The iPad Tablet As an eReader

The iPad is selling like hotcakes — an estimate of 2000 units per hour. The men and women who buy the iPad all have a wide range of interests. Some purchase it for gaming, some acquire it just to be the first on the early adopter train and some are nevertheless undecided whether or not they need to invest in a single. This report will examine the iPad as an eReader device and it will list the pros and cons of employing the iPad as your primary eReader.

The Pros. The iPad can assistance a wider variety of file formats: cbr, pdf, doc, docx, ppt. You have a paper you want to study just before Monday? No difficulty. Want to read the new manga or comic book that came out? No dilemma. The only downside to this is that the ability to study a a number of range of formats is not built in. A single must buy an external App for this. Do not like paying for an app that does what need to have been present on the iPad by default? The iPad comes with an iBooks app. This is an.epub primarily based retailer, which is so far supported by Penguin Books, HarperCollins, Simon &amp Schuster, Macmillan Publishers, and Hachette Book Group USA. The advantage of employing the.epub format is that there is assistance for “interactive books”. One can rotate images, watch videos and even communicate with other user, all while reading a book. If you are visually impaired, the iPad iBooks app can read books out loud for you.

The Cons. The iPad uses a backlit LCD show. In contrast to the e–ink displays, the iPad can irritate the eyes over prolonged reading. The two methods to avoid irritation: blinking and following the 20/20/20 rule (each 20 minutes look 20 feet away for 20 seconds to let your eyes to refocus) are very an annoyance. The iPad also doesn’t have a native pdf/doc/cbr/ppt viewing app and spending cash on what ought to have been a default function can be an annoyance.

Must you purchase a traditional e–ink eReader (kindle, Sony Reader) or wait for an iPad? If you are just searching to study books and do not require any fancy attributes then I would suggest you acquire a traditional eReader. Even so if you want to read books and expertise the power of mobile computing, then I would advocate the iPad. The iPad only has a ten hour battery life, but nobody reads a book for ten hours straight. With the iPad’s sophisticated media and Net Browsing Capabilities – the iPad is worth the additional income

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Kindle Paperwhite Review: E-Reader Beats iPad

The new $120 higher-resolution Kindle Paperwhite is the very best way to study this summer time. WSJ’s Joanna Stern shows you why. Photo/video: Drew Evans/The Wall Street Journal.

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22 Responses to The iPad Tablet As an eReader

  1. Patrick Tappia says:

    What do you think about the kindle oasis?

  2. RondelayAOK says:

    Meh. For me, I like books. Interesting experience one feels with real books, imho. But of course since this is the internet, I must add YMMV.

  3. Val Volfson says:

    The extra .05873 of wait time to turn the page must be really really frustrating! That made me chuckle.

  4. Yan Lovsi says:

    lol… In what world is this thing better than the iPad? Tiny screen, and cannot display technical PDFs at all! Any charts, graphics, etc… Forget it! Kindle cannot do it. Text only! Novels/Stories only! Want to study programming for example? Forget it… Maybe read a mathematical book with diagrams? Forget it!

    Do yourself a favor and use an iPad. Don’t waste your money on a Kindle.

  5. P Chuy Ortega says:

    Thank you for your recommendation. I’m from Mexico and really aprecied this work.

  6. unlokia says:

    To be honest, who gives a monkey’s armpit whether the screen is 300DPI or 100DPI? You’re reading PLAIN TEXT, not watching HD movies. Consumers are turning into blind lemmings who’ll just click "buy" because it has some new bullet points on the spec list. As for the gripes about the refresh rate of the e-ink screen…. SO WHAT? You do realise it takes AS long, if not longer, to turn a REAL paper page… right? I don’t *ever* recall looking at my Kindle, thinking "Oh noez, it only has X DPI".

    Seriously, 300DPI is great and all that, but it’s just marketing up-sell BS – you DO NOT need *another* new Kindle folks, wowwww… >_<

    It’s BLACK AND WHITE – PLAIN TEXT. Not MUCH you can improve on, unless you obsess over the resolution under a magnifiying glass.


  7. SILV says:

    guardate il mio ultimo video

  8. Just Finishing Games _Casually says:

    first comment

  9. cadettipk says:

    I didn’t even know these existed; but, this was a _fun_ review!

  10. Nhựt Khánh Lê Quang says:

    I just ordered it yesterday, this is the first time I buy an e-reader, I hope to get it soon on Monday next week 🙂

  11. Sulfen says:

    If you read books for 30+ minutes at a time regularly then you should get one. I’ve been reading books on an iphone and it feels like I have eye cancer after 15-30 minutes of reading.

  12. MNataly71 says:

    Jeans Cover for Kindle Paperwhite:

  13. Johnny G says:

    Just to put it out there, the Kobo Glo HD has the same PPI as the new Paperwhite and the Voyage, is somewhere in between the two regarding size and price.

  14. MrShit says:

    The whole "no distractions" criticism can easily be countered by turning on Do Not Disturb on your iPad/iPhone.

    I still ordered a Paperwhite though (easy on the eyes), so this isn’t a knock against it or anything.

  15. Zé Pedro says:

    Kobo H20 has the same resolution as paperwhite…

  16. Martese Anderson says:

    Good review. Still hate WSJ though.

  17. Macho Fantastico says:

    The first ever Kindle I bought was one of the best pieces of tech I ever purchased.

  18. Matthew Coleman says:

    Thanks for the video. I want to share my own review of Kindle Paperwhite. My advice is don’t even hesitate for a moment, just buy it:

    First of all, I love to read. My wife said I would love Kindle, but I was skeptical. I thought I had enough experience with e-readers since I read news articles from my Iphone, and I didn’t like it due to glaring screen and eye strains with long time reading. I have been using this device for 4 months now, finished a few books. Frankly, I wasn’t that impressed when I was using this first time, and I was thinking about returning this. The reason was I got so used to reading only actual books, and I liked to touch actual paper when I read so I can write memos and highlight it for later reference. But after finishing my first book on Kindle, I was hooked. If you love to read and if you enjoy bedtime reading, I guarantee you won’t regret.

    Kindle isn’t for any types of books. I still purchase actual books when I buy books for my professional field. I am in medical field, I don’t buy Kindle version of medical books since it is hard to look up certain topics quickly and tables and graphs are very hard to read using Kindle. But if you enjoy reading overall, you will love this.

  19. Adam Liban says:

    Great review, short and to the point and also fun to watch. I had a real chuckle at the end XD

  20. therodolfool says:

    Wsj is aids

  21. MaruJaS2026 says:

    I am considering to buy this but before I would like to know if I can read pdf files in it.
    If someone can answer me, I will be thankful.
    Good review

  22. jdtoronto11 says:

    Fantastic review, Joanna!

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