Pros and Cons of Android Tablet ten

With the advent of technology and the constant developments to make it more customers friendly and portable, tablets have come as a blessing to the gadget planet. Android tablet ten is joining the race of the tablet world with wonderful zest. Not only is it a supply of entertainment but it is extremely effective and sensible. Coming in a sleek and hugely stylised shape it serves every and every goal be it recreation, organization or networking.

Now there are a wide range of companies building these android tablets which has become the speak of the town with individuals going crazy more than them. On the contrary, there are also specific glitches in android tablet ten.

Let’s consider the pros and cons of the android tablet ten.

Pros of android tablet ten are:

1.Style: The original series of this variety concentrated on the functional aspect exactly where they were appealing for customers and technically appropriate. But the latest design and style of the android tablet ten is a super cool and far more intelligent. It is far more tough with a metal classic chassis made of stainless steel. Style and style issue is also considered with its slim look. It’s handy with a minimal weight of four hundred and eighty grams.

two.Android: The ideal feature of android tablet 10 is the very Android OS. The latest version of its operating technique makes it much more enjoyable and fascinating. The sensitive touch of the screen provides it an wonderful feel.

3.Show: The display size is ten.2″ which extremely is intriguing. The user gets vibrant and crisp colours with a 1024 x 600 resolution. In addition it is non-responsive to sunlight and has a multi touch selection of the touch screen which is a total bliss.

4.Kickstand: The android tablet 10 has a kickstand when you want to place it somewhere which is a lot more practical. You do not need to spend a bomb on accessories just for the kickstand.
5.Price: The plus point of android tablet 10 is that the price tag is reasonably low compared to other gadgets. You can compare different android tablet bargains and choose the very best feasible alternative.

Cons of android tablet are:

1.Speed: The principal weakness of this android tablet ten is the processing speed when compare to other gadgets accessible. It becomes slow and impacts the complete processing when you open a flash web page or a page loaded with heavy data. The biggest drawback is the 256 MB RAM.

2.Apps: The restricted number of apps is an additional shortcoming where it does not level to the quantity of applications provided by Apple Ipad.

Inspite of the limitations Android tablet ten is a excellent alternative for these techy and non-techy people.

I am Jennysa Deniel and I am a professional write-up writer given that 5 years. We offered a variety of varieties of ten inch tablet and android tablet 10. Right here I shared information about android tablet.

Samsung 10.1" Galaxy Tab A T580 16GB Tablet (Wi-Fi Only, Black)

End Date: Saturday Jul-8-2017 6:17:16 PDT
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ASUS Zenpad 3S ten Assessment – Very best Android Tablet of 2016?

ASUS Zenpad 3s 10 assessment. A 9.7″ Android six. retina tablet 4GB of RAM, 64GB of storage, GPS, Wireless AC, type-c and Z stylus. Where to get: Assessment timecodes below:

00:56 – Design
02:41 – Screen
04:11 – Stylus
08:02 – Fingerprint reader
08:34 – Audio (Speaker test)
10:18 – ROM
13:08 – YouTube concern
14:48 – Cameras
15:27 – Benchmarks
17:51 – Charge occasions
18:26 – Gaming
19:56 – Final thoughts with Pros and Cons

ASUS ZenPad 3S 10 (Z500M) Specs:

9.7″ 1536 x 2048 IGZO screen
MediaTek six core MT8176 (2.15Ghz max)
5900mAh Battery
Android 6.
Wireless AC / BT four.2 / GPS
Active Stylus assistance
Type-C port
5MP / 8MP Cameras
430 grams / 6.5mm thin

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50 Responses to Pros and Cons of Android Tablet ten

  1. Jayan Kalarickal says:

    Going to buy this now, is it still good for media consumption ( youtube, facebook, instagram, pinterest, movies ) while indoors. Any other better alternative for this purpose?

  2. IronFilmVR says:

    What physical keyboard would you recommend with the ASUS Zenpad 3S 10?

  3. Carin Wogahn says:

    Can you have two apps open on the same screen like split screen share?

  4. Rajiv Jadhav says:

    screen isn’t as bright as Lenovo tab2 a10, even at full brightness. Lenovo tab2 brightness at 30%= Asus 3s at 100% brightness. had stutter during gameplay with random freezes. the screen orientation is wierd, it’s not widescreen and games don’t display fully like DC legends (make you horizontal scroll) Jurassic Park, etc. battery life is horrible. drains super fast. great design, great build quality, thin and easy to hold. no way to make the navigation buttons stay lit. hard to use in the dark or in shade. no clear all open windows. returning this to Amazon. buying Huawei mediapad m3 next. hope it’s better.

  5. Mayank Nimbalkar says:

    want to know few store names if i want to buy it in US which will give me good product unit and warranty? is there any Asus official store?

  6. Qban Celli says:

    I stopped watching when you mentioned "retina" display twice in the first minute of the video.
    This is not a "retina" screen. That is Apple talk.

  7. flawlessvic says:

    I know this thing is overkill for an ereader, but how does it perform with staring at it using kindle app, or some other ebook app? Thanks.

  8. GoldenAgeGamer says:

    Love the tablet and a great review by the way. I’m thinking about pulling the trigger on this next week, it really is the best tablet for the money. I can’t find anything else including the Samsung Galaxy S2 or the Huawei mediapad M3. In my opinion this truly is the best out of those three, and those three are the only ones I would consider buying. My only hope is that they come out with a reliable way to root the tablet, if they can do that this will be a device that I will be keeping for at least the next three years. Once again great review keep up the good work!

