Ztotop Folio Case for Amazon Fire HD 8 Tablet (2017 and 2016 Release, 7th / 6th Generation) – Wise Cover Slim Folding Stand Case with Auto Wake / Sleep for Fire HD 8 Tablet, Black

Ztotop Folio Case for Amazon Fire HD 8 Tablet (2017 and 2016 Release, 7th / 6th Generation) – Wise Cover Slim Folding Stand Case with Auto Wake / Sleep for Fire HD 8 Tablet, Black

Item Description
Ztotop Group spend most interest on buyer service and product good quality. If you have any issue with our situations at any time, please constantly make contact with us. We will strive to repair the problem to your full satisfaction.Guaranteed!


Custom created for your precious Amazon Fire HD eight Tablet (2017 and 2016 Release, 7th / 6th Generation), this Ztotop case characteristics a mixture of functionality and style.
Effectively built to safeguard your All-New Amazon Fire HD eight 2017 Tablet and Amazon Fire HD eight 2016 Tablet for the years to come.

Product Description:

Auto Wake/Sleep function: Automatically wakes or puts Amazon Fire HD 8 Tablet (2017 and 2016 Release, 7th / 6th Generation) to sleep when the lid is opened and closed. Access to all features and controls.
Origami Stand Style: We design and style this case mostly to Practical stand position for watching movie or typing. Style to set you hands free throughout your reading even though provide you best protection.
A single-Handed Use: Interior hand strap for comfortable a single-handed use.
Lightweight & Protective: Shield your device with no adding unnecessary bulk or weight.
Super Stable: With magnetic closure and elastic band to preserve front cover open.
With stylus pen loop.

Package includes:

1 X Ztotop case for Amazon Fire HD 8 Tablet


Fits Amazon Fire HD eight Tablet (2017 and 2016 Release, 7th / 6th Generation) ONLY. NOT Match Fire HD eight (5th Gen 2015 release ) and other fire tablets.

Price: $12.99

  • Auto wake / sleep function. Automatically wakes or puts Fire HD 8 (Compatible with 7th / 6th Generation – 2017 and 2016 Release) to sleep when the lid is opened and closed. Effortless access to all functions and controls.
  • Lightweight and protective. Built from sturdy PU (synthetic) leather with soft Microfiber interior to defend your screen and hold it clean. Designed with a wise holder for stylus/pen (stylus NOT integrated)
  • Complete-cover case with magnetic closure keeps the cover securely shut with straightforward access to buttons, ports, and cameras
  • Built in flip stand with typing and viewing angles.
  • Interior hand strap for comfortable one particular-handed use. Lifetime warranty.

Kindle Paperwhite Review (2017 with 300 ppi Model)

Amazon Kindle Paperwhite Overview WiFi model this is a e-reader created for reading Ebooks from the Kindle Ebook Retailer. This is the updated model of the Paperwhite it has 300 PPI screen resolution and I share my knowledge of utilizing the Kindle Paperwhite in this overview.

Kindle Paperwhite is sold officially in India via http://amzn.to/2wzQl91

Kindle Pro Elite Cover that I was using http://amzn.to/2voG3d4

MoKo Case for Kindle Paperwhite, Premium Cover with Auto Wake / Sleep for Amazon All-New Kindle Paperwhite (Fits All 2012, 2013, 2015 and 2016 Versions), BLACK

Product Description

Custom made for your valuable Amazon All-New Kindle Paperwhite (all 2012, 2013, 2015 and 2016 versions), this case characteristics a mixture of functionality and style.

Product description:

Paded premium Faux leather boosts a classy look Access to all controls and features
No-scratch microfiber interior adds comfort and an additional layer of protection
Wake or place your device to sleep by opening or closing the case Magnetic closure
Effectively constructed to defend your New Kindle Paperwhite for the years to come.


Fits Amazon Kindle Paperwhite 2012, 2013, 2015 and 2016 All-New versions with 6″ High-Resolution Display (300 ppi), Built-in Light ONLY, NOT fits Kindle (six” Show, 8th Gen 2016 Release), Kindle 2014 (7th Generation) and other Amazon kindles or kindle fire tablets.

About us:

This item is sold exclusively by BSCstore. Only buy from BSCstore to get genuine MoKo merchandise with LIFETIME WARRANTY and excellent customer service.

Value: $14.99

  • Developed specifically for Amazon All-New Kindle Paperwhite (all 2012, 2013, 2015 and 2016 versions).
  • Padded premium PU leather exterior. No-scratch microfiber interior adds comfort and an added layer of protection.
  • Easy stylish style. Magnetic closure.
  • Access to all functions and controls. Device can be charged with case closed.
  • Lifetime warranty. 15 Colors Obtainable: BLACK, PURPLE, INDIGO, BLUE, Light BLUE, GREEN, COFFEE, RED, MAGENTA, ORANGE, YELLOW, PINK, GRAY, BEIGE, WHITE. Please search “MoKo paperwhite case” for other colors and types.

50 Responses to Ztotop Folio Case for Amazon Fire HD 8 Tablet (2017 and 2016 Release, 7th / 6th Generation) – Wise Cover Slim Folding Stand Case with Auto Wake / Sleep for Fire HD 8 Tablet, Black

  1. FIONA LOBO says:

    Plz help what is paper white mean sir

  2. Rajamani Sujatha says:

    I had subscribed for digital magazines from Magzter.com. Is it possible to read it in Kindle Paper White? Please confirm whether it’s possible.

