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For confident, the Kindle Electronic Book Reader is life-style these days. It really is actually considered cool to be seen reading say on the subway or in a restaurant. With it, you are going to in no way run out of items to read. And if you like to read a number of books in parallel, this is your lucky day. They are generating their way into schools quickly exactly where dead-tree books have been eternally intrinsic. From any angle, the Kindle eBook Reader seems set to keep.

From a single Kindle overview to yet another, the device is normally described as a state-of-the-art mobile eBook reader which is on live connection with Amazon online bookstores and other amenities all across the US. Kindles type the main junction for all of Amazon e-reading business. The outstanding part is that they still retain the all-natural feel and display of the standard print on paper.

Apart from the very good appears, the new generation Kindle is also flush with supreme functional attributes. The ergonomics is excellent too, getting been ironed out of what ever shortcomings the original version endured. This technological marvel has now been packaged into a thing of beauty and functionality with accident-proof buttons, smooth rocker controls, standard keyboard and fashionable overall layout.

If the Amazon Kindle 2 appears fantastic and grab the limelight, that is a bonus, not the original thought. But seriously, it’s supposed to just disappear into the reading. Like a good paper-filled book, it is the proverbial judging the content and not the cover but what the heck! It’s that fortunate star once more for Amazon. Obtaining that said, the technology packed into the Kindle is surely worth a mention.

The most distinctive function of the Amazon eBook Reader is the Whispernet. This is a wireless service for acquiring content material and some degree of net access. It also carries the Whispersync feature which hyperlinks other Kindles and its associated devices such as the iPhones and iPods plus other folks in the future. When you Buy Kindle two, Amazon will spend for the lifetime connectivity of the distinct e-reader. The network is 3G-primarily based so it does not have to be in a hotspot to operate.

Yes, the Amazon Kindle eBook Reader is but a book. And what a book! It’s any book you want, out of 275,000 and you can carry a lot more than a thousand of them everywhere you go and access the rest in much less than 60 seconds. Amazon has publicly stated its aim of availing any book that’s ever printed in electronic form for the Kindle within the US. That is a tall order but based on their track record, you never want to bet against it.

There is practically nothing like the Amazon Kindle two. You get wireless connectivity, purchasing and instant 24/7 delivery all at 1 stop when you Get Kindle 2 .

Kindle E-reader, six” Glare-Free of charge Touchscreen Display, Wi-Fi – Involves Unique Delivers (Preceding Generation – 7th)

Product Description

Kindle is our most inexpensive e-reader—now with a touchscreen show, exclusive Kindle features, twice the storage, and much more.


Developed for readers

Kindle is objective-built for reading. Indulge your love of reading without interruptions like email alerts and push notifications. The weeks-long battery life allows you to study for weeks on a single charge. Kindle uses actual ink particles and proprietary, hand-constructed fonts to develop crisp text equivalent to what you see in a physical book. Kindle is lighter than most paperback books, generating it simple and comfortable to hold in a single hand for extended periods of time.

Effortless on the eyes

Every time your eyes switch from a vibrant screen to a dimmer, ambient room, your eyes have to adjust, which may possibly outcome in fatigue. With Kindle, the web page is the identical brightness as almost everything else in the area, so there’s no adjustment required. Pick from eight text sizes to prevent tired eyes and preserve you reading longer.

No Glare

Flip via without having losing your location

With Web page Flip, you can skim web page-by-page, scan by chapter, or skip to the finish for a sneak peek with out losing your location.

Take and share notes

Add margin notes that you can edit, delete, or even export from your device to your pc. Share highlighted sections and meaningful quotes on Facebook, Twitter, and Goodreads, and see passages often highlighted by other Kindle readers.

Go beyond a book with the following functions (coming quickly)

Enhanced search

It really is even easier to find what you are searching for by combining and previewing final results from your Library, Goodreads, and the Kindle Store on the very same page.


Loved ones Library

Household Library hyperlinks your Amazon account to that of your spouse or partner. For the very first time, you and your loved ones can access and simply share not only your own Kindle books, but also books from the Amazon account of a spouse or companion.

Word Sensible

Word Wise, obtainable on a lot of well-known English language titles, tends to make it less complicated to enjoy and quickly comprehend more difficult books. Short and easy definitions automatically seem above difficult words, so you can hold reading with fewer interruptions. Tap on a word to bring up a basic card with definitions, synonyms, and a lot more. You can adjust the number of hints you see with a straightforward slider.

