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When the Samsung Transform was initially leaked it was postulated that the method would be another Galaxy S variant, really possibly an all-touch unit to go along together with the Epic 4G. Nonetheless, it transformed into a mid-range Android machine which has a side-sliding QWERTY, leaving quite a few disappointed who take place to be searching for forward to potentially the third 4G handset in Sprints lineup. The Transform attributes a few tricks up its sleeve although, this type of because the front-facing camera for video chat (regardless of only being 3G) along with a design really a lot inspired by its huge-brother, the Epic 4G. It truly is also a launch gadget for Sprints new Sprint ID service, which provides the person customizable ID packs for any considerably a lot more private sensible encounter. The Samsung Transform ships with an AC adapter/microUSB cable combo along with a 2GB microSD card.

The Samsung Transform’s style is easy around the eyes, nevertheless it does not bring something new to your table. With its rounded corners and glossy, black finish (a silver seam to the periphery could be the exception), the Transform is clearly the Samsung Epic 4G’s smaller sized cousin. The handset is 4.six inches tall by two.four inches wide by .6 inch deep and weighs 5.four ounces, which imparts a strong truly feel inside hand. The presence of a slide-out QWERTY keyboard will make it a tad as nicely thick for some pockets, nonetheless it must slide nicely into most and into purses too.

Samsung cannot quite choose on a display for their mid-variety devices: the Moment had a three.2 320×480 AMOLED panel, the Intercept a 3 240×400 LCD as effectively as the Transform involves a 3.5 320×480 LCD. We appreciate the dimension and resolution of your Transform, but would have liked to see an AMOLED display, if not Tremendous AMOLED. We understand that Samsung has to differentiate involving their devices nevertheless, and if the Transform had a Tremendous AMOLED it would possibly steal sales away from their flagship Epic 4G. The TFT LCD utilised about the Transform has 262K and produces all-all-natural searching photos, but will not wow you having a fairly excessive contrast ratio and super-saturated colours.

Stepping away from solid black, the Transform’s slide-out QWERTY keyboard is gray with white and orange accents. The keyboard is undisputedly spacious, with wide, rectangular keys. It was possibly as nicely wide for our tastes, and we placed it in a range of hands. Reaching the keyboard’s corner buttons took work. The Transform’s flush keys are tougher to range on than domed keys that rise more than the surface, but regardless of their flatness, pressing the person buttons was simple and smooth. An emoticon button and four directional buttons are the only two with distinctive functions.

Camera shots and videos ended up equally effortless to manage about the Transform, that has a slider button for toggling amongst the modes and an onscreen button to handle the shutter. At three.two megapixels, the top high quality is decidedly midrange. The images are not poor, but they do lack the sharpness, detail, and richness of a five-megapixal shooter. Slide-out settings about the screen let you swap involving entrance and rear cameras, flash mode, 13 scene modes, five white-balance presets, six shade effects, and 3 metering effects. You get your choice of 4 pixel sizes, three variations of photograph good high quality, and 3 focus modes.

Overall performance
We tested the dual-band Samsung Transform in San Francisco using the Sprint network. Get in touch with excellent good quality was impressive, with clear audio on our side, and no breaks, echoes, or distortions all through our test calls. Voices sounded clear and wealthy. On their conclude, callers also commended the sound get in touch with high high quality and didn’t note any difficulties. Speakerphone top top quality surprised us on this handset. The placement from the speaker to the back once again in the phone constantly makes for your distant, somewhat echoey, and hollow aural practical encounter on our stop. What we did not count on was for our buddies to consider we nonetheless had the phone at our ear. Volume was loud and clear for each parties, even though much less so for us with all the telephone set to speaker.

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BLU R1 HD Cell Phone 16GB – Black

Product Description
Introducing R1 HD, the newest member of the BLU smartphone family members. The new R1 HD promises efficiency, energy, and style.

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  • Dual SIM and MicroSD support for up to 64 GB of expandable storage
  • Stunning 5-Inch HD display with curved Gorilla Glass three protection, plus an 8 MP main camera and 5 MP selfie camera that includes a front-facing LED flash
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Initial iPhone vs Initial Android Phone! (iOS 1. vs Android 1.)

Who Copied Who? 1st iPhone vs First Android Phone on Their First Firmware Versions (iOS 1. vs Android 1.) + Initial iPhone Passcode Bypass EVER.

50 Responses to Samsung Transform Android Phone

  1. * LexDoesGaming * says:

    Wait so that means no games on iPhone OS? :O

  2. WeirdHairGrows says:

    Android vs apple?! Android is trash, it isn’t a worthy opponent of apple, nothing is

  3. iMihai 31 says:


  4. kari 123 alonzo says:


  5. eNBee says:

    Remember the days when iPhone was exclusive to AT&T?