  9. transforgoku says:

    Should I get it now or wait till the Galaxy Tab S2 gets cheaper?

  10. mcglover78 says:

    I need a 8 inch one

  11. mojo2418 says:

    Hello fucking amazing review. Does it still have that YouTube bug? That is a deal breaker if it does.

  12. Asimo 3.14 says:

    Asus is a not a Chinese brand, it is a taiwanese instead

  13. Rehuel Galzote says:

    Any gaming performance test?

  14. Fred Samoluk says:

    I don’t know which tablet is better asus zenpad 3s 10 or the new Ipad 9.7 2017. Does anyone know?

  15. HumphreyBriggs says:

    In your opinion, is it worth spending more on this than the Chinese tabs like Teclast X98/ Chuwi etc?

    For reference this is £250 and Chinese ones are ~£150

    I don’t think I need dual boot or Windows, Android should be sufficient for me

  16. Fat Tony says:

    I was seriously considering buying this tablet but I finally decided to buy the Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 9.7 instead.

  17. tapalodo1 says:

    no simcard slot?

  18. William Hart says:

    Nice tablet I bought one 5 days ago 440 in Edmonton Alta CA but sadly that’s on sale price not normal closer to 480 .

  19. John Doe says:

    I liked this review because I wanted to see the Pen in action

  20. Waleed Khalid says:

    honestly you are the best reviewer in youtube

  21. Mobidicke2 says:

    Does the stylus come with the tablet?

  22. David T says:

    Best review I’ve seen on Youtube of this tablet. Mine should be arriving tomorrow. Can you recommend a decent stylus that would be compatible with this? Have read pretty bad review on the Z Stylus, plus I can’t find it in stock anywhere. Thanks.

  23. •IFSTTM• infinite flight says:

    I’m a gamer, should I buy this or iPad air 2

  24. cbr9927 says:

    The images on this video does not really show off how thin the bezels are. Feels noticeably thinner and lighter than my IPAD Pro 9.7. Without question worth the 300 going price.

  25. monir monir says:

    with all do respect u did that not the tablet if u clear the ram the app will reload again its not the tablet fault or bad ram managing THANK U

  26. kyle neypes says:

    hi! nice review and you got a new subscriber. i really want that tablet but it’s sad that it is not available here in the Philippines 🙁

  27. persie PRINCE says:

    Will you do an update how the tablet behave I heard some owners of this tablet complaint about reboot and freeze

  28. Pav Huang says:

    ASUS is not a Chinese, but a Taiwanese company.

  29. Trajanowski Rifleworks says:

    Can it play X.265 HEVC video formats?

  30. Roberto Ferrer says:

    how about otg support?

  31. Shogmaster says:

    I’m 99% sure that this tablet uses N-Trig pen like Surface Pro 4, since Asus Windows active pens are N-Trig (e.g. Transformer Pro 3). But it lacks the coprocessor for the pen that MS put into SP4 and SB, thus will struggle with pen input when mated to CPUs with less muscle.

    For instance, there is a huge pen performance difference in pressure curve and initial activation force between Atom X7 of Surface 3 and Core U of Surface Pro 3. Same pen, same digitizer, but the pressure curve and IAF was very CPU dependent from my tests.

  32. Anthony Le says:

    is that youtube bug fixed? thinking about getting one since they are only 299 now

  33. arif faizal says:

    super amoled ?

  34. DR Paquette says:

    Great review. Sylus is only ($29.99) and supposed to last for 2 years according to what they mention on Asus and Amazon site. Also, that tablet has a 7.1 virtual surround sound.

  35. nbat58 says:

    hi Chris, a lot of people like myself bought a certified Qualcomm quick charge 3.0 charger only to find that this hasn’t made any difference to speeding up the charge times compared to the suplied Asus charger, is there anything that needs to be an able on the tablet to get it to work?

  36. Etienne 777 says:

    what is the best tabled in the world, with 3g?

  37. Roberto Ferrer says:

    does this tablet have Ethernet support??

  38. Sajeed Khan says:

    can we use sim with it?

  39. Smartphone Media Production - Book says:

    Was looking at this as a potential drawing / artist tab but I may keep looking. Thanks for the review:)

  40. MrBackin5ive says:

    Why didn’t asus improve upon the stylus used with the zenpad s8 ca? Pretty disappointing…Thanks for the great review, as always, though.

  41. Todd Levick says:

    I may have missed this question but can you hook a USB-C to HDMI cable to view movies on your TV with this tablet? I have no option to stream wirelessly so trying to find a tablet that can.

  42. andrea kurhajcova says:

    Hi! thank for your review!
    is it possible to connect and transport datas from external hard disk to the tablet?

  43. Bogdan Bosneaga says:

    hy,it doesnt have 3g/4g?

  44. G. Flex says:

    I’ve been reading about the SD card problem; unmounting at odd times. Is that a common issue?

  45. Yudo NeidaNo says:

    What charger did you use to get QC3 to work? Where did you buy it.

  46. James hairfield says:

    Why are so close to rocks?!?

  47. murtadha96 says:

    Nice review, thanks

  48. Bill Reinehr says:

    Extremely well done. Thank you.

  49. Daniel Paz says:

    Yeah… I don’t know why you kept saying "retina screen"… It’s not. "Retina" is some Apple branding crap and it doesn’t have an Apple display. I’m glad to see it’s a good screen, though. Now… screen pinning doesn’t have anything to do with RAM management. It’s to lock an app when borrowing the tablet. Apps were killed because you used the "speed up" toggle.

  50. Frank Bales says:

    So when will they be available? The link (and Amazon) show it out of stock.

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