Expanded X-Ray

X-Ray’s new timeline view lets you easily flip via notable passages to remind yourself of what is happened in the book, or navigate simply by means of images. X-Ray lets you explore the “Bones of the Book.” See all the passages across a book that mention relevant suggestions, fictional characters, historical figures, places, or topics of interest.


About the Book

With About the Book, see information about the book as you commence to read, like its location in a series and author info, plus mark it as “Currently Reading” on Goodreads.

Never be with no a book

Shop Amazon’s expansive choice, choose a title, and begin reading in seconds. Download books in under 60 seconds—no laptop essential. Connect very easily to your residence Wi-Fi network or Wi-Fi hotspots on the road. Enjoy free Wi-Fi access at AT&T hotspots across the U.S. With our quickly, free wireless delivery, borrow Kindle books from your public library and start off reading on your Kindle.

Evaluate Kindle E-readers

Kindle Kindle Paperwhite Kindle Voyage
Price tag From $79 From $119 From $199
Resolution 167 ppi 300 ppi 300 ppi
Built-In Light No Yes Yes + Adaptive light sensor
Web page Turns Touchscreen Touchscreen Touchscreen + PagePress
Connectivity Wi-Fi Wi-Fi or Wi-Fi + totally free 3G Wi-Fi or Wi-Fi + free of charge 3G
Screen Size 6″
Glare-Cost-free Screen Yes
Battery Life Weeks on a single charge
Storage Holds thousands of books
Weight six.7 oz Wi-Fi: 7.2 oz
Wi-Fi + 3G: 7.6 oz
Wi-Fi: six.three oz
Wi-Fi + 3G: six.6 oz
Dimensions six.7″ x four.7″ x .40″ six.7″ x four.6″ x .36″ six.4″ x 4.5″ x .30″
  • Simple on your eyes–touchscreen display that reads like true paper
  • No screen glare, even in bright sunlight
  • Single battery charge lasts weeks
  • Lighter than a paperback, holds thousands of books
  • Attempt Kindle Limitless free of charge for 30 days–select from over 1 million titles
  • Kindle does not distract you with social media, emails, and text messages
  • Huge choice, lowest rates-over a million titles at $2.99 or less

Amazon Kindle Paperwhite 2013 – My First eBook Reader

The Kindle Paperwhite and eBook readers in common aren’t specifically new but this is my initial time genuinely trying to use a single, and although there are things I did not specifically like, the expertise won me more than.

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50 Responses to People Love Amazon Kindle eBook Reader

  1. Stinky Crayons says:

    Many public libraries have vast amounts of books you can checkout and use on this and other e-book readers so don’t be fooled into thinking you have to buy a book from amazon right off the bat. 🙂

  2. Kingck says:

    Anyone get the Linus intel commercial?

  3. Samantha EDWARDS says:

    I will be purchasing the kindle paperwhite. but I still love books. light weight won me over.

  4. Grandma Fish says:

    Thanks for this review! I’m buying a Kindle for my dad, who’s vision is failing, but he needs something that’s a little more user-friendly than my Nextbook. I think he will like the Kindle Paperwhite, especially the one-button feature and the backlight. I like both physical books and eBooks. I’m reading more eBooks now because it saves trees and I don’t have the space anymore for physical books. But I still buy used books – I’m all for recycling used items rather than tossing them in a landfill. The only downside I see to eBooks is that when the electricity goes out and your eReader doesn’t have a charge, you’re stuck.

  5. Joaquin Cardona says:

    I expected overclocking. Dissapointed.

  6. Pablo Martin says:

    Does it has color? 

  7. 2009korte says:

    watercooler in an e-book reader wtf???

  8. mia Koszel says:

    I love reading and I have soooo much books that I have to put some under my bed.
    And thats why yesterday I got a kindle and am waiting for it to arrive,I agree that is not as good as a physical book but,you know were would I store all my book.

  9. Taylor B says:

    I have been reading a physical book for about a year and I have yet to charge it or have it run out of battery.

  10. AlphaManga says:

    can you review my book on kindle?