    Oh the days…

  6. DClover says:

    what android phone is that’

  7. Super Witch says:


  8. The Vegan Show says:

    iphone took better pictures and i will choose iphone

  9. Ellie e.l.s says:

    Iphone 📱

  10. WeirdHairGrows says:

    Sorry I’m mad over a phone 😐 but apple is better than android

  11. Tommy Tommyalvern says:

    Android sucks

  12. PercyJ OceanGod says:


    Best software
    3D and Live screen before Apple
    Smooth Display
    Move apps
    Not much ways to get into without password


    Smooth display
    3D Touch (Very late so it really technically copys android)
    Lags and crashes sometimes
    Many ways to get in without passwords

  13. Peridot Playz says:

    I say that android copied iPhone… well not really. The android had a idea to have a off screen keyboard.

  14. CrazyGirl says:

    well this is the evidence. apple was always better

  15. NotViciousRblx says:

    Android, Or Apple? Also, anyone watching in 2017?

  16. mkeventing says:

    team *apple*

  17. Ashhar TV says:

    Can I have one of those

  18. Dank Drake says:

    "when did the first android phone come out" on google.
    result for when did the first android come out
    HTC Dream or T-Mobile G1, the first commercially released device running Android (2008).
    iphone 2g came out in 2007. a year later the iPhone 3g was released and its basic price was $199

  19. Marčello tv says:

    Samsung 4 life

  20. WeirdHairGrows says:

    ANDROID IS FOR LOSERS!! U people on YouTube who think apple is trash…. well…. your trash

  21. Freaken Videos says:

    From day one apple hated the jackstick😂

  22. stanley weezy says:

    Where did u get those phones, perfectly working and looking brand new?

  23. Suprabh says:

    iPhone da best

  24. Phil Mcahkiner says:

    Easy for android to come up with features iOS didn’t have at the time when they had something to compare to. Critique-based “innovation”. Took the easy way to look creative

  25. Estephanie Rivera says:

    Tbh I love how everyone’s arguing about which phones better 😂😂

  26. Adil Shah says:

    android best

  27. Jevaughn Miller says:

    the android looks like a Gameboy

  28. Dhrubajyoti Kalita says:

    iPhone x ……no headphone Jack………no finger print sensor …….only face Id and emoji ……….price- $1000…..

  29. Austin Does Stuff says:

    Am I the only one who tried to come up with a transgender joke when he said android doesn’t know what it is

  30. Logan _Fan says:


  31. FlameR*/A / says:

    iPhone Wins Samsung Sucks!

  32. Andrea2001 says:

    I have Android

  33. Magnam gaming says:

    Apple forever

  34. Anne Smith says:

    I completely forgot the headphone jack was on top. It makes so much more sense.

  35. Strangest Craze says:

    I used to like apple. Ever since 4th grade I wanted an iPad, because it was big, looked powerful, and was advertised everywhere. When I got my first electronic, my iPad (4th gen) it was crazy to think that when from only lap height it got cracks when I first dropped it. It was fixed, and I got a case but no more than 3-6 months later, I dropped it on the isle of the bus I was riding on and again, it dropped from LAP HEIGHT AND CRACKED. I had a few problems with the charger and such so my dad was angry again and sent it back. It was disappointing to say the least, but I like my iPad and still have it, just not Apple.

  36. Pluto14 17 says:

    Honestly I love the look of the s8 but iPhone is more simple (typing from a iphone7)

  37. Tejas Bobe says:

    Google G1 is the winner

  38. Hugo boss says:

    Go Android!

  39. Theman says:

    Are You from noerway

  40. DC_FUSION says:

    Bruh, im 10 znd i watched a phone with a antena and no touch..

  41. littassfuvck says:

    I feel like like apple was some popular basic bitch who showed off and thought she was the shit and told android that she look like crap because android was an outsider but then 8 years later android glowed up and now looks better with her better looks and apple became very dull and out of her looks and now looks who’s winning now …. Android

  42. David Stamatovski says:

    For all the apple fan boys saying apple has made something original you are wrong because even Steve jobs said he wasn’t original

    btw ur 1000$ iPhone x is only good for recreating the emoji movie with anemojis

  43. Kazimir N. says:

    Just admit it, Android copied like, 75% of apples ideas. They changed their entire phone when apple was released to compete with them

  44. eNtity_42 says:

    im 12 i understand that i had a crappy iphone 3s for the longest fricken time

  45. Captain Hockey#87 says:

    Apples easier

  46. Estephanie Rivera says:

    Let’s just see what happens in 8 more years 😂

  47. IndoPlaysGT says:

    Why are those people fighting each other about android and ios/iphone?you didn’t create the iphone or samsung so don’t fighting like a child 🙂
    P.s=I am so bad at english,sorry

  48. Average Gaming says:

    Apple phones look nicer

  49. Frederic Yang says:

    Im not a kid anymore, just became teen. Lolololoolol and i had the first ipod generation when i was really small. Only home button

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