Selecting an E-Reader: Tablet or E-ink? Nook or Kindle or Google Nexus?

Picking an E-Reader: Tablet or E-ink? Nook or Kindle or Google Nexus?

One point I forgot: Go to the store and play with each and every device you are considering about purchasing. Make certain it’s comfy in your hand and you like the way it handles. That is one of the ideal ways to make a decision amongst devices.

I researched tablets and e-ink readers for a couple of months ahead of deciding to go with the Nook. I figured I would make this video with some of the info I gathered together to aid other individuals make their choices.




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28 Responses to Selecting an E-Reader: Tablet or E-ink? Nook or Kindle or Google Nexus?

  1. Ritesh Bhagwati says:


  2. Lelu Shae says:

    Thank you very for the video was very helpful

  3. Cat Reads says:

    Yeah nook is way too limiting. But Kindle is great, I think. My Mum has it and she seems to like it very much.

  4. Mara Semenescu says:

    Great video, very informative! I have a basic Kindle ink e reader and I love it, but then again, I just need it for reading πŸ˜€

  5. ruben aldama says:

    Please answer my qoustion please. Ok so I want a nook or kindle whatever.,,but I want it just for reading and nothing more just at the park at work on break at night befor I go to sleep….just for what so you think I should get.?

  6. Oliver Bouchard says:

    I love my eReader. I got an ink eReader. Perfect for reading in the daylight!!

  7. Ariana Maren says:

    I definitely go for the e-Ink since I do long-form reading (my eyes would burn if I sat staring at a tablet for two-three hours, lol, even with the change of setting to make the background darker) Personally, I prefer the Nook even without glowlight.. better UI and I prefer the design. Kindles are fine, too and I must say I prefer the dictionary of the Kindle. Sonys are great for pdfs, though.. kindle and nook suck with pdf :/

  8. rincey reads says:

    Thanks for posting this video!! One of my friends was just asking me about it, even though I don’t have an ereader, so I will have to send this along. haha

  9. qazi faisal says:

    not bad i have the fire hd 7 with dual dolby digital speakers first of all when it comes to book stores seriously is there anything close to amazon no at a very distant second is borders aka Barnes and nobles with there nook. As far as media I stream movies and TV shows all the time on my kindle no lag no buffering at all. period. as far as apps if you can’t find an app through Amazon app store you can always go to Google and download the apk so for me kindle wins everytime

  10. shemightbemonica says:

    I definitely agree that what’s most important is finding a device that suits you as a user – whether that be a nook or kindle or regular old book. I think the e-ink devices like you got are so cool though – awesome battery life, better in the sun, etc. I haven’t really looked into the covers for the Nook yet, which I should do soon. I’m probably testing fate by walking around with it unprotected. I love the kinds of cases that look like old books though. πŸ™‚

  11. Sir Kurokodairu says:

    Thank you for your helpful insights..

  12. shemightbemonica says:

    Oh, I don’t find it limiting at all, or at least not any more limiting than the Fire. But I think most of the products in that price range and size are so similar that it really just depends on the small details and what feels best when you try it out in-store. πŸ™‚

  13. Mara Cavalloro says:

    You are lovely and your voice is relaxing! πŸ™‚

  14. MrJ0mmy says:

    i have be naughty please spank me

  15. Gaming Mansion says:

    what about the eye strain comparing e-reader to tablet? will turning off the back light on a tablet to bear minimum allow for comfortable reading?

  16. pixelsafoison says:

    eyes screaming: NICE PERSON! :3
    If i had to make a comment, another good thing about e-ink is that you don’t get distracted … if you’re like me you get LOTS of messages and notifications from your friends (not facebook, i have some self-respect.), so as far as i’m concerned getting a tablet instead of an e-ink reader would pretty much mean never being able to finish a single book as there would always be something coming up to pick my interest. I need the rigidity of a system ment to read only

  17. PrincessPutdown says:

    THANKS SO MUCH for making this video! You helped me out a great deal! You"re badass! πŸ™‚

  18. Renee's Channel says:


  19. Tina Siuagan says:

    Hello! I’m fond of reading both e-books and PDF files. But then, these days, I’m more of a PDF file reader since all my school case readings are in the said file format. I am thinking of switching my tablet over an e-reader since I heard the latter’s battery life lasts way longer than the former. Are e-readers as capable or as optimized for pdf reading as tablets? I would appreciate your thoughts/experiences on this matter. Thanks!

  20. Denis'as.P. slickrox says:

    Very nice review. You have a talent. Keep a good work πŸ˜‰

  21. shemightbemonica says:

    Thank you!

  22. shemightbemonica says:

    Thank you so much! I tend to be kind-of self-conscious of my voice, so that’s really nice to hear haha. πŸ™‚

  23. Brittany James says:

    This was very informative in trying to decide if i should shell out the money for an e-reader or just stick with a tablet I already have. I would really enjoy an updated version to see what you think about all the new products that have been released and if your opinion has changed.

  24. shemightbemonica says:

    I completely forgot about the Kobo line! I’m sorry yours didn’t end up lasting very long. My friend just got the Kindle Touch and she adores it too, I’m glad that one is working out for you. And thanks! πŸ™‚

  25. SuperAhmedPro says:

    thank you i have been looking everywhere on youtube and now im hereΒ 

  26. azmado says:

    thanks alot

  27. Donna Panzardo says:

    I’m all the way a Nook person and iPad mini. I started with my first original nook, then got the tablet then wanted something smaller got the simple touch now have the glow light thought the simple touch was starting to give me power problems. I mostly use the iPad mini, the tablet (for night) and the glow light for during the day with the iPad mini and glow light for taking with me or outside. I tried a second hand kindle keyboard at one time that a online friend was selling. it never heard a charge. was more stress than anything every time I had to try and get a charge. who she sold it to me I’m not sure. not sure she never knew the problems. I never said anything. but It completely turned me off kindles. and that was my second time before the nooks and iPad mini. my first was my iPod touch for freebie amazon books. it was a good way to see what I thought with using a Ereader as you can figure out once I went into the bigger screen I never went back to reading on the iPod touch.

  28. darius jones says:

    I just want something to read to me. At night my eyes start hurting from my contact so when I take em out im blind , I was looking for something to read to me nothing else for less then 100 possibly on ebay

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