    In a world where magical abilities are utilized through the Nexi Stones, there is one stone that stands high above the rest, shrouded in myth and mystery—the Elpis. Broken into four fragments centuries in the past, the Elpis waits to be pieced back together, and to grant its user godlike powers that could reshape the world forever. 

    Raised in a quiet town, Terico would much rather be traveling the world and fighting monsters than working at his parents’ shop and dealing with school. His life ambitions change dramatically, however, when his village is attacked and everything he holds dear is taken away from him. 

    Delkol, leader of the feared Brotherhood and ruler of the aggressive Shire Kingdom, seeks the pieces of the Elpis, and is willing to burn Terico’s village to the ground in order to find one. When the terror has passed and Terico stands at the greatest crossroads in his life, there is only one thing on his mind—one goal that encompasses his very existence. 



    This Novel Ranked in the top 20 best sellers on amazon, 
    – #3 in Action & Adventure 
    – #15 in Children’s & Young Adult 
    – #9 in Fantasy (us store) 

  11. Mitchell Huse says:

    My dad has the old one that has a keyboard built into it



  13. Macho Fantastico says:

    I was one of those who laughed at the idea of the Kindle, it was physical books always until I used a Kindle. One of the best pieces of tech I’ve owned.

  14. Matthew Matthias says:

    4:10 I can actually hold it like that. Not hard. 😛

  15. ShenaniganZone says:

    book books. the feel and smell. omg the smell of a new book gets me sooo har….. excited

  16. Scotland Dobson says:

    It really depends on the book for me. With small to medium things like The Hobbit or maybe Steelheart I prefer a paper book for the smell of paper and actually turning pages. But for doorstops like The Way of Kings and The Wheel of Time I’d rather use an eBook than lug around an extra ten pounds of paper.

  17. KoScosss says:

    Non-touch kindle is the best

  18. Christyne Long says:

    I hate the idea of getting an ereader of any kind. I love my paper books but ive blown this months, last months budgets for entertainment and then some on books just in the last 2 weeks so everyone keeps telling me to get one of these. did you find that you read more/less with this or was it about the same?

  19. Aisaaax says:

    If we talk about reading a book on the couch at home – them physical paper books are way cooler.
    But that’s pretty much where their advantages end.
    You can take kindle anywhere with you because it bately takes up any space and you’ve got a freaking library with hundreds and thousands of titles with you at all times. You can find the book you need easier (as opposed to searching through your bookshelves), and they don’t take any space in your house.

    Overall, e-books are far superior.

  20. Matt Bakó says:

    Is it possible to download books on this ebook reader, or you only allowed to buy those books you read?  Please help me out I want to buy one of this.

  21. oiralire says:

    I’ve got the ad-supported version and it’s pretty dang great. I can’t even remember the last time I had to plug it in to charge (I don’t do a whole lot of reading, but that standby tho…)
    Protip for anybody having trouble with appendices/maps: if the appropriate appendix isn’t linked with a little annotation, you can create bookmarks and switch between them quite quickly (at least in my experience.)
    As for one-handed reading, it’s probably because I have really thin fingers, but I’ve never had a problem doing this.
    I also see a lot of Kindle editions that are cheaper (i.e. Tolkien, oh god I’ve got so much Tolkien for so much less money)

  22. RoccosPlace1 says:

    Your comment about e-book cost is the first thing I said when the Kindle first came out. For years publishers told us that COST was why hardcovers cost so much more that paperbacks. Now e-books that cost next to nothing to produce cost the same as hardcovers?? It’s a major ripoff. Granted, advertising and design for cover art would be the same, but I am sure they are not giving the authors a higher percentage on e-books. I love books, the way they feel and smell, and always swore that I would never get an e-reader. But as I have gotten older I was having more and more trouble reading for more than short periods without eyestrain. Publishers like to use fancy fonts (especially in fantasy books) and the contrast between the font and the back page was just not enough anymore. Especially in mass market paperbacks that are most affordable. A co-worker allowed me to try her Paperwhite after I mentioned I had tried a Nook and hated it. I ordered a Paperwhite 2 that day (I did not even wait to get out of work.) Being able to change and scale the fonts is a game changer for me. Plus, I can carry over a thousand books, though in truth if you have more than two hundred, performance get a bit sluggish. I have over four thousand e-books in the kindle cloud. The kindle cloud’s organization sucks, it is hard to find things. I downloaded all of them to my laptop and organize them in Calibre. Calibre is the perfect companion to an e-reader. And as far as maps or glossary of terms goes, bookmark them, then you can easily go back to them.