  3. COC Gaming Land says:

    Read the page on 5:35

  4. Sampad Saha says:

    suppose i download a pdf can i use kindle to read it ? if yes then how cz i heard kindle can open those books downloaded from Amazon only

  5. Nico Y says:

    Great information

  6. Bishal Chakraborty says:

    Does it work offline also…Also can we open wikipedia via experimental browser

  7. Vikram Vicky says:

    Is it safe to buy kindle from Paytm…Sir please reply…..!!

  8. Karim Baksh says:

    It’s only for those who travel… Otherwise it’s just a waste of money… For the price you pay for this you will be able to buy atleast 24 books which will last you for 3 years atleast…


    Does this have word wise… I use one plus 3t and downloaded the Kindle app… It has the word wise but my ipad doesn’t give 😊

  10. Imran Sahir says:

    How many free books are on this?

  11. nikhil saxena says:

    Ranjeet bhai you are doing an awesome job 😊

  12. Navneet Kumar says:

    Do I prefer it. I want to read academy book as well as Nobel.

  13. Cheung Jessica says:

    I guess he was a hindoo, because of his accent.

  14. iraa singh says:

    love the video .

  15. GeaS Electronic Studio Associato says:

    can i know the books you used in this video?

  16. Karan Arora says:

    Can i read .mobi files on it loading them into it through my laptop?

  17. Jon Snow says:


  18. Tarun Kumar says:

    Can we read other e books downloaded externally

  19. Rohit Menon says:

    Ranjit Sir what is the use of 3G in this gaget??

  20. Sanket Charthankar says:

    how about the higher variant of kindle you didn’t Talk about that can talk about the differences, pro and cons

  21. vladimir-sama of the Russka Destroyer of the world says:

    Open bobs and vagena

  22. Vivek Nair says:

    is it good for reading technical books

  23. Lupus Invictus says:

    Does it allow sideloading of epub files?

  24. Sumit singh says:

    is it worth to read epaper online, Is there any article mode for reading???

  25. Harsh Thakkar says:

    Thanks for the review 😁

  26. vijeta kumari says:

    Is that support SD card? And what about internal memory?

  27. Paritosh Jani says:

    It would have also been useful if you can compare readability between a Kindle, a Kindle paper white and a tablet-in different lighting conditions. Could you do that? Yes, there are such comparisons available but many like me trust you. So, please….?!?!

  28. Chaitanya Tuckley says:

    Can I download pdf directly? And also transfer other pdf files?

  29. nishant saloki says:

    Using basic Kindle and I absolutely love it to the core. Must buy for any book lover. And good video Ranjit

  30. Vikrant Jha says:

    Can Kindle be used to read hindi literature?

  31. MONU says:

    Same thing happened to me.

    I was also kept deferring my purchase thinking I can read on my pc and mobile.

    But it’s really a useful device for kneen readers

  32. CommonMan says:

    Another device without headphone jack

  33. K G says:

    E-books are the future but not Kindle. Its pretty much a redundant device and after spending so much, we dont even get service as there are no Amazon service centres in India. If there is a problem, no repair is possible, we have to buy a new one. What a waste!!

  34. Paritosh Jani says:

    Thanks for reviewing. About using tablets for reading straining ones eyes, have you tried reading on a tablet on kindle with brown or green background? Absolutely no eye strain with rightly adjusted brightness and font size. In tablet you can also change the fonts – I prefer to read in Haveletica. Can you change the fonts on a Kindle?

    And, for the record, I do fall in a category of heavy reader. I go through more than 2 books on average every month.

  35. Techy Ayn says:

    I have a kindle

  36. Ipsit Roy says:

    Does it support bengali language?? Bengali books?

  37. Max Awesom says:

    did you wear a blue shirt on purpose? because I’m studying colour theory and this video has a very nice colour palate

  38. Rishi Raj says:

    The first time I used kindle was way back in 2013 when I was still in college. It was a Kindle 5 2012 Edition. And since that day I have been a huge fan of kindle. I was a avid reader and Kindle was an amazing product which was as good as a book. Although sometimes people like me prefer reading while holding a book in hand still Kindle was nothing less.
    Currently I am using the All New Kindle (without back light ) and all I can say is that it’s worth while.

    It’s not only for book readers but also for people who like to read anything maybe news and don’t want to use the glaring screens of the Mobile Phone. Totally worth it.

  39. Ayush Dhanuka says:

    Sir I mainly study pdf or ebooks related to my studies and even a few novels in my free time but major use of it is for study purpose. Will it serve my purpose? Can I load my study material and pdf via USB? Even if pdf is coloured I don’t mind reading in black and white. Is it just possible to atleast load in it and study?

  40. MANI KRISHNAN says:

    Is this good for text book reading??

  41. Rachna Srivastava says:

    How can I download free books on Kindle?

  42. FreakiZH0DeVil says:

    Dumbest review eva

  43. Umesh Naik says:

    Such display used in yotaphone as secondary display sir please review yotaphone

  44. read&think peace says:

    my bro bought this device last week..built quality is good par abhi tak ek book nahi padi is par not that good

  45. Maather nader says:

    My first ever kindle will arrive tomorrow… very excited 🍀

  46. Addhayan Bakhshi says:

    I have the old Kindle paperwhite and I love it very much. A worthwhile purchase if you like reading!


    Nice review.

  48. Raju says:

    Trash Gadget, use tab or buy a real book

  49. Ajit Vartak says:

    Can we transfer pdf’s from pc to Kindle?

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