The Ideal E-Book Readers – March 2017

The Very best E-Book Readers – March 2017

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Stylus Pen, ASONRL Super Capacitive Stylus Fine Point Styluses with Added 2PCS Replaceable Thin Point Disc Tips Universal for Tablet/iPad Mini/Smartphones All Touch Screen Devices-Black

Item Description
Convenience TO CARRY:
It consists of a pencil bag. Right after making use of it, you can place it in the case and handy to take it anyplace.

Compatible with Apple iPads, iPad Mini, iPhones,All Kindle, Kindle Fire, Kindle Paperwhite Android Tablets, Android Phones, Samsung Galaxy, E- readers, Smartphones and other Capacitive Touch Screens devices.

Stylus Specifications:
The ASONRL Stylus have a precision clear disc when compared with standard stylus tips! BUT please do NOT to be confused with fine point Pencil Tip

Compatible with all capacitive touch screen devices, like ipad, iphone, kindle, kindle fire, samsung galaxy phones, tablets and a lot more intelligent phones.

Length: five.5″(140mm)
Disc diameter: .1″ (2.5mm)
Weight: 25g
Materiel: Produced of solid aluminum

Important Instructions
1. Please make confident the screen and the disc are clean prior to using the stylus. Dirt on the disc could minimize the sensitivity.
2. If the disc is damaged please replace with new disc tip. A broken disc might scratch the device screen.

PACKAGE Included:
2 Pcs Replacement Disc Tip
One touch stylus pen
1 pen bag

Attention ideas in use:
1.Please do not rip or cut off the plastic blob on the finish of the tip This part is to receive and conduct touch screen signal, without which the styli can not function usually.
2.Do not get rid of the plastic disk unless you are replacing it.

Value: $13.99

  • 【★VERY ACCURACY★】: The capacitive stylus pens with thin tip two.5mm(.1inch) allows you choose modest icons, click tiny alphabet and gives you the precise selection. It can use to be in drawing, writing, sketching ,paint and so on.
  • 【★HIGH QUALITY★】: Produced of Aluminum alloy material, lightweight, so stylus pens for touch screens have characteristics of high reliability, convenient to carry , straightforward operation etc.
  • 【★DURABLE DISC TIP★】:Protecting your device screen from smears, scratches and fingerprints, and the transparent disc lets you see through on the screen of where precisely you are pointing. When you are reading, taking notes and writing emails with amazing responsiveness and accuracy
  • 【★EXTEND LIFETIME★】: The pen tip can alter the joint, so it can extend the life of the pen tip. Right after using it, you can put the pen tip off and reverse mounting.
  • 【★SATISFACTION GUARANTEE★】: Our stylus pen is your ideal selection. If you have any problems, please feel free of charge to make contact with us and get a refund (within 90 days right after the buy).We are pretty confident about the high quality of our stylus pen that is why it comes with a lifetime warranty.

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