  23. legendp2011 says:

    I honestly find it much easier to hold than a physical book, since I got my paerwhite I haven’t looked back

  24. Picadie says:

    can you load up books that arent from amazon?

  25. Wesley Satelis says:

    Finally a sincere review, all the others seemed like advertisements. Thank you Linus!

  26. Ethan Powell says:

    All of the Ebooks I have bought so far are far cheaper than the Paperback equivalent.

  27. Peter Skovgaard says:

    hi linus great review is it posible to load ebooks from other sources then amazon on to the kindle ?
    Best regards

  28. Tak Wolf says:

    I understand, I love paper books,  but there are many old and rare books I can’t afford on paper.

  29. Velor- says:

    i know im late and this is a stupid question but does anyone know the stand he use in this video xD

  30. Stephen Whalen says:

    IOS cab define words in almost every app. Love that feature.

  31. Skip Bellon says:

    Good Review. Very helpful for me (novice).

  32. Jeremy R says:

    I can’t wait to get mine been reading on an iPad iPads suck for reading please do not kill your eyes. LOL kindle

  33. Ben Dell says:

    I am a lefty!

  34. Nashit Khan says:

    2:45 Its " A Song of ICE and FIRE" and not "Fire and Ice"…

  35. xiaoli says:

    That was a really nice review. I’m debating on buying it because what if they have something new and better in the future.

  36. DamageIncM says:

    The thing looks like it’s from the ’90s. I’d rather buy a real book, especially considering some might have images and need color.

  37. Zefferum says:

    I got my first kindle today as a birthday gift, and I could not believe this review after use. It is amazing! I totally agree the price of books is unreasonable but the idea it cant be used one handed is nonsense. I was on the train for 3 hours on the way home and held it in one hand reading the Sherlock Holmes collection with no discomfort at all (in portrait and I have really big thumbs). I have always found books to be a hassle to hold comfortably and I think kindle makes the whole experience so much more pleasurable. I do question the longevity of the device since my girlfriend, mother and father are all on their second or third kindle device, and I also don’t like their new advertising on the background but am not willing to pay £10 to remove it.

  38. Aren Racyil says:

    Hate this world.

  39. Haldor says:

    E-books are fine for travelling, but I prefer real books over e-books eventhough I have a tablet with me every day.

  40. Jackson Welch says:

    Is this still worth getting?

  41. RitToNotice says:


  42. Evan Stormhammer says:

    a song of fire and ice? lol.

  43. JonatasAdoM says:

    2017 and I still haven’t got one.

  44. Tj Hariharan says:

    It’s interesting to note it’s like amazon listened to reviewers like this and made a better "one hand balanced" kindle. But geezus too expensive.

  45. Mythman2090 says:

    I prefer the idea of reading on an ereader. The way I see it, ereaders are more technically better (?), with their minuscule weight, immense storage, and built in dictionary (and X-Ray for Amazon). However, books just have this "feel" about them. I however don’t feel anything when I hold a paper book compared to holding an ereader, so I much prefer ereaders.

  46. Nayab Warach says:

    But why does it say Brandon’s Kindle?

  47. TheAnigai says:

    This video intro is a million times better than the currant one.

  48. Nicolás Rodríguez says:

    Loved the kindle, first ebook reader ever for me. Got it yesterday as a gift from a student and it works great for me cuz I can buy the books I’m lacking (luckily for us in Chile $10 for a book is still cheap – got the Shining for $1.99 which was awesome). I still do prefer paper books (sucks for the planet but what are you gonna do?) because of the classic feeling you get from reading one which is unique, seeing how little you have left when you’re 3/4 done with one, the smell, editions, autographed books… the list goes on and on. Pros with the kindle, the space (specially travelling, saves a lot of hustle of carrying a real book), all those books in one device, battery life, the screen brightness, the feeling of touching the screen (IDK if it’s just me but if feels a little like paper).

  49. Mariovo5 says:

    iLike both. But some books a are to collegiate for me I hate big words and short 200 page stories not an in tire movie novel.

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