XP-PEN Star03 12″ Graphics Drawing Pen Tablet Drawing Tablet Battery-free of charge Stylus Passive Pen Signature Board with 8 Hot Keys (Black)

XP-PEN Star03 12″ Graphics Drawing Pen Tablet Drawing Tablet Battery-free of charge Stylus Passive Pen Signature Board with 8 Hot Keys (Black)

Solution Description

1. Advanced Battery-free Stylus
We developed the stylus battery-free with 2048-level stress sensitivity to boost the ergonomics and reliability of the stylus. The absence of a battery-powered stylus also prevents malfunctions occurring to the pen that is attainable with the usage of a battery such as potential hardware leakage and a limited life span.
two. Versatile Size of Active Region
The seamless 12 inch surface region is created with an ideal radius angle of view and operation. With the 10 * six inch active area on the tablet, XP-Pen Star 03 provides you a thinner but smarter, more sensitive platform where you can show your creativity and talent on. Their gently sloping sides make your making artwork comfortable.
3. Multi-functional Hot Express Keys & Wide CompatibilityThe eight customizable shortcuts enable you to utilize Mac or Windows gestures or develop your personal multi-touch shortcuts compatible with Windows ten/eight/7/Vista, Mac OS ten.7 or above, and with all major graphic applications.

Technologies: Electromagnetic Digitizer
Pen : Passive
Pen Stress Sensitivity:2048 Levels
Active Area:ten” x six”
Resolution: 5080 LPI
Accuracy: ±0.01 Inch
Provide Voltage: DC 5V
Interface Support: USB
USB Cable Length:150 CM
Compatibility:Windows 7/eight/10/XP/Vista,Mac OS

Package Content
1 x Tablet
1 x Passive Pen
1 x Installation CD
1 x Pen Holder
eight x Pen Nibs
1xRemover Pen-Clipper
1 x USB Cable
1 x User Manual
1 x Swift Guide

Value: $50.00

  • Sophisticated Battery-cost-free Stylus, much more comfy does not require charging and highlights your honorable environmental awareness 10×6″ functioning region, all these make you really feel as if you are drawing with a real pen on a actual paper.
  • 2048-level pen stress sensitivity allows you to create variations in line width of opacity suitable for each right-and-left hand usage One-click toggle function amongst pen/eraser improves your painting efficiency..
  • eight customizable shortcuts (functions: brush enhance/weaken, zoom-in/out, cancel, hand tool, brush tool, erase) which could also be utilized as hot keys as properly as to open programs or web site.
  • Really reasonably priced, suits for most folks effortless to set up and compatible with most computer systems and application such as Windows 10/eight/7/Vista/XP, Mac OS ten.6.x or above compatible with all significant graphic applications such as Photo-shop, Painter, Adobe, and so on.
  • Also broadly utilised in handwriting, annotation of Microsoft Word, Pen Commander, Auto Pen Signer and so on., saving your time in a fashionable way.

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