-reader is also quite comfortable to hold in one particular hand and doesn’t feel heavy or tire your hand out. And just to give you a sense of how light it is, it is almost half the weight of the Kindle Fire HD6 Tablet, which also has a 6” screen. The Kindle’s interface is actually a customized version of Amazon’s book section. The house web page has all your book downloads and a few suggestions of what books Amazon feels may interest you. From the Homepage, you can search for virtually any book on the planet or browse amazon’s curated choice in virtually any genre. And like a physical book, you can constantly web page by means of numerous pages of the book by tapping the “Try Sample” choice, prior to you spend for a book. The Kindle versions of most books are also a bit less costly than their paperback siblings, which is an added advantage in the lengthy run. After your purchase or sample downloads onto your device, It is quickly available under your library on the homepage. To start reading, tap on the book. The book opens up and occupies the entire screen. To web page forward, tap anyplace on the appropriate hand edge of the screen. To web page back, tap anywhere on the left hand edge. What I truly like about the Kindle and anything that you won’t discover on a physical book, are the interactive attributes. For instance, touching and holding a word in a book, brings up the definition of the word, wikipedia info about the word and even a translation function that allows you to translate to virtually any language. You can also highlight a word or leave a note for future reference. One thing that’s quite valuable, specifically for textbooks. Tapping on the of the screen also brings up choices like going back to the homepage, altering your text size or even adding bookmarks. And even if you exit out of the book, when you open the book up subsequent time, you will be brought proper back to where you left it the final time. Soon after making use of the reader many times more than the previous couple of days, I nonetheless have over 60% of charge left on the device. Actually valuable when you are on the go. Now I mentioned that it handles reading outdoors in the sun, quite
So is the All-new 8th Generation Kindle worth the funds? I undoubtedly feels it’s worth each and every penny. It’s easy nicely-thought out device that’s wonderful for people who study a lot. It’s light and functions great for reading outdoors and has a lot of really thoughtful interactive characteristics that genuinely add to the book reading experience. Great for somebody who reads a lot outdoors and in well-lit rooms. However, if you want an e-reader to use in bed or with the lights turned off, I’d suggest upgrading to the Kindle PaperWhite, which comes with a constructed-in backlight. I’ll leave hyperlinks to each these devices below. Hope this review was beneficial. If it was, please Hit that LIKE button and subscribe for far more reviews. Thanks for watching and see you subsequent time.

Amazon 5ft USB to Micro-USB Cable (works with most Micro-USB Tablets)

Product Description
Amazon Kindle Fire 5Ft Usb To Micro-Usb Cable (Performs With Most Micro-Usb Tablets)

  • Official Amazoncom replacement for the USB cable that comes in-box with Kindle Fire, Kindle Fire HD 7, and Kindle Fire HD 8.9
  • 5-ft cable length
  • MicroUSB to USB
  • For use with all Kindle tablets and e-readers

Price tag: $9.99

  • Official Amazoncom replacement for the USB cable that comes in-box with Kindle Fire, Kindle Fire HD 7″, and Kindle Fire HD eight.9″
  • 5-ft cable length
  • MicroUSB to USB
  • For use with all Kindle tablets and e-readers

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    how much are they charging for books in the Kindle store? is it cheaper than buying real books?

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    Does it have TEXT-to-SPEACH ???

  6. Adrian Martínez says:

    Thanks for the review. I was thinking to buy the one with builtin light but why would I need it if physical books doesn’t have light either and it is not a problem.

  7. anazamper123 says:

    Do you know if you can download pdfs to this kindle?

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    Can i read other pdf files in it….

  9. mygrace96 says:

    great review!

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    Really wish they would have added Bluetooth to the paperwhite 8th gen also. Missing TTS for many years connecting via Bluetooth for voiceview is more important to me…

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    This review is so helpful.

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    I have this kindle but I Have problem with PDF files

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    is kindle handle pdf toooo??

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    thank you for your review. Can I make the page brighter? I don’t see a brightness icon.

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    Thank for your helpful review. So, i can’t read in the dark… :((( I didn’t know it before. I bought it and now i feel just a little bad :(((

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    Have it. Love it.
    It is NOT heavy and i can read for hours without my eyes get tired or have redness or puffy eyes at the next day (which was happening to me by reading on my cellphone or computer).
    "great for folks who read a lot": ME.
    Besides i can have all the books that i want. Im a teacher so i download all my books and then put it on my kindle and i can comfortable read and gave my class with it. Is a very useful tool as a english teacher.
    Something that doesnt bother for me but probably for others is that those books download in pdf, before they go to the kindle, you have to make sure to convert it in Ebook. There are tons of online or download programs in internet which you can do that. Which is not a problem for me as long as i can have it on my kindle eventually. It worth it.
    Love it love it love it and as a love reader, my eyes are thanking my too LOL

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    Excellent review, looks excellent aside from the reading in the dark thing, so I’ll be looking into the Paperwhite version instead. Thanks! 🙂

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    A wonderful well-paced and thorough review. Thanks so much.

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    Thanks for sharing!

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    Folks, who knows how to enlarge the Font or to change it. I bought this E-reader, but cannot find this function… So, in fact – is it possible technically to enlarge/to change the Font in this model or not??

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    does it support the USB so I can read PDFs?

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    Can you give a very nice gift

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    but thanks for the info

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    Can you read books that you have purchased or downloaded from sites other than amazon? Also, is there any micro sd slot?

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    perfect review. mentioned everything. gonna subscribe to ur channel.
    the question i have is if the kindle paperwhite has an inbuilt back light, how is it not dofferent than any other led tablet screen. also, whether it has a feature to turn the back light on or off completely or do we hv to manage brightness just like in our phone?

  36. Amal Pr says:

    how to increase the brightness

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    after reading do I need to switch off the Kindle or can I keep it on standby mode..
    if I keep it on standby mode, does the battery life be affected ??

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    Can I charge the Kindle by plugging the usb cabel in my laptop? I mean, can I charge it through my laptop?

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    nice review

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    each year amazon will release a new gen ?

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    How do I turn up the brightness?

  42. Riley Thomas says:

    Thanks for the review. I’d like to know which features become unavailable when not connected to WIFI, specifically the interactive features like definitions and translations. Also, do you know if it’s possible to buy and download ebooks in multiple languages with this model?

  43. MIMBUBA says:

    Can I listen when I want, instead of reading only?

  44. Javier Urizar says:

    Question, if I have a library with many kindle books stored in my Macbook can I install them in Kindle? through USB or does it synch?

  45. Roberta Powell says:

    I have a Kindle Fire 6th gen that is driving me crazy!
    I mainly use my Kindle for reading but can find no way to remove a book from the display page unless I delete it from my library. I’ve tried placing them in ‘cloud’ categories but that doesn’t remove them. My old Kindle would let me add a book to ‘Favorites’ then remove it from the display carousel. Is there anything similar to that on my new one?

    Thank You.

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    Thank u so much it has helped a lot

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    please answer
    can read a pdf witch was not free but i found a free one in internet like cracked games

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    Thanks for this review! My son just got this for his birthday. But I’m dismayed to see how DARK the screen is! Is there no way to adjust the screen brightness? I know you said you can’t use it in the dark, but even when the curtains are drawn, you can’t see very well. Help!

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    Thank you for your review. I must say your reviews are fantastic, this review helped us in buying the kindle

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